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Prisma Photo Editor
by Prisma Labs, inc

App Category:- Photography

With more than 100 million installs, Prisma Photo Editor is the BEST way to express your artist talent! Join one of the largest creative community who use Prisma Photo Editor as their #1 creative app! Prisma transforms your photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists: Munk, Picasso as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. A unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps you turn memorable moments into timeless art.


Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Photo Editor


Unleash your creativity using:

– More than 800 modern art filters
– Stunning photo effects
– Unique neural mechanism behind the scene
- Fast sharing on Facebook, Instagram and etc.
- Save photos in SD as well as HD quality

Download Prisma Photo Editor App :-


Download Prisma Photo Editor App


User Reviews :-


Yes, there are a limited number of free filters, but you can switch the ones that you don’t want for others in the vast library. There is also a free one daily. The filters are the best I have used from any of the apps that offer free filters. If you don’t want to share info with third parties, go into your settings and change the permissions for apps. Really, for an app that creates such beautiful and un-watermarked works of art for (AHEM ) free, I personally can’t complain. I love this app.

Domonique Johnson
Before they got bit by the greed bug the app was great, now it’s so limited that it isn’t useful unless you pay the montly/yearly cost for features that come standard on other platforms. Sorry guys but with so many other options offering free tools, this one had to be Uninstalled.

Stu Newton
Why fix what wasn’t broken? The latest update is a significant downgrade in free filters and at least two I used frequently have now gone. Not interested in paying because you were doing great till you got greedy

Russell Munday
I love the artwork with this and while I am using the free version it has a LOT of problems with not working properly. I’ll load a pic and select a filter and it starts working but never completes. I have to go into the Properties and Force Stop for it to work. Like I said it’s nice, but with those issues I can’t justify paying for it.

Mark Bigelow
It used to be a five star app but apparently they got greedy. It is useless now unless you pay for it. I really liked it but I might use it 3 times a year, which made dealing with ads acceptable. No choice now, pay or don’t use it at all.

Perfect Rice
I originally gave this five stars and went through a lengthy period where I used it incredibly frequently. Now I’ve gone back and the amount of filters you can use is tiny – unless you’re willing to pay far too much. It says if you pay there are over 250 filters. If they have that many, why take away so many of the filters that used to be free? If you had to pay for extras, that’s fine, but taking them away is not.

Ayhan Sakarya
I downloaded this app when it was free and useful to use once in a while. Now with this stupid payment model you have not only a few useless filters but on top of that you can use SD mode only. Not gonna pay on a monthly basis for a app I’m only going to use once every few months. Good job devs.

Justin Periman
Not what it used to be. The selection of filters is smaller than before and most features you now have to pay for. Used to be fun and free. Bummer, I liked this app. Uninstall

Jon Paul Billingsley Jr
I really like it! There are plenty of great, free filters. Thanks for that and just the overall experience is enough to keep me interested…that’s saying a lot…trust me! 🤣😅😂

Udo Donotron
Used to be awesome but they got bit by the greed bug and now charge for everything and it no longer has the massive amount of free filters it once had. Not to mention the amount of data they collect and share with 3rd parties when you are paying for the service! Uninstalled.

James Langmesser
Adds a whole new dimension to your photos; it is doubtful that any picture you have taken cannot be improved with this app.

Jovian Francey
Amazing app. Fantastic application of machine learning. Docked a star for excessive rating begging.

Christian Rowlands
Good app but it’s a shame that you have to pay for the other filters and the prices are a bit too much.

Ichimaru Gin Gin
At first all after update keep on hanging..and everything worse..hate this app and uninstall it..not fun anymore

Dustin Diaz
Had been using this app for a long time and now they want to charge for HD. Such a disappointment that it now requires either a monthly subscription or one of payment. I appreciate not everything can be free when it is of great quality such as this app. All the same, feel kind of let down the way this was implemented.

Hello; I am writing to ask you if you can add an erasing tool, which allows us to erase the effect only from faces and hands while apply the chosen effect on the clothes and surroundings as well not just recognise faces and surrounding; I would like an eraser to allow me to erase by myself the wanted effect from specific parts of my photos.. Thanks a million again for caring and reading my review; sending you my regards and whole respect.

Christopher Dugan
What a tremendous fall from grace, boom and bust. The novelty and originality of the application has long diminished. Add this the sudden over monetisation, its become unappealing. Final straw, unsolicited notifications to drive app traffic. Goodbye and good luck.

Kaitlen Exum
Lots of cool filter options, even in the free version. Easy to use. I previously noticed a good deal of slowdown during periods of high usage, but I haven’t seen this lately…not sure if Prisma has actually made improvements or if I’ve just instinctively begun choosing less busy times to use the app. Even with the sluggishness, the app is still usable—it’s only slow upon first load of each filter. Once the initial load is complete, the app performs normally.

Joko Uno
Used to be great; now wants money for basic things like HD; forces you to join their ‘community’ to use *anything* even though it’s clearly unnecessary; a sign of what is wrong with the world today. A real shame.

App User
Dunno much bout cyberlingo, eg. “UI”, but your creative app makes interaction simple, even if this poor antiquated android disappoints me time & again. Thank you. Would be great if some of the locked filters coul be available to us who use the free version. Most, if not all would be grateful.

Sander H.
Has become rather expensive. Tries to lure you into monthly credit card payments by a three day free trial.

Sveinung Marvik
I like the app and it’s filters, but after it started nagging me with notifications I have to say I dont want it on my phone any more. There is probably some option to turn it off but I would rather spend time complaining and uninstalling than turning it off. Too many apps are cluttering my phone and attention with completely unnecessary notifications. Please stop this.

Alve Siddik
Nice app.But still need to develop it’s features but I will tell you to try it at least once.If you try than you may become the fan of it.

Shawn Stoddard
I like to use this app both as a stand alone & in combination with other apps… it’s a useful tool to have in your editing arsenal…

And R3w
Was an excellent app and my favourite for filters, not used in a while and just tried to use it to find I’m being forced to accept spam and share my info otherwise I can’t use the app. Decided to agree as it was worth it only to find the app not longer work as it did. I’m happy to pay a one off fee but not a monthly fee which is what you’re now asking for to use HD etc. Plenty of other apps out there with similar features for a one off payment or free.

Christopher Redfern
If you actually read the privacy policy, this app collects quite a bit of information on you to sell to unspecified 3rd parties. It will no longer start without accepting the agreement to share personal information. The app also will not open unless you agree to accept spam mail. Used to be a great app, but not since the PII mining update.

Scott Jones
I did thoroughly enjoy your app until you made it only accessible if I agree to your permission settings. I did not feel comfortable granting you access to all my information. All I want to do is edit some pictures, we do you need access to everything else and mentioned in section 2 of the permissions? Makes no sense. Uninstalled.

Romek Chylinski
The best feature is the slight unpredictability of outcome of each operation. You just never know what you will produce. Lots of fun rehashing old photos. Heads and shoulders above any competition. Also, it’s a nice, non-verbally effusive way to connect with fellow poets of the camera. Highly recommended!

App User
I like this app but i did not find it amazing. But for some one who looke for a particular app with peculiar fillter, i suggest it. It should be noted that many of its feature such as staple of fillters are not free and you have to pay for them. I whoud rather eliminate this nevertheless i said it can be good.

Peter Bradshaw
Easy to use. New privacy controls are interesting. I’ll have to pay attention to the emails you forced me to accept. Because it sounds like you think you’re going to start charging me in three days. I hope I’m wrong. Other than THAT, great app with great filters.

Matt Gurnicz
The filters are excellent and the app performs well. I always import photos from my Pixel 2 camera into the app, so I can not speak for it’s own camera software, but the option is there to take photos from within the app. I just choose to the stock Pixel camera, and import if I want to filter something.

Robert Hutchinson
Pros: Very nice filters. Cons: You now only get access to a few IMHO bottom of the barrel filters and Standard Def unless you plan to pay for more features. If you take and filter many pics this will prob be worth the subscription. If you use filters occasionally I’d suggest trying another program. YMMV

RockerFrostGate Fam
Great app for photos, first app that made me wanna take a selfie, that even feels weird to say, but any ways, yeah great app, might want to use HD if photo doesn’t look good, only downside is sometime a lot of people might be on the app at once and you won’t be able to use the hd only sd ar this time, which is only a good option for pictures of in adamant objects, they might want to fix that ( hint hint..) but besides that great app I would recommend anyone to try and experiment with it.

Sally Hawkridge
Update 05/25/2018: It had been a while since last I had used it due to the previously mentioned instability. They put the old filters on a library file. It is still kind of slow, but stabler. Probably best used on wifi. The filters are great, though. I’m feeling hopeful that Prisma and I can make up. Before the latest update in December 2017, I would have given this 4 stars. I love what it does, but it would freeze up or dump me out every 4-5 edits. However, since the update, every time they show an ad, ehoch is about 80-90% off the time, it is guaranteed to dump me out. Look, I can live with ads; it is a free app, I am a cheapskate, and they need to keep the lights on somehow. However, the ads have rendered to app unusable. I hope they get the message from this onslaught of bad reviews and fix whatever the big is soon.

Bryanne e
This was a great app until you tried to force me to agree to your new terms. Agree to let you collect and sell all my private info and agree to receive spam emails for products I won’t use, I think not.

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