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Pushbullet – SMS on PC
by Pushbullet

App Category:- Productivity

Pushbullet is “the app you never knew you needed”, according to CNET. Here’s why:

Stay Connected
• Conveniently send and receive SMS messages from your computer
• Reply to messages from many popular apps including WhatsApp, Kik, and Facebook Messenger
• Easily share links and files between your devices, or with friends

Never Miss A Notification
• See all of your phone’s notifications on your computer, including phone calls
• Dismiss a notification on your computer and it goes away on your phone too
• Use Pushbullet Channels to subscribe to timely notifications about things you care about


Pushbullet - SMS on PC

Pushbullet – SMS on PC

Save Time
• Text from your computer using your keyboard instead of grabbing your phone
• The easiest way to get a link or file onto your phone to open or share
• Deal with notifications on your computer as they arrive

“Pushbullet Is a Fantastic App Every Phone Should Have” – Gizmodo “TNW’s Apps of the Year: PushBullet for Android” – TNW

★ Secure: Protect your notifications and SMS with end-to-end encryption
★ Used by millions of people and counting
★ Translated into over a dozen languages by an awesome group of our own users


Download Pushbullet – SMS on PC App :-


Download Pushbullet – SMS on PC App


User Reviews :-


Nichelle Ann
I was hoping this would sinc my text messages so that I could use this while my phone was turned off in order to save battery. Unfortunately, not part of it’s capabilities. It would be much more convenient if that were a possibility. When it decides to work, it’s easy just like typing on IM. Otherwise, it doesn’t receive or send all my texts very well.

App User
Much better than Republic Anywhere. I use Republic Wireless and was looking for a tool I could use to send SMS messages from my tablet. I was having all sorts of issues with their “Republic Anywhere” app (which is supposed to let you do this), so I went hunting for something else. After trying all the other competing apps, I settled on Pushbullet. Very happy so far with the look and feel, performance and features of the app.

Dennis DelGado
Great app. Very convenient. Works well except free version won’t let me copy an empty (no content) text file from desktop to phone. Says size limit is 25MB and to upgrade to pro version (about $3.95/month) but it’s a plain text file with nothing in it!! Less than 1kb in size! What?! Took off 1 star for that.

Austin KL
The idea is great, however, this app is only in the beginning stage of the intial idea of texting from your computer. In other words, I think PushBullet™ needs to solidify what they are trying to do; which is texting from your computer and/or accessing your device via computer. They can improve overall; Especially in: user interface / ease of use, PC & device connection quality & connection speed, clearer & easier to access message info, stats, and delivery & read receipts / reports. In the end, the app is dependable and gets the job done. If those things improved, they would be great. They really go for it in some instances but then take shortcuts in some instances, which cheapen their idea… an idea that can be really innovative. Especially if they brainstormed new, never done before features to really claim “top developer” in the genre. In the end: dependable but can be improved. I still will recommend.

Emily Martin
Was working great; I loved sending and receiving SMS on my desktop, but the send function has stopped working unless I open the app on my phone every time I want to send an SMS. I tried all the suggestions from the Pushbullet help page, nothing working. I’m also no longer able to open images I’ve pushed from my desktop to my phone, the app crates every time I attempt to do so.

Daniel Sanders
I thought about buying this app as it is helpful but it does not always sync everything or sync timely. So I cannot really rely on it. The desktop apps also tend to be slow and cause my machines to hang while they update. Both my machines are i7 16gb ram ssd drives or better.

Chad Desch
Wish there was a one-time fee option or at least a reduced fee. I can’t see paying the current subscription fee. That being said, nothing out there works quite as well as Pushbullet, so I guess that’s that. I really appreciate the developers and wish I could afford to support them.

App User
Have used your app for years now. I was in the middle of setting up a phone and for almost 3 weeks straight your app continually notify me without giving permission that my account was not signed it. I did not need the service at the time. So I kept ignoring the notifications but it kept coming up stop it.

Have used your app for years now. I was in the middle of setting up a phone and for almost 3 weeks straight your app continually notify me without giving permission that my account was not signed it. I did not need the service at the time. So I kept ignoring the notifications but it kept coming up stop it.

Karissa Milbury
Really like the concept and when it works it’s great. But very often the messages don’t go through and it seems to have trouble connecting to the phone (even though both devices are on the same wifi and everything else works fine). I don’t want to have to reinstall the app every time I use it.

Jacquelyn Davenport
>UPDATE as of Friday December 1, 2017, 11:18 pm Pushbullet is now installed on all my devices. I will provide my final update after I have worked with Pushbullet for a while. >Installed 2 weeks ago. Once I can get app working on my Laptop, tablet and GS7 Edge, I’ll rate OR uninstall

App User
I didn’t understand fully the first time I tried Pushbullet but now that I’ve researched it a little more it is top-notch. Don’t know how I could have gone without it. I can see my text messages from any computer that I’m on and I can transfer files to any of my devices. It is really outstanding. five stars.

Peach Paree
Used to be 5 star and I used to recommend to everyone I know like crazy. But ever since the subscriptions, the convenience of this app was cut in half. Now I only use it to send PDFs to someone and quick text. Basically a lazier way to use email, esp on pc where sending via Pushbullet is a right click away. Despite my disappointment esp with universal copy/paste being locked under subscriptions, this app is good.

Daniel McNamara
For some reason I don’t get SMS notifications anymore even though it’s clearly connected to my phone, and my Google messager app isn’t blocked. I can even view my texts on the Pushbullet app but no SMS notifications. It’s kinda sad when the one thing that doesn’t work is the main thing that they advertise the app will do. Everything else works great! You’ll get 5 stars from me if you fix that! Edit: Works amazingly now. No complaints! 5 stars.

Teddy Parks
Finally uninstalling after disabling in Chrome months ago after I hit the SMS limit. It was so annoying to type a text (on PC) only to realize I couldn’t send it. It’s a great app and creative idea. But I personally don’t value the convenience enough to shell out a monthly subscription fee. (And MyPhoneExplorer is both free and superior for power users.)

Steve Foley
When I’m home I use pushbullet to let me use my laptop to read/send SMS, share browser pages from my phone to my pc, and move files back and forth between phone and laptop. I don’t think I Can live without it anymore. It’s that useful!

Ryan Kroese
I installed this across my devices and immediately loved it. Then I found out there was a 100-SMS-per-month limit before you have to pay monthly. This was not made very clear and was a major bummer. If only it was free…

Spence Petrus
This app stopped me from buying an iPhone for iMessage, thank you! Still mildly concerned what is going on behind the scenes, but I was linked here from Popular Mechanics, I’ll trust it based on the recommendation source.

Tammy Collins
Awesome app and incredible support. My new Galaxy S8 wasn’t allowing other S8s to mirror to my computer and I was immediately helped with my problem. Together, we were able to fix it and everything works great. Highly recommend!

Brian W Reaves
Great concept and worked when it came out. Now, it’s overly burdensome to use and the UI is getting worse. That along with 100% lack of support… I’ve migrated to AirDroid.

Works well. Monthly limitation is annoying but it’s not worth $60 a year so I’ll put up with it. I have no problem going to my phone when I hit the limit.

Remington Crawford
Great app, terrible tech support. I contacted the team with a bug that prevents me from seeing incoming texts. I was told they would work on the problem, but couldn’t tell me how soon it would be addressed. That was over a year ago. For an app that charges by the month you would expect better service. Another year later and the problem isn’t fixed. About time to search for an alternative.

Varun Abrol
There’s something wrong. Each time my PC is restarted, it stops showing notifications from whatsapp. I re- installed the app twice as re-installing the app solves the issue. But i can’t do this daily

Minha Choi
Good app, but I’ve barely been able to send any photos from my phone to my PC recently. Many of them say “Sorry, we couldn’t send that.” and don’t work even after multiple retries. Please fix.

Cody Christensen
I gave this a go. I paid for the full version and had a few questions. I emailed their support three separate times and never got a response from them. Pretty poor service, in my opinion. My concerns were that you can’t send a group text from the web extension and there is not a way to search old text messages. I went back to MightText. Even though it is more expensive the functionality is better.

Ashik Ali
The app has been helpful. But it has issues with file sharing from mobile. The pdfs or images of even small size don’t get uploaded. It will show as an error in the app with the message “Sorry, we couldn’t send that”. No matter how much you try the “Retry” option, the same thing happens and it’s really frustrating. Please do fix this issue in the app.

made an edit from 5 stars to 3 stars. texting via pc no longer working, which I used fairly often. tried several different things I found kline but unable to resolve. sharing urls between my phone and pc works great though!

Bryce Council
For someone like myself that uses a Mac computer but an Android phone, Pushbullet is a must have.application. I enjoy having my notifications from whatever apps I choose, automatically pushed to my desktop and being able to respond to text messages without ever having to look away from my computer. If you’re someone that envies iPhone users’ ability to manage notifications from their computer, then this is definitely for you.

Danny Cash
There are times where you need to keep the app open on your phone to send texts. Their solution? “Oh, just delete it and reinstall it.” GARBAGE workaround. File sharing works great though, but if you send a large video, don’t expect to watch it without downloading it.

Serge Liskovsky
For some reason, when I try to push url from phone, it pushing page picture. Worked fune before. That was my main usecase for the app, so, if url sharing no longer works, app makes no sense for me anymore.

James DeMichele
I love this app. However, I have to knock it down now due to the pricing model. Really poor decision. Should have made it a 1 time fee. Microsoft Windows is cheaper than this… And that’s a frigging operating system. This is a software app, and a lot of other choices. Sorry guys, shouldn’t have failed your fans with a poor business decision.

Kaci Nyoron
Pushbullet is a great app that does exactly what it says. I mostly use it for quickly transferring links and images between my phone and computer. Normally this would be a tedious task, having to send myself an email or something like that, but Pushbullet turns that into a few quick clicks. The push notifications from phone to computer are quite useful as well, particularly if you have to keep your phone silenced or out of sight while on your computer, for whatever reason. Being able to text through Pushbullet is handy and remniscent of Apple’s iMessage, where the logs and messaging capability are on both the phone and computer. Honestly, Pushbullet is great, and it’s a shock Android doesn’t natively have a capability like it. I’d recommend this app to anyone who spends time on both their phone and computer.

Lanni Treadwell
I don’t know what I might be doing wrong, the app has all the required permissions enabled, I’ve restarted my phone and I’ve uninstalled, and reinstalled the app and the app, once setup, gets stuck on a loading screen and won’t do anything. I love the app, worked fine on other devices. Currently using LG G5 (factory unlocked)

Matthew Russell
Use to love it but pay to get unlimited texts from computer is a bit much, and most of the time the messages I send from my computer don’t show up in the conversation on my phone. The glitches are a bit much for me to pay a subscription for it. I only keep using it due lack of choice.

Don Armstrong
Update – App has become difficult to use the past few months. Downloads fail 90% of the time on Android Nougat using mobile data. From an LGV20 and a Galaxy S7. Easy to set up and use. It works as described.

Ryan S
I want to like this app. It worked really well for a while and made the transition between phone and PC seamless. However, recently it’s been screwing up. A lot. I’ll send text messages through my browser and it will give an indication that the message has been sent. 20 minutes later with no reply, I go to check my phone and the message is nowhere in my Google’s messenger app. This critical flaw is why this app gets a 2 out of 5 from me. It’s useless

Sorin Srbu
Awesome! Now I don’t have to physically hold my private mobile phone to text wifey, or use the work mobile to text the boss, or even go upstairs to fetch to either of the forgotten phones when I can text from my tablet instead. Or the laptop. Or the desktop. Or from my private mobile over the work!

Ben Milano
Total garbage. I originally reviewed these about 18 months. I gave it another try hoping it would work, fix bugs, etc. No such luck. It is still garbage and still doesnt work. Inbound text messages were never received, same for outbound. Cannot delete messages if accessing them from your tablet. Cannot send texts from your tablet. Customer support is horrible; never reply. Don’t waste your time. Hopefully there are better apps out there. If so, let me know.

Kingof 9x
updated review. This app really has turned into an amazing tool. When it first came out it was a little lite on features and I wasn’t to happy with the way it worked. Now it’s amazing. I am about to pay for the pro version.

Luis Flores III
Still annoyed about the pro stuff. But, It’s a decent app either way. Works well, that’s for sure. Would really love for windows 10 People app integration. The native SMS functionality in Windows 10 is a joke, even when it does work.

sam landfried
I love PushBullet. I want to buy it. I’ve tried numerous times and attempted to contact the support team multiple times without response. I’d be happy to leave 5 stars as soon as they figure out a way to take my money 😀

Brent Rains
Best app I’ve found for sending and receiving texts from a seperate device. This app saves me tons of grief from having to carry 2 devices. Texting from desktop is very useful as well. Great app!

Matthew Cohen
Incredibly useful app. Gone are the days of pulling phone out of pocket and turning on screen to check every single vibration when in front of a computer screen. Great for sharing links/pictures between devices as well.

oonagh mcquarrie
Started having issues viewing texts sent from computer on my phone, everything is up to date on comp and phone. Issue started two or three weeks ago, aside from that I love this app it’s so useful and easy. One of my most used apps for sure

Bryan Richards
It was great, until i sent 100 messages, then it pretty much doesn’t do much except show your notifications on both android and pc. Still slightly useful, will dump for another free app. I’d consider pro if they offered a lifetime subscription fee, which they definitely don’t. The three dollar a year is worth it for the convenience of texting from the PC (and some apps like kik).

Haven’t had any issues with getting it set up. Works amazingly, I can just put my phone down and answer messages from my PC. Being able to push articles etc. from my phone to my computer is great.

Kyle Huber
Was looking for the best sms to pc app and my search stopped on the first one I tried – Pushbullet. I’m a nerd who uses two phones and two PC’s and this app syncs to all devices!

Abhinav Dronamraju
Eventhough I disable the notification mirroring from my phone during my work hours, it still pushes notifications. It is annoying sometimes because of uncertainty.

Jesus O.
The app works great. I love it! I have one complaint though. Sometimes when using my laptop to reply to my text messages, I get the indication that they sent when in reality they don’t send. Doesn’t happen always, but it’s slightly unreliable.

Aljaz Dvorsak
Great app, but uncompleted. Missing group sms send, search, new message interface is clumsy and crammed. I think this app is someone’s side project.

Holly Louise
Worked great for a long while. Suddenly now messages sent from the computer to my phone appear twice on phone, and messages from my phone to the computer don’t appear at all. Cannot find any answers to this duplicating problem and failure to send problem. There’s no real manual for how to use the app, like how are you suppose to know what all to check for mirroring and what exactly is mirroring and why do you need it. I’m a simple person just using the app to send files and make texting easier. Don’t know what changed but it used to work great. Reinstalling doesn’t help.

Great app I’ve come dependent on it! Recently lots of troubles sending photos and videos from phone to computer. Waiting for a fix Again, awesome application thanks creators.

Dharmendra Kaswan
Nice, easy and clean app for sending sms via your laptop or desktop. While using it, I found some missing features which stopping me giving a five star, 1. Sending sms to multiple numbers (2 or 3 mobile numbers) not working at all, single was working. 2. You can’t copy-paste multiple lines in message input box, so everything after 1st new line char nothing can be paste. 3. It would be awesome if contact names can be added from desktop app for new numbers which are not already in contact list. Thanks for the nice and ad free app.

Joshua Pestaner
Does exactly what it says it will do! I love getting my SMS and phone calls forwarded to my laptop. I can do my work now without having to check my phone all the time! I also use it to send to do lists from phone to laptop. It is very handy.

Eric Nguyen
This was a great product for me to use at first and I also upgraded to pro. This month for some reason Pushbullet charged me, but then my account said I still needed to upgrade to pro for all the benefits. I thought it might be a syncing issue, so I decided to try and contact the company. It’s been days and I haven’t heard any response back. It sucks because this is a great product, but the customer service is severely lacking. Quick to take my money, but very slow in responding. I’m not even sure if they’ll respond since I haven’t gotten any replies back yet. Its a very unfortunate situation

Keith Weikel
Good product. Could be a whole lot better. No updates or support, despite paying $5/month. Not as customizable as I would like. The desktop / Windows app is pretty bad / frequently hangs, and you can’t perform the same functions or access the same features from the different methods of accessing the service (Android App, Windows desktop client, Chrome client, and web interface). But it is nice to be able to see and respond to text messages from my PC while I’m at work, so that I don’t have to keep checking my phone. It’s much less of an interruption at work. But simple features like snoozing popups and managing devices from the apps would be nice.

Stephen Said
Almost perfect. This is possibly the best app for texting from your Android tablet (or from your Chrome browser on a PC or Mac). There are two significant downsides in terms of productivity. The first is, even reaching out to the developer numerous times, I have been unable to figure out how to create a new SMS/text message on the tablet. For the life of me, I do not know how to create a new message and choose an addressee from my address book on my tablet. I can only respond to existing messages. The second issue is when you enter the app on your tablet, the SMS section is blank. You need to select another section and then come back to the SMS section and you will find the section populated with all of your messages. Might sound nigly I know, but if you use the SMS feature from your table heavily, it does impact productivity. Otherwise, this thing is actually quite awesome and powerful. (If the above two issues were addressed, five stars for sure!)

Alex Kurashev
Fast sync across all my devices. Saves me a lot of frustration copying and pasting from different OS environments.

App User
Battery drains at about 8%/h while active. Totally unusable unless you’re plugged into the charger. And it’s funny the devs think the monthly rate is affordable for what little it offers.

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