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PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor
by PicsArt

450 million installs strong, PicsArt is the #1 photo editor and pic collage maker on mobile. Download PicsArt and enjoy our tools, effects, collage maker, camera, free clipart library, millions of user-created stickers and our drawing tools. PicsArt’s all about making awesome pictures and having fun by remixing free-to-edit pictures into awesome collages and memes.

Direct Download PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor app:-

Download PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker App (34 MB)

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Download PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker App from Play Store (34 MB)


With our collage maker, drawing tools, photo editor, camera and more, PicsArt’s your all-in-one creative suite. And it’s FREE.

Show off your awesome edits on Instagram with #picsart, we’ll feature our favorite ones!

PicsArt Photo Studio Collage Maker & Pic Editor

PicsArt Photo Studio Collage Maker & Pic Editor

PicsArt’s collage maker provides 100s of free templates, and the PicsArt community uploads 1000s of new images every day that can be used as backgrounds. PicsArt lets you make grid style pic collages, templated collages and freestyle arrangement collages. If you’re looking for an easy way to make a great collage, we’ve got you covered.

With 1000s of amazing features, PicsArt’s photo editor has everything you need to make every picture awesome. It includes tools to create cutouts, crop, stretch, clone, add text and adjust curves. It also has a full library of artistic photo filters (including HDR), frames, backgrounds, borders, callouts and more. All tools have a brush mode for fine-tuning and applying selectively on just part of your photo. PicsArt provides 100s of fonts for adding text to your pictures and making killer text overlays. PicsArt also provides a rapidly evolving set of AI-powered, Prisma-style effects.

PicsArt is also your go-to for making awesome double exposure photo edits. You can make double exposures using layers with adjustable transparency. You can also create memes by applying text on free-to-edit pictures, pictures from friends or your own pictures.

PicsArt’s Cutout (scissors) Tool lets you make and share custom stickers for everyone to use. The PicsArt community has already created millions of free custom stickers and clipart. They’re creating more every day, and they’re all up for grabs for you to use in messaging and remixing — for free.

PicsArt Draw includes customizable brushes, layers and professional drawing tools. Additionally, the PicsArt Camera lets you snap pictures with live effects and is your new go-to sticker maker. Yup, you can create stickers right from your camera captures — it’s that easy!

We *invented* image remixing on mobile! It means you can take any image that’s free-to-edit in PicsArt, add your own personal touch by editing it and then share it back to the PicsArt community.

PicsArt’s Remix Chat is a whole new way to edit with your friends and make awesome pictures. Share photos 1:1 or with your chat group, where you and your friends can do quick remixes, together.

PicsArt’s Photo Challenges and Contests are an easy and fun way to learn new editing tricks. Daily challenges are a popular way to find inspiration every day, where users upload thousands of amazing photos, collages and edits. You definitely don’t want to miss out on them.

PicsArt provides all these creative tools for FREE, and makes it easy and fun to make awesome pictures. Install it now!

User Reviews :

-This was the best photo editing app ever ….i love all the extrodinary features. .but one small request or a feedback to the picsart crew,please try to increase the photo export clarity…while editing its gooo afterwards it becomes lkw when saved to gallery.

-Keeps trying to force you to use thier social media. No paid model. Annoying. Great functions, stickers, Clone stamp, dispersion

-Amazing photo editor, I use it all the time. Thanks PicsArt for making this real! 😀

-It’s really has wonderful photo editing tools. By far the best all in one photo editing app in the store.

-this app is sooo good ive been using it for over a year and i even used the app to make the photo on my account right now <<<<<< overall its a good app and WE ARE SO THANKFUL that this app is free thank you pics art team ♡

-PicsArt is God’s Fart. I feel the power. Amazing app! I am not worthy.

-Nice app. But background removeing is not so easy..plz add more tools to remove background…plz

-This was amazing and really my editing

-mast app hai bhai editing k liye


-Very Nice Editor App

-This is so good for making thumbnail 🙂

-It would be great if we had an option for when we want to edit to not have a background

-Best app i have ever used

-This app my heart

-Used to be my go to, but now when I crop a photo it’s giving me straight lines on parts on my photo when I’m trying to do smooth curve finesse cropping. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling/cache clear out with no success to resolve the issue. I will be searching for a new app.

-This is a great app, well it was. I do photo editing and this app is very helpful but recently I’ve not been able to do any editing. The selection tool no longer works. I use it on an area I want to edit but it doesn’t edit the area I want it to, the shape changes and i cannot use it. I tried to edit circular shape and when I went into effects, it cut the selection to a quarter Is there any way this can be fixed

-Well this was one of my favorite image editing apps until I opened it today. I notice one of my favorite tools has been removed, the stamp tool. Seeing how I cannot achieve the same effect with the new brush tool I will be uninstalling soon. Have been using this app for over a year and this is a huge disappointment. Thanks Picsart it has been fun….

-Old version is great but after yesterday’s update came it is disappointing because in older one there is option of portrait blur or anywhere when click on eraser then there’s option for portrait for any thing and it is great but after yesterday’s update this option is gone. I don’t know why? Please give this feature again then app is great and awesome but please bring this option

-Sooo many different things you can do with this app for free and even more edits that you can buy. Love 💘 it. I’ve made and kept a few pics soo far of myself and my son breastfeeding and it’s something I will treasure for always. Just like the name says Pics ART.

-Best app for editing photos BUT the ads are VERY intrusive and many you cannot close or stop until they stop playing. Costing you a lot of precious time which is really bad if you’re in a hurry. They often force you to a whole other screen when you’re trying to move from one area to the other. an ad only screen. Very obtrusive. I don’t mind a few ads in an app but when it totally disrupts your user experience that is too much.

-This was the best photo editing app by far in the play store. The last update though gave us that many advertisements which has made the app almost unusable! What a shame! Make an ad-free version for a small fee before you lose everyone! And fast!

-Hello PicsArt team! Great app indeed and I love editing and turning my pics into “Great pics”. However today while editing I noticed one feature missing, “portrait mode”,as it made editing much easier and cleaver. I coukd give bokeh effect too. But your recent update removed this feature. Well this feature is a HIGHLY DEMANDED feature so bring it back in the next update.

-i used it everyday. now this app is a mess. i miss the old PicsArt. 2 years ago. ads everywhere. it wasn’t like this at all. it doesn’t even let me edit my photos. i have to switch off my phone because it doesn’t let me leave. very disapointed. hope you will fix all these bugs.

-I love this app more than you know. Make a paid version I’d but it 2x. But but but, the recent changes you have made to Stamps and Callouts is unacceptable. I am all for new features and innovations but you have done away with ALOT of the options that were already there, especially with Stamps. I make a digital comic and use primarily Picsart to do so. The changes made to Stamps and callouts is really saddening. Keep the features you’ve added but dont take away what was there. I can’t express how much I love your app, also I can’t express how much I hate the changes you’ve made to Stamps. Please fix it for ya boy.

-My favourite app for photo editing! I have tried different ones but this one it’s so complete and easy to use. I highly recommend it, the only drawback is the increasing ads

-Bit annoyed with this app, when im trying to cut something out and then save it, it crops it into a square and most of the picture has gone! Loved this app before this issue. Please fix!

-Hate the INTERRUPTING ads. Update: ads is ok as long as not spoiling the user experience, e.g pop-up ads between activity. You already add too much ads though. The app is good but adsense slave makes you ugly

-Everything is good but have been facing an issue since past few weeks is regarding the quality of photo when you save after editing. Once you click ✔, either text or photo you edited gets blurred. Please do the needful.

-Good app, but please fix the glitch in this app. Everytime I want to save my edited picture, the picture is blurred & I can even edit because it says “Something went wrong”

-One bad thing is that ,limitation of rating is only 5 stars. Very bad. I give 10 stars for PicsArt’s app developer teams efforts.

-This app is great and super easy to use, but why is it so blurry when I try to add stickers to it? Like when I submit the sticker on the background, the sticker is pretty blurry. Im not sure if its my phone or the app though so hopefully yall can fix the blurriness if its the apps fault

-This was a very handy app that I recommended to friends. However, the new update made all “cut” images turn into framed images. Hard to explain, but it made this app worthless to me. If it isn’t changed or fixed soon I won’t have a need for this app.

-I have always been a big fan of PicsArt. But recently whenever I open the app, its showing – ‘No Internet connection’, although I actually have excellent wifi speed. & none of the effects, stickers, bg etc are loading!😣😒😖

-I love this app. But with just about every few updates all of my older downloaded collages, stickers or frame purchases are gone. Wheather they are purchased with money or downloaded for free. I just tried to make a Christmas collage with my Christmas collages and they aren’t there, when they were there last week or so. I do the restore button and nothing comes back. Anything we download or purchase should come back no matter how old they are. This ridiculous and this should not happen. What is going on??

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