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Send money to almost anywhere in the world in just seconds. Manage all the ways you send, receive, and spend money at a glance – it’s all here.

Send Money to PayPal account holders in over 100 countries using just their email address or mobile number. When the money arrives in their account (usually in seconds), they can spend the money online or withdraw it with just a tap. And it’s completely free when you send money to friends in the US from your bank account or PayPal balance.

Send a request for money that allows people to pay you back with just a tap. Whether you’re collecting money for a group gift or something you sold online, we make it easy for them and even easier for you.




Whenever you send, receive, and spend money with PayPal, the app sends an instant notification to help you keep track of it all. Whether you use PayPal Credit, your balance, your bank, or your debit and credit cards to pay with PayPal – you can find everything and anything you need to simply manage it all in this secure app.


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Scott Franklin
It’s clear that PayPal is struggling to keep up with other payment services. I connected the app to my bank account expecting a seamless, reliable integration. The funds have been pulled from my account however after over 2 weeks the payment I made is still in pending status in the paypal app. The vendor has now refused to provide services, believing I have no intention of paying. Honestly paper checks process faster. I have no intention of using Paypal again.

Patricia Martin
Had no problems with this app until I updated it. Now when I login the screen is blank I have to just click anywhere for something to pop up. Than my bank is restricted it won’t allow me to add my bank anymore. I never had a problem with my bank being attached to my account. This was helpful because I cut up my bank cards to avoid swiping or putting my CC/DC numbers online when making purchases now I can’t do that. Please fix this debug or I will have use uninstall it.

Raj Jha
1 star is also much for this app. Being an IT guy I can assure that this app is doing something fraud. In privacy section it is clearly written that we can share your data with other companies. I tried to do transaction 10 times but all got failed and money also deducted. Please be aware and try to link your secondary account or simply avoid to this app.

James S
When logged into the app and viewing a purchase with a listed tracking number, clicking on the tracking number brings you to a PayPal login website in your default browser. Uh, what? Link to the appropriate shipping service’s tracking website or search on Google (since it usually detects which carrier automatically). Making me login separately on the website defeats the purpose of using the app.

A Google user
Having major issues right now. I have two PayPal accounts (personal and business) and have the passwords saved to my pixel for both. Since the last update the app has a meltdown whenever I try to auto enter the username and passwords and just completely fritzes. I have to log onto the desktop site (where the saved passwords work fine) to do anything. Which is a PITA when I use it in a 3x daily basis. I have no issues with any other apps where I have multiple accounts

sanket pimple
This probably is a hybrid app. It’s breaking awfully in my Moto G4 plus. I think you guys need to go native. The disturbed UI, the failed network calls, frozen activities, this app has a lot of issues right now. If the app were Open source I could’ve given more technical and helpful feedback and even contributed.

A Marie
I have been with Paypal for years as have friends. Never had issue today she sends funds n I’m in store line only to discover there is a hold on the funds. How embarrassing to discover i can’t use it n have to put items back. They removed it from her balance i watched her do it and seen it.

A Google user
I recently tried to login to my account using the same email and password required but because I don’t have the same phone number I once had that was also used with my account from some time ago, I’m unable to login to my account. Then when I call the help center that stupid lady automatic voice machine thing can’t even help me because Her responses are limited! Stupid ass app! I’m unistalling this useless app right now

Netz Hog
Happy with the service as such. But the app has taken a wrong turn with the Login. The app no longer plays nice with autofill. Login with fingerprint won’t work either. It may even cause the phone to crash:-(. This problem has been consistent for many weeks, which is my main gripe. You can have problems and hiccups, hell no one is perfect, but if you care about your users, then you do something about it and quickly!

A Google user
I wouldn’t use it if it wasn’t the only way that’s not totally inconvenient to deposit cash in my account at the store. It’s watered-down & stripped of any useful information. I can’t even see my account activity with a running balance, or get rid of outdated/ irrelevant notifications.

Augustus Bohn
User Unfriendly Asks for extensive personal information to verify my identity. So far it has rejected my Driver’s License and SSN card twice. When I hand over sensitive info like that I expect to at least be able to use the service in return. I’ll probably just delete my account since this happens on mobile and desktop.

Jeremy Mullen
Life would be a lot easier if everyone had Paypal…and every business accepted it! It still bothers me I have to use my Wal Mart pay instead of my Paypal at Wal Mart…but I guess they need to corner the market on that too😐

Jamie Last
Generally useless if you actually want to get anything done on time. They put holds on mundane transfers of funds, mark things as suspicious when they clearly aren’t and have nonexistent customer service. They’re very quick to take money but not half as swift when it comes to giving it back. Shysters.

Cristyl Mae Gallego
my friend send me money on paypal but i cant transfer it to my account because it says that my email is restricted! i never restricted my own email to my bank account, then i try to send money to my family but its says that my email have problem,tf! i confirm my email already and i dont think that my have problem,fix this please,i already write a support to the paypal costumer service but they still not replying!

Quinn Hascall
PayPal charged me for an order that never went through and said they had evidence that I had received the product I was charged for when I had not and sent them photos to prove it. It ended up taking a month to get my money back and hours on the phone and they were extremely rude about it. Microsoft ended up refunding me, but I feel that it defeats the purpose of a third party payment method if they will not contest invalid orders.

A Google user
When the hell are you guys going to Give cash back of the transaction done b4 1 month off 200 rs. Trying to call you guys for more dan 40 mins no one is ready to answer the call. Worst app. Which app takes more than 30 days to give cash back? Worst experience.

Heather Mardian-Connel
This new update has broken my PayPal app!! It was awesome before, even got me trusting my online purchases,and my money was secure. Now I can’t login, it keeps going to a security check, the login is off center and in different languages! ! I went through my browser and it was fine, PLEASE FIX, I’d hate to have close my account that I’ve had for a long time and connected to everything. Please FIX ASAP

Formula Bird
Asks for too much personal information that isn’t necessary, takes literally forever until I can withdraw from my bank, and doesn’t connect to things like Google play for no reason. EDIT: I’m just getting a credit card, PayPal refuses to connect to anything and instead of helping me it tells me vague bs…

Alfredo Gutierrez
This is a xenophobic company, they limited my account and told me to wait 3 weeks to free my money. After that time they close my account for no reason. I call to the contact center and answered me after 8 days trying to contact to the department of limited account where told me that they keep the right to give no reason. The only reason that I imagine is that I’m from Venezuela. Never using this scam again

Marie Balo Lou
1st balance transfer was great. 2nd was blocked and app wouldn’t tell me why. It just said “try again later”. I had to call to get it fixed. And now third transfer also blocked for no reason and they say I have to wait 48hours to try again! Recommendation: Paypal is awful use something else

Thom Beebo
I’ve been using PayPal for many years and I’ve not had a single problem with login, paying for purchases, or transferring money to anyone. Learn how to use it prior to leaving 1 star reviews. 1 star reviews are usually written by ignorant people or, at least, their comments make them appear to be such!

Dmitry Pinaev
The app renders the names written in cyrillics incorrectly as “????? ?????”. You can see it when choosing the receiver. The same problem appears on the website when choosing the money receiver. However in the history of transactions it is written properly. I already shared the problem with support a year ago. Contact me for details.

Mark Vincent Delos Santos
PayPal would take a lot of money from you before they start to actually do some protecting. Not user friendly. Takes money from your paypal wallet by default not giving you a choice until after they’d tsken money from you. Not to mention it’s easy to go back from the inbox by accident destroying your messages before you can send them, leaving you making an angrier reply than the one you intend on making. If your desparate use at you own risk

Mario Barut
There is no more protection from Paypal. They just let 3rd party cowboy companies to charge your bank account under reoccurring policy and let your bank account to suffer. Think twice before you purchase anything with PayPal as you give them free raid to your finances.

Tamar Najarian
The app is super buggy and will not let me in. It works some of the time, while most times simply logging in is a problem. I love PayPal, but until this is fixed, I cannot give a better rating

Chani Kaibetoney
I love the app, but recently have been having issues with it. One of the worst is the fingerprint link. It’s set up for it, but every time I open the app, it takes me back to the pin, then prompts me to link my finger print again.

Akira OOkami
Getting on my nerves told me to change my password this morning so I did. Just tried to log in asking me to change it again I just wanted to log into my account. Tried changing the password only starts loading been doing so for a hour.

Todd Ouellette
Can’t log in. Get an error message stating that there is a problem and try again later. If issue persists to let us know. But there is no support/contact link. Can log in fine on the website.

Melinda Neawedde
After the recent update, my bank account debit card is now considered a prepaid card. And customer service just kept trying to get me off the phone. I refuse to wait “1 to 4 business days” just for my money to transfer to my bank account. That makes no sense . So I’ll be switching to a different service for money transfers, as PayPal continues to lack customer service and go downhill.

Ramblin Man
Got a newer phone, Galaxy Note 8. As soon as I hit the login button the app crashes. Have not been able to login. Have rebooted the phone, reinstalled the app to no avail. The app worked fine on my older phone Galaxy S7.

Declan Clark
Downloaded this app so i could pay this chick for head, Took forever to download and Then when i finally setup all my banking info i found out she was sleeping with my roomate. Good app tho

Darrel Brown
I am prevented from doing a transfer to bank everytime and it is not a connection issue . everytime i call paypal they hang up or disconnect my call. When i do talk to customer service then i am able to transfer to bank. I have changed my phone number on the app and the account security check on the website is still using an old number. I called and had paypal customer service update my number meanwhile the website is still using old number for account security check. I have to pay my rent today and can not transfer my rent money to my bank and customer service is not helping me out.

Nick Loe
Sinve the latest updates I can no longer view the “manage balance” portion of the app whoch is what I used to view my balance and make payments. Now forced to go back to the website, I dont need the app if i have to go online. Dissappointed as I contacted customer service and they instructed me to use the website. Why have an app then?

Moonie Leitmotif
The Ingo cash checking option is good, but I see a problem-not with that but the required location check. It relies on both reliable signal and the GPS notifier not being laggy. Unfortunately, the search times out for me 29 times out of 30 so I can’t actually use the feature. This will be true for anyone with a lower tier phone. Until this is changed, a lot of people will not be able to use this feature.

A Google user
Two things. No. 1: You can’t issue refund with this app. I have to log into the website to do that. What a joke. No. 2: No notifications as in ZERO!!! When will you guys at Paypal understand that the notifications DON’T WORK!!! Are you mental?

Kris Thomas
I had a fraud case with full evidence and they still made me wait 15+ days to get my money back buyer protection is a joke just use your card without PayPal deleting my account today

Hunter Abney
This app isn’t secure I had it for 4 days and revived birthday money and was hacked and someone spent 15$ on a lyft. When I emailed paypal explaining what happened they said they denied my case. Deleted the app and disconnected everything every disappointed

jason cobain
Worst money transfer service around. They will hold your money for 2 weeks. You always have to wait a long time on the phone to get support. I had money sent to me 2 weeks ago and tried to withdraw it into my account after a week. Called them they said for security reasons we have to hold it 24 hours. A week later I’m still waiting another 24 hours. I will never do business through them again. God forbid I was in a jam and needed money fast. These guys are a joke.

Bluebonnet Jasmine

A Google user
Useless. Can’t even log in; the app just repeatedly crashes. (Galaxy S8 running Android 8.0)

Bernie Corbett
I cannot access messages or notifications from PayPal® via this blasted app! I have to log onto the website to accomplish what I need! This app is a waste of time!!!

Ack bob
Paypal is a beautiful intuitive app, but it hasn’t let me send more than $50 through my debit card since I first made my account, and there is a fee for sending friends money via debit card. Contacted paypal customer service and their response was a non-answer saying to contact paypal customer service..

Nicole R
Whenever I try to transfer money to my debit card or bank there is always an issue. Apparently, its been an ongoing thing since January with other users . Otherwise, the app is great.

Edwin Sanabria
Wow! First my account was blocked, then you it was restored and now you close it. And of course, stole $10 that I had! Give my money back now!

Om Prakash Nishad
Tried adding a new card. It failed with a deduction of $1. Tried again n lost one more $. Customer care responded but did no refund.

Sabrina Chee
Absolutely love this app.. Was a pain when I first got my cash card but now I have NO problems.. Fantastic app… Keep up the good work

Anthony Adams
The app crashes every time and I mean every time I try to start it. I ordered the debit card and cant even even tell PayPal that the card didn’t arrive. I hope my experiences are unique.

manoj kumar
No use of this app no one accept this method of payment there are so many good payment options available in India with good cashback options .also 3oo cash back offer is accepted only on 4 to 5 we sites .where we can get better csahback then this please don’t install and west time .

In india we have many online payment app but sorry to say you that there is no offers for us on refferals and and on other deals, Thankyou dev team Plz provide me any 5 reason why I install this app……

Deion Duncan
So much for protecting your money. I bought an item, never received it, and paypal didn’t do a thing about it. No I’m locked out of my own account. Wont be using paypal again.

A Google user
I liked it. But, I want to know and ask, If how to add cash to my PayPal account here in the Philippines is this also applicable here in the Philippines to add cash anywhere in the store like U. S. ? Thanks for the reply! 🙂

I apparently can’t do anything unless I link the paypal to a credit card, but that just defeats the purpose, because if I had a credit card I wouldn’t need paypal. Also, they stole money from me because I had $1.00 on there, now I only have $0.95

TeluguMobile UsefulStuff
Are you mad what is that security measures that identify cars and buses worst options… Drop one too to login.. who will do all the cheep things…

Tangela thompson
I would never recommend this app to no one it took my money out my bank but didnt send it to the person ……in charged me extra listen to me dont get the app unless you want your money in time wasted

Jerome Smith
My issue with PayPal app is that there is no heightened notification sense built in meaning that the app does not provide any protection from sending money to parties in your contacts list. Prime example is when I intended to send money to a specific contact in my phone. The number and picture of the individual appeared as though everything was normal. As soon as I hit send funds, an email account not associated with contact was sent the money right away. Funds were deducted from my bank instantaneously. I spotted the error immediately and attempted to cancel the transfer with no resolve. I then called customer service the minute they opened the next day and was informed that the transaction would be canceled. LIES! After 2 business days I contacted customer service again and they said I needed to contact the seller for a refund.what seller? I am very disappointed the app did not do more to A. Prevent the transaction from occuring and B. Cancel the transaction before it went through as they said they would

Taran Goyal
I purchased some stuff on ebay. Ebay notified that i can request refund through paypal for upto six months if there is any problem with the item. Seller did not send me the items and i cannot initiate a refund request through paypal as it has been 2 months shipping delay. paypal sucks

Gabriella P
The two step verification thing is annoying ! I have my email connected to the account . So if I forgot my password , and changed my number but have access to the email but not the nner I can’t log in now. The two step verification is STUPID and y’all can suck my whole DICK.

A Google user
I failed to pay via PayPal and a seller didn’t receive the payment, but in my bank account this transaction is pending! Explanation???

Hate PayPal. Literally got charged a fee for sending money, and they held the money anyway for an undefined period. Ridiculous. Use something like Cash App. This is absolutely the worst way to send money in the galaxy. Expects fees and your money to be held until they decide to release it.

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