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By Tencent Technology

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—– QQ · Music in communication —–

√ service over 90% of mobile Internet users
√ multiplayer video, file transfer multiport mutual and constant innovation to meet the required communication
√ committed to creating unlimited joy of communication, entertainment and life experience

—–The main function—–

· Chat message: send and receive group messages anytime, anywhere and friends, touch up.
· Voice calls: two, more than voice calls, HD chat.
* Video Chat: friends and family, and I miss not as good as each other.
• File transfer: cell phones, computers multiport pass each other easily and quickly.
· Spatial dynamics: faster learned friend dynamic share life to keep moving.
· Personalized dress: theme, business cards, ring tones, bubbles, hanging freely choose.
· Game Center: every day, all the people and so the hottest mobile games, do not stop.
· Mobile payments: prepaid recharge, online shopping, payment transfers, everything.

Le communication in 18 years, 900 million people happy chat!

Download QQ App:-

Download QQ App ( 37 MB )

User Reviews

Amit Mathur
Great service I’m satisfied..

ok k
Excellent. This is a perfect app when you’re on the go, also good for traveling around the world.

App User
love it. over the years qq has done so much better. it’s the best communication software out out there now.

Shan Liu
hands down the best social network ever since the time AOL ruled everything this software had been the top most used and relied on software for socializing. Got to give them credit for that.

App User
Powersome App Love it for its respect for privacy and quite affordable too. This makes even greater.

App User
Im sure its great…but cannot understand Please make english version. Phones are so advance. Friends are international. Apps should be made/updated with this in mind.

xnqv gt

kristine he
Popular Apps QQ is a popular and excellent apps for most of people in China.

Michelle Lau
Love it Love it but some times i have no idea what it says

Qunzhen Deng
good app I very like this app. Useflu& helpful.

peter .z

Vincent Lu
Excellent! Excellent excellent!!

Geraldy Gilbert
nice app I think this app was really good because we can share information or something with chinese people

Shiba Dey
Please make it english also I want to use it bcoz i love it but i can’t understand chines. My gf says its an awesome chat app. My gf use it bcoz she know chines. Please update it for English language and available it for India also.

Huang Ench
good glitchy sometimes..n its not just my phone, n there is a international version btw

Li Wang
good have used it for yeas. i think it will go along with me forever

App User
支持 4.0之后os,不能完全退出程序,后台一直在运行。能改么?

App User
Samsung galaxy ace duos Good job works great d only thing missing is d english version. If there us smone who listens pls pls add english language.. Otherwise is a fantastic job. I give full five….n joy..

Abdillahi Djama
Its good but i want it work an english language my phone

App User
Cool Great application. I wish they have it in English

bai mingzhi
Like Q Q is the best app in China

Yew Yan Ng
All the best way to get the most Beautiful 555 to you

还行 可是为什么放出来的图片底拦会话的图标,一个是消息,一个是企鹅。

Oneill Alvea
Excellent brillant asept it is in ㅛㅎ로쳐허ㅛ

App User
use it for a long time, it contains the many functions ,much more than convenient than whatsapp and gmail.

Ray A
The improved version This is a much better version on qq on the android since the android update to 4.1. There is another version of qq on Google play that says 2011 version or something that keeps crashing when you open it. Just download this version instead and you will be ok….but on this one everything is in Chinese but you can recognize everything.

App User
没有多账号 管理,很失望 PC版和iPhone版的多账号管理早就有了,Android 版本却迟迟没有,太失望了。

App User
awesome most of my job is dealt on this app.a must have if you want to survive in China.

App User
Very Good 2012版很不错,推送功能哥很喜欢,把界面略作修改适配一下平板电脑就更好了。哥的平板卸了QQ HD改成手机2012了。不仅仅是因为有推送功能,而且QQ HD老是卡死。

Tanbir Ahammad
Just Awesome Application to Communicate With Anyone. Best User Interface.

George Wells

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