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Psiphon Pro – The Internet Freedom VPN
by Psiphon Inc.

App Category:- Communication

Psiphon Pro gives you unprecedented access to your favourite news broadcast or social media platforms. By its nature, Psiphon Pro also protects you when accessing WiFi hotspots by creating a secure, private tunnel between you and the Internet. Psiphon Pro is the best VPN tool for accessing everything on the Internet.

• Global network featuring thousands of servers and diverse entry points, keeping you connected at all times
• No registration required, just download and connect for free
• Wider selection of protocols than a VPN, offering unparalleled access to everything on the Internet through our global Psiphon server network
• In-app usage stats
• Configuration options – make Psiphon your own VPN with customized proxy settings
• Choose which apps to exclude from the VPN tunnel


Psiphon Pro - The Internet Freedom VPN

Psiphon Pro – The Internet Freedom VPN


You can pay a subscription fee through Google Play to remove ads and enjoy a further optimized use of Psiphon Pro, the best VPN out there.

Download Psiphon Pro – The Internet Freedom VPN App :-


Download Psiphon Pro – The Internet Freedom VPN App



User Reviews :-


Hass Bin
I used this app before and it was perfect but now it’s annoying disconnecting itself now and then, every second u have to close what you doing and go back to connect its giving me headache even thought my phone was the problem. Please work on that

Annie Dela Cruz
Does not work consistently. Also, despite setting it to another country, it doesn’t actually tunnel to that location. It, like, only worked twice then later on when I needed to use this again it didn’g work anymore. Not a very reliable app.

Muhammad Shoaib
It’s a good. Very good app.. to speed the data management calling every day with imo. Messenger Etc.. but today have some problem I change all privacy but no one is perfect after 30 sec it’s again become choice problem Update it again

App User
This is the best VPN I have evr used before. It is stress-free and has no ads. Actually it helps me a lot with my country’s tax on social media. Thanks a lot for it.

Sanjay Gurung
Problem in starting, when i open and press start app, it shows google ads but if i cloesd ads Psiphone also closed automatically. It happens in both psiphone normal and pro. Please look at this issues. i will rate better next time.

Muhammad Shahid
The app is very good But the trouble is that no calls are being made from this Let’s try your best as soon as possible. If the video call works well then there is no better app than that

George Moore
This app gives me such a headache and raises my blood pressure! Disconnects without warning (play sound option is checked) disconnects approx 6 to 7 times a minutes lasts for 25 seconds! Sometimes 15 20 minutes! I have NEVER BEEN able to stay connected longer than 1 minute! Writing this review dropped disconnected 7 times! Every update YOU ppl do you lower connection to get ppl to buy premium! Slick move! If cyber had his program up n going I’d delete this app! He brought you ppl customers. Enjoy well deserved 1☆

Mo Ki
Closing the full screen ad restarts the application. I tried clicking tge ad which will take you to a website even if you look at the website and return and close the ad it happens again. If you don’t want to provide a free version then just be honest.

Salman Khan
App has ads and when we close any add the app automatically closes. Worst experience

Ngabirano Visensio
Just know that Ugandans love you – the developers. Please don’t let us down. We had free internet using it but now… Anyway, thank you so much.

Abror Mullaev
After suffering free version decided to try the paid version. Horrible, 0 speed, simple messengers not getting connected through paid(Pro ) version, totally disappointed

Karimov Rustam
Xiaomi mi a1 after add pops up when press close application closes too. Wt…? Dear developers please fix this bug

Jackson Daniel
Love the app because it lets me bypass my school’s filter. Would give it 5 stars if it didn’t crash after a video ad played.

Abdul Malik
Not working when I open psiphone and trying to click start same time app is going to close automatically

Thanks You
i like this vpn but i don’t know what is going with them now not working in our country please help me

Akbar Caesar
What the hell, this apps is force closing after ad show up, and I must repeat it almost 10x before it works well

Journalist Hot news
I love this app so much because it’s easy to use make me saved money from any internet thanks for you make this app thanks……….

Muhoozi Briton
It worked so well in the beginning minus adding mbz now it can’t work unless I’ve put some mbz Why?

Raja Ali Hamza
Too much adds….before ok but now 😕 bfore 10 seconds adds come and all the conecting process stop …so plzz check and fix it

Willy Indrawidjaya
After upgrade This app keep restarting after showing add. So never can do tunnel for changing ip address. After few times showing add this app close itself

PinkSalad Inhaler
Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Throws my IP around like a hot potato. I would definitely recommend

Omitta Charles
The device is for free internet access. However people are duped to believe it operates without data bundles on your devise. In other wards they tell people that the app comes with free internet bundles

Uf Jb
Thank you ❤ for helpping iraqi people @for your sharing to defend us against the stealers and killers We Love You…❤

Musisi Wilberforce
It’s an awesome application for use its user friendly interface and connectivity makes its usee simppe

Deuson Pro
Good app but i would really need help from you guys if possible. Just help me because I’ve got a big question for you.. Thanks

Adioz Ginoo
Best free internet app to bypass all network and connected to get free surfing number 1 free internet applications

This cooks your home internet for sure; don’t use it there and I would almost suggest uninstalling it for you connect to important internet but hey; school wifi is already fried and this works well.

App User
Ads too much. I cancel the ad then the psiphon app closes. I reopen it press the start button, the same cycle repeats. Can’t even connect. It’s quite annoying.

Kevin Fernaldy
The latest update crashes instantly after I close the ad. Reinstalling the old version (ver. 189) is the only way for me

maymoonah kauthar
it only conect using my data or wifi. i have none of those it disconects immidiatle…. i just want to know if this vpn charges if it used in dubai.

Joseph Choda
The best of all I have used as VPN app I surely give it a 5star and for all the good reasons. I recommend it to anyone and surely you will attest to the facts about it as aforesaid by the developer

anton anggita
It works better before, now each time i push start the ads start and after that it still wont started.

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