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Quick PDF Scanner + OCR FREE

By MobiSystems

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Quick PDF Scanner + OCR FREE

Quick PDF Scanner + OCR FREE

Quick PDF Scanner + OCR FREE


Whether you’re sending receipts to your employer from the field or saving a magazine article for later, Quick PDF Scanner will help you scan and digitize your paper documents with ease.

The latest Quick PDF Scanner introduces a completely overhauled interface, much faster image processing to make capturing your documents swifter than ever and intelligent real-time edge detection.


 • Flexible and modern user interface to suit your needs
 • Real-time tracking of your document frame providing the quickest and most accurate edge detection available for Android
 • Advanced camera configuration and full customization of the resulting PDF file
 • Optical Character Recognition for swift photo to text conversions in 49 languages

ADVANCED SCANNING – Portable document scanning with a wide range of advanced camera features.

 • Streamlined interface to make faster scans
 • Real-time tracking of your document frame
 • Batch scanning for multipage documents
 • Ability to readjust scanned pages with new zoom and crop levels
 • Custom scene and focus modes
 • Image capture in portrait and landscape orientation
 • Configurable color effects including white balance and exposure compensation along with custom contrast in brighten threshold mode

INTELLIGENT IMPORT OF EXTERNAL IMAGES – Import images and add them to your PDF documents.

 • Advanced integration with File Commander for easier image importing
 • Save scanned documents as images
 • Supports BMP, GIF, PNG, WEBP, and JPEG image formats
 • Work with external/internal device storage and create PDFs from existing image files
 • Import from connected cloud storage accounts such as Dropbox, Google Drive and more

PDF EXPORT AND CONFIGURATION – Configure your PDFs to get the best possible accuracy and quality

 • Multi-page Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for easy document digitization
 • Automatic Backup and Restore to a connected Google Drive account
 • Custom page size – from the commonly used A4 and letter formats to any user-defined size
 • Cover page creator – for a document to be shown as a thumbnail in the documents list
 • Delete, add, copy, and move pages in custom documents
 • Save individual pages as images
 • Specify page formats, margins, quality, and resolution
 • Advanced PDF configuration can be applied to the whole document or just a single page

EASY PDF MANAGEMENT AND SHARING – Browse, manage, store, and share your created PDFs.

 • Print to networked and cloud-connected printers
 • Favorites and Recent folders for easy access to created PDFs
 • Sort documents by their name, number of pages, and time of creation
 • Search by document name
 • Share via email, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, social networks, and cloud storage accounts

** This version of Quick PDF Scanner lets you create your first 10 scans FREE! **

* Add-ons for Xperia camera

Download Quick PDF Scanner + OCR FREE App:-

Download Quick PDF Scanner + OCR FREE App ( 14 MB )

User Reviews:

James Faison
In the Army Reserves documentation is an very important thing. Sometimes distance it’s a big factor. This app has surprised me in it’s coverage of adaptability. YOU MUST GET IT IF YOU NEED TO DOCUMENT THINGS ON THERE FLY!!

Aleksejs Suskovs
Nice application

Susan Miller
Great scanner As good as desk top scanner and fast

cheryl thompson
Looking for an app like this Nice

Good App Excellent app useful for me Thank You

john solidus
Nice scanner Very easy to use and clean scanning

Joanna Geary
Excellent! Saving me time, money and stress. Easy to use and good picture quality. Thank you. 🙂

Timothy Green
Great I think this was one of the best ideas in a long time

Nabih Abdulnour
builder Veryfast and i will recommend it

App User
Great application I recommend

Salman vlog
I love that… This is very useful app i need it…

Awesome Perfect app to scan pdf

Rebekah Gottlieb
Loved it I’m a normal-ish person using this app for every day things. Mom stuff applications paperwork excetra this app makes everything much easier

Joy Walters
Useful tool When can’t get to the office this gets the document there in PDF format. Cool.

Princess Flavia
Sumera Thanks this is amazing…

Josue Rivas
Funciona bastante bien

johnson justice jerry
Excellent app Very easy to use. Love it.

Matt Chubboy
Great tool I really like how this tool fixes mild distortions in the scan

Arnab Kanti Naskar
Love it, but it’s make so much contrast automatically that the pic get messy..

Jade ChineseDrSheffield
Easy to use It is easy to use and it is free after I purchased another app. Enjoy

Mohammad Saeed
Easy to use Saving my time money and free from stress

App User
The free version is great, but the paid is worth getting.

Knolan Smith
Great so far PDF from camera with OCR and true-up to proper square edges.

Paul Is
I just use it to keep track of receipts and capture documents. Works great for my needs

Tony Games
Quick Scanner PDF I love this app, I don’t have to scan documents from a photocopier. I can now scan on the go.

ds jat
I like it Very use full app now I don’t have to go to shop for scanning

TemiTope Oluwaseun
Pls Assist Me I don’t know how to convert pictures to editable word files.

Adam Dvorak
Excellent! Love it guys !:) its very helpful for ex. I’m very lazy in making notes at school so i just capture few photos in this app and convert to *.pdf

Dustin Blaker
I downloaded this app and created a pdf file using my phones camera in less than two minutes. Easy to use ads aren’t very invasive. I’m recommending this one!

Solomon Cross
The best one yet! This is the best PDF scanning application I’ve used yet. I’ve used several, but none of them are as easy to use or as feature packed at this one. Buy it. It’s worth the money. You’ll get a grin again and again.

Fredrik Sundin
Great app for scanning physical documents and converting to pdf (and save /send /share). Nice automatic features to make the scan perfect every time.

Nalin Samarasinghe
Simple and effective This is great. Does what I want. I use this to scan my short notes and store it in my phone. One thing missing is the ability to and it properties of the image such as concurrent brightness etc.

Musi Lawal
Complete A handy functional scanner that one needs on daily basis.

Andrew Bull
Excellent application Easy to use, intuitive and fun to use.

Gary D
Excellent Everything you can ask for great job. Thanks

Brian Oberdorf
Comprehensive and works well Well thought out, comprehensive and solid. Can’t figure out what functionality the in app purchase buys however

Nitanshu Badal
Rates What a amazing app I like it plz download it. Thank you Quick PDF scanner team.

Tami Rems
Great app Frames, focuses and shoots automatically. Super easy and (so far) reliable!

Ahmed Albishri
Nice app Easy to use useful app to your daily task from your mobile… Many thanks..

Peter Gaydman
Awesome App! Simply love it! This app actually convinced me to write my first review. There are too many business apps that are either too clunky or entirely unnecessary. Not this one! Highly recommend.

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