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Protect Free VPN+Data Manager
by Onavo

App Category:-Tools

With Protect Free VPN + Data Manager, you can –
– Add an extra layer of security and data encryption
– Help secure your personal information when you’re on public Wi-Fi
– Use a free, fast and secure VPN to help protect personal information
– Get alerts when apps are using lots of data
– Block apps from using data in the background
– Limit apps to Wi-Fi only
– Set notifications when an app reaches a set amount of data
– Get the most from your phone!


Protect Free VPN+Data Manager

Protect Free VPN+Data Manager


As part of providing these features, Onavo may collect your mobile data traffic. This helps us improve and operate the Onavo service by analyzing your use of websites, apps and data. Because we’re part of Facebook, we also use this info to improve Facebook products and services, gain insights into the products and services people value, and build better experiences.


Download Protect Free VPN+Data Manager App :-


Download Protect Free VPN+Data Manager App


User Reviews :-


Collins Geirie
Best vpn 😄, it works great and is easy to use; it does hide your location data conveniently. It is heavily battery-consumptive though, I mean, my God, seriously? The app size is a little over 15MB but once you get it going, it rockets to over 200, what’s going on here😕? It lags too much for a vpn too😭

App User
Does what it’s supposed to do, but is a monstrous battery hog. This app is eating 40+ % of my Nokia 2’s battery. And this is a phone that mostly sits idle. Lucky my phone has such a big battery. I know VPN’s use a lot of battery but 40%? Devs need to fix this apps battery problem.

After reading terms, this app is not inUS. In Israel. This app is associated with Facebook. I think it requests too much info and I am surprised this app was apart of McAfee’s referral for VPN. As Facebook has had issues of late, I’m very reluctant to use an out of country app connected to Facebook, although it probably is reputable with McAfee behind it. Just being cautious.

App User
This app was brought by a wickedly loud false alarm in an ad on an application and disguised as a security threat. This false BS ad has now been blocked, thanks to my DNS filtering, but a one star review from a non bot is warranted.

soccer cat
App refused to turn on yet while it was installed everything slowed down to a crawl. Plus I don’t like the fact that they keep a record of sites you visit. The best VPNs do not do this. Privacy risk.

Alvin Ng
This is something very new to me. Can only know after a few weeks. So I can’t tell how good or bad at this moment. Hope it is a very good app to me.

Kerry Bufton
Great for blocking my habitual Facebook clicking when I’m on limited data. Pokemon go won’t load with it though and I have to turn off the vpn to play

vivian daniel
Battery life drains fast!!! Please fix it this problem! (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge)

Lawrie Hanlon Burger
Actually you haven’t caught the girl who is on my phone. She’s done things to my apps and has ran up my data usage from running and doing things in background

Jared Allison
Im glad this is good n it’s starts right up when i reboot my phone and hope this does its job 100% too prevent the hackers

Fahmi Ahmad
nice..a facebook vpn thats keeps log of your online gets the job done, but know if you use this, they are tracking your activity, i suggest anyone who is using this read the terms and condition first, see what they take from you and if you are willing to give, then download away…as for me there are other vpn service that does not keep log of your activity. Definite turn off for me..

dariush travian
DUDE damn i have been using Vpns all my life and now this is just a dream. fast reliable and just extraordinary. thank you thank you thank you

NooaU MooaU
This application may good for simple smart phone. Like andrion old version, there don’t have this function. But now a day every new platform already got this function from factory.

Winona Wilson
I am having a problem with the service now. Somehow all everything got removed. Not sure how to reactivate again.

JessicaSR Hippy
Great app. Does exactly what is says it does. Doesnt disconnect or have too many ads like almost all the other vpn’s available in the playstore. Kudos to you developers!

Nathaniel Ahamefula
I am concerned with my information being used by facebook or any other, can you please let me know before you giveaway my information.

App User
It works which is the main goal to get the best app needed

App User
I think those app is very England for those app and I don’t protect laptops but is nice for me thenkyou for this app I loved it hahaha

App User
Amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing I want to share this app and I want to give a 5 star yeah

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