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Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master, Cool Down Phone
by Hemera Software Technology

Every time you play games or watch movies online on the phone for a long time, your phone becomes too hot and lag the phone. Many applications running under the sun cause your phone to be hot. But do not worry about app to cool down android cpu when our hot phone will auto cpu cooler master, cpu cooler master phone cooler immediately. Super Cooler keeps track of your phone’s temperature in real time, controls and detects your phone’s heating applications and cool down my phone from heating apps with cpu cooler master ram cleaner mode. Not only is the apps to cool your phone down but also supports battery saver and fast charging and phone cleaner and cooler. Download phone cooler app for android to protect your phone as well as speed up android phone and lower battery temperature.


Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master, Cool Down Phone android app

Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master, Cool Down Phone android app


We bring intelligent CPU cooling with efficient matting, reducing CPU heat up to 9°C. with cpu cooler for android The lightest phone-speeding phone application and the fastest phone cleaner will scan the CPU to find out the cause of the hot engine to cool the cpu and optimize battery life.

✪ Real-time CPU Temperature Monitor.

Monitoring your phone’s temperature and displaying it on your phone screen will help you know when the temperature rises. Constantly controlling the CPU temperature and giving alerts when the temperature is high, it is easy to clean and boost and cool down phone.

✪ Find Overheated Apps.

Automatically detect overheating applications with special algorithms, monitor and scan for applications that consume resources and cause hot running and help with crashes and cpu crashes, reducing the phone temperature with phone cooler the best app.

✪ One-Tap To Cool Down.

Close applications that cause heat and quick cooling of the phone. All in one touch, it’s easy to reduce CPU usage with just one button, cooler master –cooling android cool down.

✪ Phone Overheat Warning.

Warning when the phone overheats (device damage), the app to cool down my phone, Phone Cooler Master will notify to save the phone.

Highlights of the CPU cooling master phone cooler app:

✔ Scans the CPU to find applications running under the heat of the machine with the phone cooling system.
✔ Cooling down your phone with just one touch with the convenience of voice and video calling
✔ Real-time temperature monitoring and cool down,battery cooler app for android.
✔ Best cooler master pro, best cpu cooler for android
✔ Real-time temperature monitoring and find out applications running underground
✔ Clean master with cpu cooler, cpu cooler to cool down the phone temperature
✔ Warn users, give out the list of heating applications
✔ Cool your phone and speed up with one touch, cooler battery.
✔ Notice the result of phone heat down and speed up the phone
✔ Cool down phone temperature for android
✔ Fast charger battery, battery fast charging app for android mobile
✔ Lower phone temperature, device cooler for android phone.
✔ Detects warm up applications in seconds with phone accelerator software
✔ CPU accelerator application and cool phone simple, easy to accelerate the phone
✔ Speed up your phone the fastest, freeing up phone memory, cool master device cooler.


What causes phone overheating?
Overheating will appear in these situations, such as long time use of most resource consuming apps and games, or running many apps simultaneously. Some apps use excessive hardware access can also cause overheating. What are the bad effects of overheating?>/b> High temperature of phone may causes your device running slowly, even malfunction. Long term overheating may accelerate the aging speed of your phone, reduce the battery life. Please rate 5 * cooler master cool down phone app to support the developer! And do not forget to share the cooler master cpu cooler app to your friends so they can cool your phone quickly, easily.

Download Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master, Cool Down Phone from Play Store :-


Download Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master From PlayStore


User Reviews :-


I cannot observe any change.

-Great app works super, does what’s it’s supposed too.

-.. am still can’t think from the time I’d discover and download this app.. 12 hours past.. After optimization still I can feel it over 🔥🔥🔥heating I don’t know if is compatible.. To Hi Security.. ever since I’ve got… That’s why I can’t understand WHY still over heating after several times to optimize to prevent.. For now I can give temporarily 3 star until my observation is done.. … Ok.. To the developer of this app.. Master Cooler… For now I can’t give good review in this app until you fix… of some situation here.. Instead it cools down… To prevent over heating while performing the optimization the problem is over heating and its consuming more the battery until discharge… What kind the app is this.. It can’t cool down my device… I have ” Hi Security ” Lite.. ever since… Maybe this app is not compatible to my security.. Fix this app ” Master Cooler ” So I can give good ratings if you want 5 star… For now only 3 star…

-Saya coba dulu app ini dari tampilannya is oke bingitttt bro…

-Really cool down…good app..

-So far , great and promising .

-I liked this very beautiful app,so thanks a lot.

-Super cool app

-Good app Aaaa

-Good but not best

-This application was good

-Just ok bit good

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