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Puzzly is a newly designed game collection of most addictive puzzles, which contains different types of popular puzzle games like Connect, Blocks, Rolling Ball, Tangram and more. Want to play puzzles for fun and challenge your logic skills at the same time? You will definitely be satisfied by thousands of puzzle levels in this collection. (More levels and gameplays are on the go.)


• CONNECT: Connect Dots & Find Unique Paths
• BLOCKS: Create Different Shapes with Blocks
• ROLLING BALL: Slide Blocks to Roll the Ball
• TANGRAM: Fill Up a Square with Colorful Pieces
• ONE STROKE: Connect All the Dots with One Line
• ESCAPE: Unblock Red Block Out of The Board
• TRACE: Fill in All Blocks by Using One Line
• PLUMBER: Connect All Joints to Make a Perfect Pipe
• ROPE: Drag Lines to Shape Certain Patterns






• Addictive Gameplays Based on Classic Puzzle Games
– Only the best & popular puzzles are selected, you can play different kinds of gameplays in one game.

• Thousands of Original Designed Challenges
– There are more than thousand levels inside and more exciting levels will be added in later versions.

• Clear Graphics with Clean Interfaces
– Different puzzles are designed with different and nice graphics. It is very clear & easy to start playing the games from “Novice” to “Master” for everyone.

• Play It Anytime & Never Feel Bored with It
– It has no time limit for you to play, and you can enjoy the fun of addictive puzzles at any time & anywhere.


– Follow the tutorial animation guidance of each puzzle.
– Use “Hints” for help when you get stuck.
– Tap the video icon for free coins.
– Click the “Statistics” icon to check your scores for every single puzzle game.
– Unlock more puzzles by passing through levels.


Download Puzzly Game :-


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User Reviews :-

App User
I’m now on Advanced A on the Trace package. Wow. It gets more complicated as I go, but works out my brain! Hardly using any hints

Ryan Sharp
Great puzzles…thanks for putting a button to delete adds and I would recommend this game to anyone.Only thing I don’t like is in pipes is that you can accomplish some or most levels with less pipes. If you could fix that it would be great. Overall A 10/10 Game.

App User
They show one thing in the ad and it’s not even part of the game… It’s a piss off when I can’t even play the came in the ad.

Tj Bradshaw
Really good game highly addictive I wouldn’t recommend playing this at work ahaha you won’t get anything done

Beverly Armstrong
Haven’t been playing long, but so far I like it.

Pinky Jain
I like this game because their are many different types of games in one game only we no need of downloading many different types of games I love this But Half of the games are lock I want them

App User
It makes you really think. Lol So addicted! My husband is annoyed everytime I play this game because I ignore him all the time.

App User
Just started, but still seems fun. I like the different styles of puzzles available. Very easy to play.

Angelique Deshields ‘ Abuqattam
I had no idea what exactly I was getting into..I’m still in the novice phase and that’s just fine cause this game has spiked my interest for longer play. Good job guys!

App User
This game helps me think and it helps you to no the ways out and it haves a thing if you don’t know the why out

E Bayram
I have been playing this for like 2 days now and I love it so much. When I saw this, I knew I would like it because I love puzzle games.

Sally Herren
I like the assortment of different games. If you get bored just choose something else for awhile. Yes there are to many ads but if you read some of the reviews, you already knew that .. as I play while watching tv it gives me a break time .. lol

Milynda Boulter
Overall it is a fun game, however, I keep turning off the notification for it (in my setting and in the game itself) and I keep getting notifications anyways. This is very frustrating and if it doesn’t stop soon I will be delating the game

Amelia White
This is a really addictive game and u really have to use your knowledge. It’s a really challenging game for me and I absolutely love challenges. I don’t know about u but I think u will love this game. So wait are u waiting for! GET IT AND ENJOY YOURSELF xx

Sam F
I love puzzle games but I normally have to play through the first pack of levels (or two) before getting to ones that will challenge me and make me think. Already I am playing tricky and challenging levels that aren’t so hard as to seem impossible. I love this game.

Bella Eve
A lot of the reviews talk about too many adds, well the makers of the app must’ve sorted that because I’ve had no problem, the odd one pops up here and there as expected. The games are really fun however I will say that the app lags a bit and on some of the games (blocks is a good example) the way the object moves with regards to where your finger is on the screen is a little off, but clear up these little problems and the app is perfect!

Nicolai Damm
It is so sad to see the two most popular games in the app store being the same exact ripoffs. They get paid by doing nothing original. They just bundled old ideas and made them somehow less interesting.

Leslie Brown
This Is a great app.. If you feeling bored.. Graphics are really. Good. And colourful.. Downloaded this yesterday. Already got through quite a bit.. Been recommending it today.. Hope they take notice. Thanx great

Becca Brown
Very addictive and has many different puzzles, the ads can be a bit annoying but the back button makes them go away so it’s not a big deal! Love it!

Nicole Barney
The adds show little stick figures trying to get to each other through sucessful playing and if you fail you keep the stick figures apart…not seen any of it while playing. I obly downloaded the game as I thought it would add the little stick figures subplot to the puzzles. Do you have to be at a certain level? Feel slightly cheated

mobile abode
Entirely way to many ads, can’t even get they one board without a add popping up!!!! It’s a fun game if you can get to play it.

App User
It’s unbelievable how sluggish everything plays. Animations should be cut to a tenth or something, especially for the baby difficulty levels

Adu Williams
It’s a very interesting game.. Just that soon many adds keep popping up after every single game. That makes it sucks

Darryll Warford
This game is a good little time waster. It gets the brain cells firing. If you like Puzzles, check this one out.

Michell Sarabia
There are to many adds. After every round of a game you get an add,also I downloaded this game because I wanted to play a game that they put in there add .There was 3 people and you have to get them together by doing a one line thingy, but it wasn’t there.In conclusion I was disappointed.

Candice Nicole
I really like the game BUT the notification is driving me crazy. No matter how many times I turn it off, the very next day it’s back on.

Anastasija Kropinova
I think that this game is really calm and it’s basically a thinking game. Also it’s not an easy game. This game really deserves 5stars

Puking Pixie
I liked it. Runs smooth. I Uninstaller it because I’ve turned off the notifications 5x and they keep turning back on. Only bug I found tho

Ning Xiang Teh
Stop popping out everytime on the screen calling me to play when i did not open for like one day or 12 hours maybe … Its very irritating, when i feel like playing i will play , when i’m not , i wont play

App User
Ita great for kids all ages it also hepls u think more when your stuck eith a stituation .

Stephen Voyce
not many games like this on the store that have such a variety of puzzles. fantastic for passing the time and engaging the brain

Chaos with the Christopher’s
Very addictive game! It makes you use your brain to complete the shape in one touch. Love these type of games!!

James E Frost
It passes the time and it’s kinda one of those which makes you think a little. Quite addicted to this one…

App User

Dinesh Gattani
I think this game is too much bad game really you rubbish guy who make this kind of rubbish game please don’t download it if you download it and play it you will realise that how much poor rubbish game is this

Esther Ramos
Es buenísima, es la único juego que tengo en mi celular por que los demás me aburren y no tienen sentido para desestresar

App User
Its a great idea because i am getting better at this so thank u and also when u mess up than u can start over or even switch it up 🙂

App User
To many freaking ads and add button where you could skip on undo your work completely not just at one at a time

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