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Photo Collage: Photo & Video Collage
by PhotoDev Pro

App Category:- Photography

🌟 Photo Editor is a super powerful photo editor with magic effects✨ that lets you create the special photo.
🌟 Photo Editor supports more templates for more scenes (like birthday, wedding, family etc.).
🌟 Photo Editor let you re-mix up 15+ photos for your social networks(like Instagram, Facebook and so on).


– Re-mix up to 15 of your photos at a time to create personalized layouts and collages.
– More than 50+ backgrounds and 20+ Templates for creating your special collages.

– More than 30+ trendy & professional filters.
– Each filter has own story, whether you are FOODIES, SELFIE GIRLS/BOYS or TRAVELERS, you must find filters for your own photos.
– Support crop 9 pic sizes for your social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc.).


Photo Collage Photo & Video Collage

Photo Collage Photo & Video Collage


– User-friendly teeth whitening tool.
– Smooth and rejuvenate your skin.
– Emphasize your eyes for a penetrating gaze.
– Remove blemishes, pimples and scars.

– A ton of stickers(like muscle, tattoo etc.) for your photos.
– Let you build your sexy body.
– Change your eye/hair color.


Download Photo Collage: Photo & Video Collage App  :-


Download Photo Collage: Photo & Video Collage App (8.7 MB)


User Reviews :-

Flora Madriz
All I wanted was to make a collage with a boomerang. Tried multiple other apps that either kept crashing or not letting me add the boomerang. this one did it on the first try.

Shanqua White
I dont usually leave reviews but this app is on point. Thanks for adding more time for our videos. Its greatly appreciated. Hopefully we can get some colorful borders for our beautiful collages. Thank you again

ANAM Mirza
This app is great every feature is amazing but the only problem is in video collage we can only add 30 sec videos please make it one minute then I will give it 5 star

DeanJean Phng
Does what it says on the tin. If the app allows us to upload our own created images as watermarks, I would definitely give this app five stars! Wouldn’t mind paying for it either.

infinity _star
Doesn’t work. It says failed to load image everytime.i wish I could give negative marking.

Mimi Nguyen
I came back to say I truly enjoy this app. I love it! Finally, 1 app I can use without needing to have multiple apps for difference purposes. I LOVEEEE the filters. Considerably better than Instagram filters. Thank you

Nugget •
When I make a slideshow,I usually make it for memories/movies.15 pictures is not enough.Other than that its fine

Panda Man
The app is overall a solid app but there is one big problem. Everytime I make a two photo-one video 3-row-grid, it renders in the wrong way. So instead of rendering with the 3 rows, it renders as the default setting of grid which has 2 squares and one row. Please fix this asap!

megan bayne
I love this app it’s easy to use and it makes amazing wallpapers and beautiful Instagram posts

A Google user
Love this app but you should add asher dov angel new song on there its called “Chemistry” He’s an amazing singer

A Google user
Loved it…it’s an all in 1 app. I can edit,do collage and i don’t need to download any other apps along with this one.

Texas Massage Nerd
I will give a better review when you fix the pop up ads even when the app is closed. I am having to uninstall because of it being such an annoyance. The app its self is actually pretty useful but like I said I’m uninstalling due to the pop up ads constantly.

Spams phone with pop up ads even when app fully closed. I have all notifications blocked and this app opens itself, plays loud obnoxious adverts. Why hasn’t Google removed this app?

Alice Atrocious
I’ve use other apps to edit photos, that are just much better. It doesn’t quite have as many choises for borders, or stickers as other apps do, I would not recommend this to anyone.

shreya sinha
Worst of all the apps that I ever used, it takes a lot of time and patience to make a collage but while saving this filthy app is not able to save the picture.

A Google user
Worst app ever I have used too much tym consuming and after waiting to save then at 99% they stop processing and I was not able to save my creation 😡😡😡full angery with this app 😑

Heavenly Majin Aurora
This app helped me a lot especially in my YouTube channel. When I started some video editing, there happened to be two times that I needed different clips into one to get the different point of views… If it wasn’t because of this app, I wouldn’t have done much for my thumbnails as well

Angela Green
Haven’t really had a chance to actually explore the app so it’s truly annoying when you’re using it for the first time and after about 15 sec. you are asked for a review😡

Sssketch L
this app takes me back to pop up windows that are annoying and they pop up no matter if you’re using it or not do not install this it’s a horrible!!!

I have an online store and all my works like designing na ll is done by this app…really usefull

Latoya Vernay
The app is great! I can edit videos and photos. As far as what it can do, it’s pretty awesome. It’s hard to be on any other due to is major downfall. However since I’ve installed it, I’ve had many pop ups, my phone freezes and it hasn’t been performing as it usually has. I am uninstalling immediately.

A Very Angry Individual
Useful app, but uninstalling after randomly having invasive ads on my phone. I have random adverts pop up even when I don’t use this app, and that’s concerning.

dvir hasis
Pop up ads even when I’m not using the app.these dudes thought they were slick GTFO!!!

Harsh Watts
bekarr app does not waste ur tym to download it. in other words they are fud* app

Reyna Ferreira
Hate the random ads that pop up on my home screen. Fix this and app is great!

A Google user
I love this app so much I use it to edit photos and mainly crop them it is so easy to use I had like 6 different apps and I love this one the most

Azadari Network
I love this app kia baat hai yaar maza a gaya bus add wala thora masla ha baqi fit app ha

Cassandra White
I loved the app but the app puts unwanted ads on your phone. I’m having to close ads just to make a phone call. Uninstalling.

Mikayla Buck
Pop up ads randomly even when you arent using the app, uses your camera while the app isnt in use for who knows what. If you dont like your privacy shamelessly invaded, this app is not for you

mikkel petersen

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