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Plantix – grow smart
by PEAT GmbH

App Category:- Education

Plantix is the mobile Plant Doctor for farmers and everyone cultivating edible crops. Whenever you want, ask Plantix’ smart networks and they will support you with quick help and hands-on solutions. Whether you’re a farmer or gardener, cultivating rice or tomatoes – Plantix is your mobile diagnostic tool for fruits, vegetables and field crops. One network – powered by artificial intelligence – analyzes your smartphone picture and supplies you with an instant diagnosis on plant problems and ways to treat them. The Plantix community is then THE network where international experts and peers from all over engage – they will provide you with an unique mix of accurate and regionally applicable advices.  And the best is that our networks are self-energizing: Every comment and every picture makes them better and helps others all around the globe solving their problems! Become part of Plantix community and start now to simply grow smart!


Plantix - grow smart

Plantix – grow smart


Plantix supports a smart agriculture that produces healthy crops and saves resources via targeted action. Plantix is the expert in your pocket! Please keep in mind that due to Plantix’ global range, some local details will need further adaption. Please write us in case you feel a text and/or picture is inadequate for your area. Everybody who uses ‘Plantix’ helps us to get it ready for use. Plantix is free of commercials and always will be free of charge for smallholder and our partner organizations.


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User Reviews :-


bhanu pratap
App is ok …but two things in opinion needs improvement….. 1 . Plantix selected my location and now i can select crops from a selected few… 2 . Community is just a total fail ..nobody is there to even comment …

App User
The best app I see ever. But sometimes it gives wrong identity of plant… May be for my fault of capturing pic. But I think it deserves five stars.

Santosh Patidar
बहुत अच्छी ऐप है लेकिन अपने जो नया फीचर गाइड जोड़ा वो ओपन ही नही होता हर बार त्रुटि बताता है कृपया इस समस्या का निवारण करे ।धन्यवाद

Panduranga rao Chattumala.
Worst app does not recognize the crops I took the turmiric leaf photo and result shows chilli, how stupid app don’t download waste of data

App User
I love this app!!! my garden was a small one and with your suggestions and support I am really happy 😃

Satwinder Dhanoa
Good an great idea thank you it help me a lot but some minor plant and vegetables are missing otherwise it’s great

Very helpful app for farming related problems like which type of fertilizer should be use

Pravin Wagh
Excellent app it helps me in all crop growing and crop careing only need some improvement

Dnyan Pop
This is a suggestion to plantix team. guys you are doing very well job here for the Indian farmers. but the content you added over here like the information about the plants and their diseases see the problem is what, I take a picture of cabbage and when the result come the result was too much confusing. so please work on it I will be back to you and I will give you 5 stars.thank you

Sneh Bhavsar
I loved this app…….. 😍………becuz i am an nature lover…so its provides all information about plants…. I loved it…

chandra reddy
This app is one of the farmers helping is there but some the crop information is not available

This is a good platform, where people can get information about their plans problem.

Arun Kumar Verma
Not able to know plant names. Not proved useful till date.

Perri Ashbaugh
They waited until I hit the ornamental button and then told me that they didn’t do ornamentals. Wasted my time

Pavan Kumar
it is a waste app……. I can’t understand this kind of app…. how can understand formers. soo it is a waste

Veeresh Hiremath
First of all its good app. But crop photos of the app and ‘compare pics’ for many crops not working properly. Please make sure that all the pics in the app are properly opening or not. If its rectified that, its 5* app.

Sachin Gurav
This app should also focus on how to grow plants, germinate seeds, give suggestions on growing, but it only focuses on deseases. Hence 3 star.

App User
Fake app. Wrost mene neem Ka patta try Kara thA lakin Yeh usko Aaam(Mango) Ka Patta(leaf,) raha tha What joke

App User
Its a good app if you are a plant lover or think to grow them than its app is for you

pralhad patil
It’s very important &easily useful App for farmers Very nice apps

Mamindla Rajesh
Good and great but some times it problematic

Very very ThirdClass app. Detect plant names wrongly everrytime.dont waste phone memory & value ble time.

Some time we should suggest which crop at that time it will show the disease But over all app is good

App User
This is very incredible idea.This is very usefull application for farmers and others.I want to tell thanks to the person who had made this usefull application

Kristina Nordby
Very informative with many option to chose from for plant issues, with pictures to support all of them

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