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App Category:- Arcade


Main Features:-

Polysphere is a brand new puzzle game that trains your brain! Swipe to rotate the puzzle until you see a complete picture.
Dive into a whole new 3D puzzle experience!
Relax and enjoy the masterpieces you will create!

We love you! Enjoy!



Download Polysphere App:-

Download Polysphere App ( 52 MB )

User Reviews:-

Taylor Rogers
I mean, it’s fun and all but, dont expect a challenge. It takes less than 5 seconds for every puzzle and I’ve had the app fo
like 30 minutes and am already on level 300. You would think the puzzles would get harder as you move on but, it doesn’t. The
details could be like 8 triangles or like 50 triangles but, as I said before, still only takes a couple seconds. It’s still a
decent time killer though.

Rebecca Ulsha
Hard pushes paid version. Game is fun but from the first panel pushes the pay version. That’s fine but it seems to have
arbitrary locks on the ‘free’ content that are free, blind ads after, displayed ad before with unlock counter which may also
have an after ad, posting game ad on your social media, and paid player only locks. This is on top of the huge section of
game behind the pay wall. Save yourself the 30 sec of ads for 3 sec of play and either but the pay version or pass on this

App user
I love it! It’s very creative and the idea is very original. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because when ever I do a
picture it’s fine and dandy, but the next one the shapes are off and I can very obviously see what it is, but there are
spaces between the polygons, preventing the picture from being solved. I have to shut down the app and get back on for it to
work. Might just be my phone, though.

WorldWatcher – Age of Empires II
This game encompasses a unique aspect. I think the creativity behind the development is great. However, from the start of
pushes you to purchase the paid version. another aspect I did not like is as you get close to completing the puzzle of auto
completes for you, there were a few that I completed without even knowing what it was infill the auto complete had finished
it, it would be be better if players had to align it with complete accuracy and not have the computer make the final

Hailey Thomas
The graphics are nice I guess. Other than that the app is ‘meh’ at best. Even so I might still enjoy the free version when I
have nothing better to do, if not for the auto complete feature. It takes all the fun out of it if the game does the hardest
part for you. Seriously, you should at least be able to choose to turn it off. There were a few levels where I was in the
middle of rotating it and it just did it itself. That’s no fun. There isn’t any satisfaction in accidentally completing

App user
I had never played such beautiful and a grafical game before. this game is really nice but espact in some level they show the
diamond sigh inorder to purchase from us.sometimes after 2,3 game there will be an add.anyway this game is with a fantastic
grafic. I spend a good time with this game and I enjoyed very much so If you want a game with a beautiful grafic and a game
to make a different shape from a craft pices and a game with craftism you must download, play and enjoy very much.

the game is nice. just like all of the other reviews, my only complaint about the free version is the auto-complete. However,
I noticed the pro version is 7.99 a week before I even started my first play. really? The most detailed, immaculate,
sophisticated video games with massive crowds of players that strive for play more and more don’t even charge 7.99 a week?
Who in their right mind thinks this is worth over $400 a year?

Nick Ennen
It’s fun and intuitive but I’m uninstalling it because I don’t want to pay $8 a week to play levels when I can waste my time
on hulu for $12 a month. Also most of the levels you need that subscription to even play them and even in the level selection
area it will push you to buy that puzzle pack for a dollar when you only get 4 puzzles.

Dustin Crump
It’s fun and gets you thinking. I appreciate that and the fact that it gives you new perspective. however the auto complete
takes SO MUCH away from the experience. I will sometimes not even know i’m close to completing it before it just does it for
me. that takes away a lot of the fun. that at least needs to be a setting you can turn off so that you have to be precise in
order to complete it. the hard push for an extremely expensive (with very little benefit) version is a turn off as well.

Tibor Tar
Pretty pictures. Simple mechanics with no ramping difficulty over 300 levels. Simple puzzles takes 3 seconds to solve, hard
ones take 20 seconds. Got bored 15 mins into free trial. Hardly worth 7€/week (yes, week) especially since you still have to
watch ads to unlock some levels.

Cooper Heggie
I love this game. It is one of the best games have ever played. You have to have some strategy, which makes it more
challenging. If you are someone who likes a little challenge, than this is the game for you. But if you do not want a
challenge, then this is still the game for you, because there are also easier levels. My brother doesn’t usually like games
that don’t have fighting, but he likes this game. So please even if you think that you won’t like this game, just at least
try it.

Katty Anderson
Perfect. Absolutely beautiful. Very calming game. My only critique is the price of the subscription. Art is beautiful but $18
feels a bit pricey all at once. Try spreading the art out into packs like you did with the unicorn and cat ones. I would have
been willing to pay 1.99 to 2.99 for it and future packs. Anyways, keep up the good work!!

Yendor Forthridge
This game is an absolute joy to play from the relaxing music to help you relax, the gorgeous art, and the pure satisfaction
of aligning the puzzle just right. However I do have some issues with the game. The first thing I dislike is the fact that
some levels are locked behind a paywall and that show how greedy the company is. Not only that, but there is a lack of any
fun or interesting modes that make the game more fun. On top of that is the fact the puzzles don’t get more complex.




Current Version

Requires Android
5.0 and up

Content Rating
Rated for 3+

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