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Period Tracker, Ovulation Calendar & Fertility app

By Leap Fitness Group

App Cataegory:- Health & Fitness


Main Features 

A reliable period and ovulation calculator app, even when you have irregular periods.

Can’t remember the date of your last period? Want to know when your next period is coming? Period Tracker – Ovulation & Pregnancy Calendar is a simple & elegant way to view past and predict future periods, fertile days and ovulation days.

Accurate & Reliable

★ Accurate predictions based on your own menstrual history.
★ Becomes even more accurate with usage, by way of machine learning (AI).

Beautiful Design

★ Beautiful design with lovely decorations.
★ Awesome Calendar and Report, clearly view your notes, intercourse history, moods, symptoms, weight & temperature chart, etc.

Never Lose Data

★ All data can be automatically backed up, by simply signing in with your Google account.

Privacy Secured

★ 100% Privacy. No data collecting or selling of any kind.
★ All your data is saved on your phone or your own Google Drive.

Period & Fertility Reminders
★ Schedule reminders and get notifications of your next period, ovulation, etc.

Key Features:

● Cycle tracker, Period tracker
● Menstruation period, cycles, ovulation predict
● Unique period tracker diary design
● Customize your personal period length, cycle length and ovulation for irregular periods
● Calculate your chance of pregnancy every day
● Pregnancy mode for when you get pregnant or finish pregnancy
● Symptoms to record
● Notification for period, fertility and ovulation tracker
● Weight and temperature charts
● Google Account backup and restoration
● Supports multiple accounts for period ovulation tracker
● Multiple languages to choose from

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Period tracker for women
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Download Period Tracker, Ovulation Calendar & Fertility app

Download Period Tracker, Ovulation Calendar & Fertility App ( 14.2 MB )

User Reviews:-

App User
You can no longer scroll down the notes section so you can see what you are typing/edit it once it gets past a certain point. I was trying to keep a pregnancy diary but now it’s very frustrating to use. Please fix! I don’t actually understand what you’re asking me to do. What log? I tried to use the report feedback and it just said it couldn’t submit when I pressed the submit button. I just want to be able to scroll down to access my text in the notes section while I’m typing and to edit!

Haiti _baby
it lets know ahead. of time when to expect my next period and it let’s me know when to drink water also it let’s me pick my moods and what I was feeling that day

Ashley Keeney
28 year old female trying to get pregnant with first child this app seems to be helpful. just hope we can have a child and I dont get my hopes up for nothing.

Tenika Musa
Great reminder of your cycle to prevent pregnancy or get pregnant. But always you spermicide or condoms to prevent pregnancy.Mostly good to see why are you feeling a particular way based on your hormones.

Erin Green
This app is great with tracking your cycle, ovulation and pregnancy. However I wish it would show what my baby looks like throughout the pregnancy like my other apps do. If that is incorporated into the app, I will definitely give it 5 stars.

January 7, 2019
i seriously love this app, its so useful and cute! its not just for periods either because itll even remind you to drink water(if you set it)and itll jot down your ovulation,fertility and how much sexual activity youve engaged in!(even if its not with a person)and for whenever you want a change of scenery, theres different backgrounds and a little pet to choose to match it!(i watched all the ads bc these guys DESERVE the support.)in the end, its definitely worth the download!👍❤️💞

soulsiren Waffle
love the app but i had the uid pit in and you guys should but the option in for one of the conceptions besides just the pill it makes it harder to keep track other than that its a very reliable all it even includes reports you can print out and take to your doctor for better check up ! i recomend this app the everyone

App User
I am 12 years old getting ready to turn 13 I downloaded the app to help me track my periods because usually I know the dates but sometimes I get them unexpected so I downloaded this app to help me remind myself when my period is coming and I think that it’s actually a very great app I love that it gives you a reminder for your period And I think that this app is actually very accurate 💩🍅

Kaitlyn Shultzaberger
it’s been helping me keep track of when I start and put notes down on page for that day to show my doctor. I have endometriosis and this is helping myself and doctor understanding it alot better

J Jackson
This app has been very useful. I have been using it consistently for about 6 months now. I appreciate that there have been no surprise upgrades. I keep track of my cycle and I can add extra notes as needed.

Ashlie Robillard
I love this free app. It keeps track of all the important dates for you. Just as long as you put in when you start your period, you’ll get a very accurate reminder of when to expect it again.

App User
The app works just as expected. It’s very useful in tracking your fertility window so you’re not having to do that math every month.

Peyton Ebanks
Being an iPhone person who swapped over to Samsung but most importantly being a woman. This is by far the easiest tracking app I have ever used.

So many features, & it’s nailed my period dead on the last 2 months. Made it easy to be preemptive instead of a surprise at work! Love this App!

App User
yeah its indeed a great app helps you track your period nicely know when you have high chances of getting pregnant it also helps other things like reminding you drink water and manage your sleeping hours l love it..

Katie Lee
It’s okay. I wish there were more features to log your symptoms and various things associated with ur cycle tho. And what’s the purpose of having pets?? lol i just unlocked the unicorn 🤣

App User
it’s a fantastic app. I love the aspect that monitors water intake. it has really improved my total well being, plus, it’s calculations are accurate.

App User
Oh my good can’t believe that i’m pregnant i’m 6 weeks two pregnant this app is so good and am so glad i came across have 5★★★★★❤😄😄

Rebecca Jamieson-Kyle
I love this app. It’s extremely accurate which is what i need to know about that’s going on with my body. Very pleased, I’d be lost without it


We have received a lot of feedback, thank you!

💁 New Symptoms & Moods update!

🦄 More pets & themes are coming!

🙆 Some Bugs fixes.



January 10, 2019



Current Version

Requires Android
4.2 and up

Content Rating
Rated for 3+


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