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Portal – WiFi File Transfers
by Pushbullet

Getting pictures, videos, and other files from your computer onto your phone should be quick and painless. Portal helps by making it as easy as drag and drop. Portal is very easy to use. Just open the app and pull up on your computer and you’re ready to go.


Portal - WiFi File Transfers

Portal – WiFi File Transfers


Files are transferred over your WiFi connection which mean they don’t count toward your mobile data limit. This also means files are transferred very quickly (even if they’re over 1 GB in size).

★ Transfer individual files, multiple files, or entire folders at once
★ Easily browse, open, or share the files you’ve put on your phone
★ Pictures transferred with Portal are automatically put into your phone’s Gallery
Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later: have Portal save files to your removable SD card!


Download Portal – WiFi File Transfers App :- 

Download Portal – WiFi File Transfers App

User Reviews :-

I have to say, after trying a few of the other “top rated” apps on here saying the same, this was the first to work, and in the most simolemt manner. Top top app!

Natasha Leacock
New user Just today I was frustrated because I could not transfer files from my computer to my phone. Then I found this it is nice so far very fast. I will rate again after using for a week. Thanks

App User
It’s a very good app but on my phone the scanning doesn’t work in portrait mode. Only when I turn it in landscape mode it works but even then it crashes a lot. Hope an update will fix this.

Sumit Borgaonkar
Pros – Your files will be transfered in seconds Cons – You are going be more lazy after using this app 😜 Extrememly easy to connect and transfer files. God bless your work guys 😄

Keegan T. Wulf
I want to love it, but….. The files never can though. I was waiting for 10 minutes before giving up on both of my attempts. It is very disappointing.

Guilherme Carvalho
Very efficient app. Does well what it says. Only thing that could improve for me is the choice of save places on the phone (I don’t want a ‘Portal’ folder every time). Transfer from phone to computer would be nice too, but that’s not what it aims to do.

Susan Sweet
Worked like a charm. No more moving my SD card all over the place. Drag, drop, done.

Gina Stabbins
It used to work well on my previous device. I couldn’t establish connection on nexus 5x

App User
Portal does exactly what it’s supposed to, and it does it with efficiency, simplicity, and expediency. Originally, I only downloaded this program because I didn’t have the proper cable to connect my phone to my computer, but it’s so convenient that I expect I will keep using it indefinitely. Thanks for solving a problem I didn’t know I had, devs.

Igor Nóbrega
Love this app, turned my life easier. But one question and that’s why I did not give 5 starts. Why don’t let us transfer from phone to pc?

Balamurugan M
I love it more than other apps I’m using Mi5 mobile I can’t upload file from PC to my phone.. I tried lot but nothing work.. This app helps me.. Hats off to developers

Mayank Singh
Doesn’t work, at least give a tutorial or something. You show it so easy but its stuck at WiFi disabled. Terrible experience

Arghya Chakrabarty
Good Application There are only a few applications which I rate 5 stars and this is not those but still this app is pretty good and I would like you to combine this and posh bullet together to get the best experience out possible and increase functionality

Great This app is great i have been using it for about 3 months now and it is great. The only down side is that it takes hours to show up on my phone in some cases.

Josh Javier
Extremely useful when you don’t have a cable in hand. Although you can only transfer from PC to phone, not the other way around, which makes the app feel incomplete.

Kai Chao
Simple to use, and works perfectly. Only complain is that I wish the transfer is bi-directional. I have to find another app to move files from phone to computer.

Juan Carmen Chetty
Best Mobile Transfer to PC app I Own a 5k iMac and a Google Nexus 6P, you can imagine how difficult it is to transfers files, music or pictures…with Push bullet I did it in 3 clicks… Amazing App

Eduardo Conde
Useless on Huawei P9 The camera software is unable to scan any code because it does not focus correctly, tested other scan apps and they do work..

Michael Wilson
I’d give 5 stars but it’s unreliable, e.g when copying a folder of 10 items, I’ll be lucky that 5-6 items make it across without throwing errors.. this is on at least 4 different networks. Love the concept though.

Timothy Santos
Works meh Keep scanning the QR code and it says something went wrong each time. Used it before VERY easy

Glenn Rockman
It’s almost like it’s out of a dream… technology that works the way it does in the movies. A simple, slick interface with flawless drag-and-drop functionality (at least from PC to phone, I haven’t tried the other way). So impressed.

Hardeep Singh
Have been using this app since the beginning, just noticed I had given it 2 stars when it was very new, they solved all my gripes with it long ago and has been delivering solid performance for long now. Updating my rating to 5 stars.

Rochishnu Das
Big fan of this application. Comes in very handy when you don’t have a cable handy. However, haven’t been able to use it on my laptop. It shows a ‘couldn’t connect to your device’ error. Will be glad if someone helped me out.

Simon Green
Nice App, works well. The thing I’d like to see would be to be able to copy to a specific folder, and not into a Portal subfolder, that is quite annoying as it means I have an extra task of taking files out of that folder to where I really want them.

I think this app still needs to transfer between two phones or multiple devices including pc. Also high speed. And no need for internet connectivity. Just local WiFi. And high speed transfer.

Dakota Sakuraba
Portal is super short and super sweet. Comes with nothing more, nothing less than what’s on the package, and will send files as fast as your device’s wifi card can accept them. This app is essential for me.

Chak Hei Lam
Loved it By far the best app of its kind! It’s simple and easy to use, and it transfers files quickly. One feature I would like to see in the next update is the ability to transfer files from my phone to my computer.

Romeo Angeles
First this comment is not paid. Ok? This app really helps al lot like A LOT. If youre a lazy person that just wants to drag and drop a file to transfer it to your android phone. Then this app is for you 😀😀😘

Jason Chan
Don’t need that USB cable anymore Fast speed and works like a charm. Save time not grabbing that usb-c cable for simple file transfers.

Raja Sekhar Kuruba
App is good but what about transfer from phone to PC? Was expecting syncing app for my mobile to pc in both ways. Disappointed.

Swapnil Chowdhury
Best app in playstore I love this need to worry about usb cable or anything live this..Its fast enough..Bt a bit disapppoint too.I wish I could transfer from my phone to pc..plz update this way it will be an epic app

Brilliant service but one feature us missing… Is amazing at what it does. Transferring files is quick, simple, just drag and drop the folders or files after scanning the QR code. However it would be great to be able to transfer to specific storage or folder. Would also be nice to transfer from phone to pc if possible. Apart from this I love portal and I will always use it, thanks

Duc Dao
Easy to use. I had problem with my cable to connect with my pc. After used this app for a short time and with simple steps, I had my files on my phone.

Devashish Khanayat
I was expecting it to work like SHAREit. Very much disappointed.

jason brown
Awesome! A simple quick & easy file transfer app, can send huge files in seconds! I will gladly give this app 5 stars if they add the option to send files from the phone to the other device, instead of just one way to the phone app.

Keith Johnson
This app is brilliant! You can transfer music files, photos etc. from your PC to your android phone speedily via WiFi, meaning there is no impact on your data allowance. It’s free, and no ads. A definite must-have!

It should have mobile to pc file transfer also and some added useful options in settings. Would be better if it can show transfer rate and expected time (needed for huge files). Whatever it’s simple and I liked it.

App User
Holy smoke this was easy. Once set up I simply dragged and dropped my podcasts from my pc into my phone and the transfer was fast, very fast. Bluetooth transfers should not apply.

Anthony Flynn
Utterly idiotic. You basically have to be sitting in front your computer to scan the code with the phone in which case, why not just connect a USB wire and transfer even faster? Also it did not transfer the files to the SD card like it was supposed to. It just created a folder called ‘Portal’ then left the files in the phone’s main storage. Thank you for wasting my time.

Tim Bartrum
Can’t work the other way round? Not sure why it doesn’t also have the feature to transfer files from phone to PC. This would give it 5 stars.

Ammar Ali
It’s great! Just wondering if it’s possible to make it a two way transfer (to/from phone/pc) rather than just one way (from pc to phone)

Craig Steiner
Awesome app that allows file transfer over a wireless network connection. Great for loading music and other things when you don’t feel like/can’t plug in your phone.

Mizie Izie
To slow To slow. Are you using my data to transfer? I so slow. Better option to other app

Jordan Orwa
Good app. It’s really easy to use and has clear instructiins. It transfered all my files pretty quickly and now I can listen to more music on my phone 🙂

Samy Ek
I’m sorry, it just doesn’t work, it says that it couldn’t connect, I checked everything and it was okay. I really would love this app, is just what I was looking for and unfortunately I cant enjoy it, hope you can fix it.

Massimiliano Rubino
Useless Does not allow to choose destination folder. So if you have a file and you want to place in sd card cannot

App User
Can’t expect any better than this. Would love to see a feature to transfer data from phone to desktop

Steven Michael
Good Job This app is really good. no cable needed to transfer a file And if you have a good Internet conection the transfer would be good also. Faster than cable

Heera Rana
Not working on my honor 6x device. When I’m scanning it’s not detecting getting blurry image

App User
USB cable is history! Fastest and most reliable way to transfer file and folder from your PC/Laptop to mobile/tablet. Loving this app for its user friendly interface ane robust glitch-free built.

Mindaugas V
Works great. Would be perfect if it 1. would let you choose where to save each file and 2. allowed phone to PC file transfer.

App User
Portal_ble! Just don’t get any easier. No wires no mess. You can see it on your phone as you drag and drop on your computer screen.

Gonza Rohrer
Up to 1 or 2 GB files everything works like a charm. But I tried a 5GB file and it didn’t work. Despite that, this app is excellent.

Harley RK
Useless Only works one way, most people want to download their photos to the pc!

Lone Vindicator
I love this app and have been using it for a couple of years now. Recently though whenever I try to scan the qr code the camera quality is automatically set to low resolution and the code just can’t possibly scan no matter how close I bring my phone to the screen. Please fix. Thanks

Nice. It works with no prob. U drag and drop on pc and bada bing bada boom, transfer in pro and done.

Rono Lubin
Pretty neat Scan, drag and drop and you’re done! Nice if it could transfer files both ways.

App User
It’s good. I wish there were more options for the file destination, or I could open them straight from portal with my standard associations. And it’d also be nice if it were truly local, with no need to go to a website on my computer just to transfer files.

Gerard Jagroo
It’s a good solid app but…… I thought that I could use it to send files from my Android device to my computer without messing around with cables, but I couldn’t. It’s one way from computer to phone only which kind of sucks. Could you please add this functionality? Possibly as a paid feature?

Josh Vrolyk
Works like a charm. I use it for sending photos from my camera, through my Chromebook, to my phone, since I don’t have a real photo editing setup currently. It works consistently, it’s quick, and it’s reliable. Both the web app and the mobile app are smooth, streamlined, and have literally never crashed on me. Good job guys!

Christopher McCarty
Amazing for quick, painless transfers. Of course, I’d like there to be a two-way option, but alas, I cannot ask for much other than that from such humble developers, and gracious ones at that.

App User
Accessing an external URL for a service that claims to be local seems unnecessary. I also had trouble getting it to work, and have no idea what to allow through my firewalls as the connection information is hidden from the user.

David Boere
Wow. Just wow. The interface is painfully simple to use, and I moved 60 songs to my phone in under a minute. Amazing.

shashank sagar
Had rated it 5 starts since a year.. suddenly the portal website stopped opening and I got redirected to portal site where I need to create an account and install additional software. One more app trying to be more than what it is and messing up in the process…

Joe Lomán
Works perfectly The only thing missing is an option to send things from the phone to the computer. However, what it does, is superb.

Sinan Yasin
Poor It doesn’t scan the QR code on the website!! I see many people here have the same problem!!

David Ammiel V Tirol
Unique way It has a unique way of setting up a connection but it works. Who am I to complain.

Shankhadip Sarkar
Really a mobile technology faster than USB Very easy and simple way to transfer files from PC to Androids… Really appreciate the utilisation of wi fi lan which comes in handy when you run short of time.

Ross C.
Simple yet effective means of transferring files which I’ve been using to send stuff from my pc to my tablet. No frills, but works great.

Nazrin Shah
Wow useless app ever. I transferred songs to my phone but guess what. When i check insise folder, there’s nothing at all. What a waste of time! Uninstalling

Dhiraj Mathur
Thats a leap foward Thats what i call as a true hassle free data transfer app , speciak mention to the Kya Kaise channel on Youtube which handpicked this app….great work guys

Yawar Khalid
Music doesn’t show up in music player Music is automatically added to my default music folder but it is not added to the music player. I’ve tried 3 different music players but any music added via Pushbullet does not show up in there.

vinod kumar
Very use full and efficient.. It would be more better if it can work against different networks as well

Christos Terzis
Does what it says on the box. I easily transferred photos from my mac to my Android device. All that’s left now is to see if they will suddenly start charging for this currently free app, as they did with pushbullet. Same company…

Tattov Transformations
It’s been working fine I just transfer a 500mb file from my laptop to my MotoG4 and it was really fast. No more than 10 minutes. Great app and very useful when you don’t have a USB cable.

Omer Asif
Needed to drop files from phone to System. So switched to another app, Filedrop. If you could add this feature in future…that would be great!

gabrial zodez
I think it’s best app,for WiFi shearing between mobile and PC. I’m so much like it for fast transfer data and good optimize applications settings, easy to use.i recommend for install it and enjoy best sharing moment.

david hunt
Lack of driver Couldn’t find a driver for transferring files from laptop to my Doogee T6 pro. So this was a good find to do the same,transfer rate is a little slow but it’s easy to use.

Alan Fregtman
Works great! Holding one rating star hostage because it did not sync the file timestamps, which makes syncing old photos or videos a pain since they get treated as recent when they may not be.

Costache Rares
Amazing af This thing is so cool especially because it is fast as hell so yeah this is kinda the whole purpose of such an app definately worth checking out.

Sokarera Smith
It’s great Literally so easy to use. My only gripe is having to use Chrome for full folder transfers, which is fine.

Kirpal Khalsa
Doesn’t work Galaxy Note 5 – device doesn’t even see the files I’ve transferred, just their folders, which have a .nfo file and a .db file.

M. Efe Ates
Sometimes crushes are bit annoying… but the daughter of KADI has also that degree of deficiency…

Hamza Sarhane
Great but…! I gave this app 3 stars not because its bad, but because you can just import files from you laptop or pc, but you can export to it, i wish you add the function of ability to export to pc, this app will be more successful than what it is now, and tnx by the way

Vamshi goud
Easy to connect & Easy to use I rarely write a review about any product. So if you see my review it has something useful.

Alice Cheung
Very buggy. The share button does not work. Haven’t been updated for a while…

Libran Soul
I’m not able to connect to my wifi network, which made it impossible for both pc and phone to share files. Please check. Thanks.

Antonio Rodriguez
It is an amazing app. No more hassles with cables, Bluetooth, infrared, fax, telepromter, Morse code, smoke signals =) I don´t give 5 stars, because I´d love to see backwards function: transfer from phone to PC

Awesome app! This app is amazingly awesome! It makes transferring music, pictures, videos, anything at all take MUCH less time that any other method. This is BY FAR the best way to transfer files to a device!

Shubham Kumar
Best omnidirectional transfer app! No ads, no complicated web addresses. Always keep it this way.

Kwaku obeng birikorang
Deserve U just deserve that five stars so just take it and try to fight for six stars because someone like me is ready to rate your app with six stars not five. You are more than five stars

Matej Koplan
Very simple and easy to use. It does need some performance improvements for transfering many small files though. Not enough to lose a star out of five. Anything else works perfectly.

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