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PowerAudio Pro Music Player
by Bugga Software Ltd.

PowerAudio Pro music player brings you the all new music experience. It features an easy to use interface and best in class audio quality. You can browse songs by albums, artists or playlists. PowerAudio Pro has a separate tab for all your favorite tracks, you can add songs to your favorites from any tab. PowerAudio Pro supports playlists, you can create you own playlists with the tracks you want. This music player features a powerful equalizer with BassBoost and Virtualizer. You can choose from a variety of music presets or create your custom preset.

PowerAudio Pro Music Player

PowerAudio Pro Music Player

Key features –
– Supports all major audio formats (mp3, m4a, wav, aac, amr, ogg etc)
– Equalizer with various presets
– BassBoost and Virtualizer
– Browse songs by albums, artists, favorites or playlists
– Multi-select
– Custom queue
– Add songs to favorites
– Detects headphones (auto pause on disconnect)
– Create your own playlists
– Repeat or shuffle tracks
– Set phone ringtone
– Share media files
– Codec details (bitrate, sample frequency, channels etc)
– Delete songs, playlists
– Sort songs by name or date
– Play next option
– Sort songs by date added
– Sleeptimer

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Download PowerAudio Pro Music Player App:-

Download PowerAudio Pro Music Player App (3.4 MB)


Install PowerAudio Pro Music Player App from Play Store

User Reviews :-

-Every time i open the player it says equalizer library failed, please open settings and switch to system equaizer. I want this issue either fixed or i want my money back!

-Can you please make the damn widget a 4×2 not a 4×3… It literally doesn’t even need that much space… Waste of space on my music tab … Will change to 5 stars if fixed otherwise will have new app in a week or so

-Great for what it does. But it doesn’t close when you’re just surfing your media files on your phone. Forces you to close out, which means you lose your place. Kinda annoying with a small uncomplicated library. Good luck to those with multiple folders and a couple hundred songs.

-Looks good so far but i have no idea how to find songs, i would like some help.

-Notification control panel rather big and overlaps when a new notification appears (atleast on the LG g6 latest update)

-Whenever i play songs with my headphones through this app, it plays through one ear. But when i go on youtube or something, it plays through both

-Notification control panel rather big and overlaps when a new notification appears (atleast on the LG g6 latest update)

-Please make the buttons big enough Its very difficult to forward or pause songs

-When my call is coming, music playing continues not stop other person on call listen it

-Very good.. But can you add a feature like ‘Tag editor’s it will be helpful…

-Genres, Sleep Timer are not working ! Why?

-The equalizer works great for the Huawei p9 and the bass boost feature is freaking tremendous too! The only downside is that it only work for music that has been already downloaded locally. Using Spotify or Google play music won’t use the equalizer function from this app. However this app has bought love back to my old music!

-Everything is good but it can’t detect other apps activities for example in other music players, when I am playing music but suddenly I start watching a video, the music player stops but in this player’s case, it doesn’t stops.

-good music player ..good sound quality …nice optimization… But. Problem is PLAYET UI NOT GOOD . Thank you #zahir

-i does not stop music even on incoming call you have to do it manually.I also does not stop music when earphones are disconnected from mobile other music app do that. Apart from that rest good

-Not had pretty light weight, I found the folder & playlist features to be a pain, never did figure out how to get it to add sub folders when navigating, the eq is nice but other wise it didn’t really do anything especially explorers audio player already does which is what I normally use, I’ll check back in a few months to see how things are progressing.

-UI a bit outdated. But nevermind that: I can’t play my m4a music collection so no use I can make of it.

-Even after update i cannot exclude folder from memory card.. hope this can be fix fast.

-it is good, but you should be able to ignore folders recursively and not to have to add them one by one

-It doesn’t stop music with incoming calls the sound is to low when I activate the equalizer please fix it also the lock screen widget doesn’t work

-Keep trying to improvise it… and I may give you 5/5… nice lookin but the UI is a little bit snappy… great music player indeed

-Beautifull music player. Working perfect on any phone and Custom rom

-I love this app every options.. Guys must try this app.. Hats off to the developer and team👏👏👏I love this app every options.. Guys must try this app.. Hats off to the developer and team👏👏👏

-Great app, only complain is the excluding folders is not working. I have excluded whatsapp folder and voice recorder folder but still music files from those folders show up in the songs list. Please fix it and get fifth star from me, it’s perfect otherwise.

-Good and some recommendations. Please consider to work on them. 1. Doesn’t pause music when in any call or call placed. 2. Please make shuffle feature to only for next song button. If we want to listen previous song we won’t able as it shuffle to other song

-When am playing this app o. Music and go suffle so this app dont responce properly bcoz safter finish one songs second not plya properly so feel bad not try on pro

-It’s good app…. But this app should not shows my call records in playlist… It’s really irritating when one of my call records played during shuffle..

-Ya it’s nice but give me one more option of when I swipe from left to right it should change track or next song

-Everything is all right but baas booster is not working at all. Modify the same in next update such that people will reflect your app as no 1 in all manner.

-Mostly good. Except virtualizer has issues. Makes noise after I try and stop it and still play. Hissing

-Superb..just please add identify song and download it direct option..if need to pay for it,yes i will..overall very good..good job team..

-Awesome player just as good as poweramp without all the add ons that you dont need. Fantastic eq.KEEP THIS AD FREE!!! THANKS

-Codec details (bitrate) is not showing exactly/correctly. Kindly notice this.

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