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Pulse for Partners

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Pulse for Partners

Pulse for Partners

Pulse for Partners



Why you’ll love Pulse
Our new property partner app lets you keep in your pocket. Manage your property easier and faster – plus keep your guests happy anywhere, anytime.

Whats going on today?
-Stay up-to-date on today’s arrivals, departures, new bookings, cancellations, modifications, and reviews

Interact with your guests in a few taps
– Stay in touch with live chat between you and guests
– Use pre-translated templates to quickly reply to frequent requests

Quickly view at a glance…
– Your performance, updated daily
– Your reservations calendar for previous or upcoming activity
– Reservation details including the number of guests, rooms, room types and nights
– Total rate and breakdown per night
– Applicable cancellation policies

Download Pulse for Partners App:-

Download Pulse for Partners App ( 14 MB )


User Reviews

Rajinder kumar
wonderfull app

Alnoor Pakistan
Very fast and efficient way i can handle my it. It should be able to pay invoices. And direct print of reservation. Thanks

Ekaette Iyire
Absolutely amazing

Michalis Vassiades
So easy to use at your fingertips.

Mary Lenehan
Fantastic Love this app it is so easy to use and I know everything on the go at a glance couldn’t recommend this app enough

obada almaitah
Good start I hope we will have more control options.

Marketing Peacock
Great app

App User
It’s a very handy App

Nawod Bingo
yes this is really helping for my business..

Afsal Iqbal
Wonderful app.

H.m Abdulla
To manage customer booking

Nikica Linardić
Useful and prompt The app is flawless. You know about the changes in your bookings straight away. You have the possibility to contact the guest from the app, without booking extranet. Great!

Mike Herridge
Works well with no obvious bugs.

Hafizuddin Mds
Good for simple notification n editing.

Amit Kothari

Awesome app for hotelier Awesome app to play it on and just simply chat with guest requirement

Eva Jelnikar Mrak
I love this app. It gives me freedom and ability to keep on top of my business whenever and wherever. Thank you booking.

Neđeljko Moškov
App improved very much from the last time I wrote the review, it will be much better if the host could rate the guests also!

Cristian Bot
Overall is a good and useful app for owners..still, things could always get better.

Summer Dreamers
This app makes your busuness a lot easier ☺ Just speed up notifications a bit..

Africa Wangu
Love it Makes my life a lot easier..what more can say..

Works perfectly I have used this ap for a while now and I have no complaints. Fast and easy to use

Ranil Gunaserkara
This is brilliant..ezy to manage booking and change the rates

Sinan Erden
Unfortunately today with the new version i cannot view guest messages within the application but can see my own messages sent to guests this is I guess a bug and needed to fix it ASAP because it is very important for us

App User

Nice and easy to manage rooms app

Niranjan kumar
I lik this app. And helpful my management business, Thanks

Sritharan Vinothan
Very user-friendly interface and helpful links. It’s a great support for our business. I definitely recommend this for all hoteliers.

Morteza Pendarroshan
Good job That was necessary!mybee need to work more but whit out it i was so lazy to work on the page,even wanted to go out from the good job guy’s

Dimitar Aleksov
Now when you can make the dates bookable and unbookable is very utill

Gr3g Пр
very good app so easy and i love to work with it i hope they don’t change it 🙂

Josese Rainima
Loved it Recommended for last minute booking for hotels nd flights or travel

Michael Ismael
Amazing app But Really helpful application but really needs to add the guest phone number.

Jill Stonehouse
I like the ease of using pulse when I’m not at home, I find it quite user friendly and easy to navigate, your doing a great job, keep it up.

Amar Bašić
Makes my job a lot easier to do great app but there is still room to improve.

Omnia Tellus
User friendly, very useful to get notification and updates

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