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Pinterest is an app that helps you discover everything from recipes and home ideas to make-up and style inspiration. Every month, 200 million people around the world use Pinterest to find possibilities for them, such as:



• Planning an adventure to Brighton, Barcelona or the Big Apple
• Finding your next haircut or new tattoo
• Discovering your next hobby – brewing, running, woodworking

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User Reviews :

-I love pintrest! But IOS VERSION IS SO BETTER!! In the next version, please try to add these : ging forward between pins , without go back; pics resoulation is so bad in big screen, also pins are so small and theyve so bad view in big screens. Hope to update it and make it better To usen

-It is a great platform for sharing ideas. I do however see a lot of ads. The newest most annoying thing is when you click on a pin to get a better idea or view of the picture, and it redirects you to a website (because it was an ad). Ultimately, the website isn’t even a picture of what you wanted to see. It makes you feel tricked.👎🏻 The ads are now very bothersome, especially when you see the same ones over and over and over again. Personally, I’ve started marking duplicate ads as offensive content. I’m still disappointed that they took away the pin counter. It gave you an idea of how far that pin had traveled.

-An interesting program for sharing ideas and images. There is questionable content on there too, one has to work at “avoiding ” it. A big issue is content that is arguably disrespectful of women, usually posted by guys as well as “near hate posts” by those of political extremes.

-I really love this app! It helps you find things that you’re truly interested in and for the most part I can find ideas that I’m looking up from food to makeup to home remedies. Don’t know how I survived without Pinterest lol

-It’s good but I really don’t like how the app will super easily refresh, so that when I’ve been scrolling for ten or twenty minutes, I suddenly lose my spot and can’t go back because of the sheer numver of new pins. Also, I’d much rather have tge little circle tool that gives you recommended pins back rather than the app recommending things to me, because it obviously doesn’t know what I actually look for (I’m a teenager, I don’t need maternity pics).

-It’s like a game of golf, sometimes you play well sometimes worst. So it has its own ups and downs….. Nevertheless it’s useful to me…. Cheers

-Pinterest is every hoarders dream…saving everything of interest without the clutter lol. Also you see so much that you would never normally see so it’s a real learning site….love it!

-Love the variety of pins and the details. I have been pinning for a long time and keep cr eating more and more titles. Thank you for such a wonderful app. I will start to learn how create my own pins.c

-Love that it is more personalised now. I don’t have to go searching for pins as much because what I want is in my newsfeed. It would be cool to have more pins relevant to your country/geo location

-Lovely application. It helps me to find ideas for dresses, crafts, paintings etc.. These are the things I mainly focus and it gives me good results…

-I love Pintrest but they have made a lot of stupid changes to the apps and online. In this app you can’t clear the notification counter badge and online you can can only go to one pin and then back to feed then another pin and back to feed. Can go from pin to pin anymore.

-Easy to use, I’ve been using Pinterest for the longest time. I love it. I miss the old school board style, but with every update its gotten better and better.

-I enjoy sharing pins and experimenting with recipes; I like the creation of the boards and I definitely love the feedback on Pins. The one thing I don’t enjoy is receiving “vegan” recipes with honey. Please stop. Other than that, the app is wonderful.

-This is a awesome App! There is nothing, that you can’t find. Pinterest has everything. Quick recipes to bridal/showers that are affordable with any budget. When you are looking for one thing, you find yourself looking at more wonderful things ,ideas how to, DIY. Pinterest gets it.

-Always a good option to check for latest and trending ideas. I specially love the feature of Pinterest that allows us to browse through similar interests

-Love the recipes and ideas. The photos and reviews are excellent. My only problem with this app is the stories. I don’t need the history of macaroni and cheese. Just get to the recipe.

-Cool photos. I like this app but too many ads mixed in. Could you tone the ads down abit. I will rate this app a five when ads are not so many. This app is very informative. Thanks.

-Thanks to this app I had actually done projects that I had in mind and seen others do. So much inspiration in one place too..

-Pinterest is probably my most used app. It’s great for making DIY’s and finding clothing. You can find anything on here!

-As a former preschool teacher and now a community volunteer, I love Pinterest because I can always find new and creative ways to challenge young minds while letting them explore their own creativity. Additionally, I am always looking for fun new projects to create around my own home, and as gifts for family and friends. I am never disappointed when I log in.

-I love It! I’m am very addicted… but i think that’s cause I’m in a lot of fandoms. So BEWARE

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