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Parallels Client (legacy)

By Parallels International GmbH

App Category:- Business

Parallels Client (legacy)

Parallels Client (legacy)

Parallels Client (legacy)


This version of the app should be used with Parallels Remote Application Server v15.0 and older. Download the “Parallels Client” app for use with Parallels Remote Application Server v15.5 or newer.

Parallels Client, when connected to the Parallels Remote Application Server, provides secure access to business applications, virtual desktops, and data from your device. Using virtualized applications and desktops on Parallels Client is intuitive, fast, and reliable.

Parallels Remote Application Server and Parallels Client allow you to:
• Work on any device from anywhere
• Access any Windows corporate application
• Resize and optimize published applications for a native look and feel

• Seamless access to Windows applications on your device
• On-screen mouse for easy, intuitive navigation
• Higher level of security when you connect over SSL
• Works with virtual desktops, terminal server/RD session host, and Windows PC host
• Universal printing allows you to print from your device to any printer
• Graphic acceleration using RemoteFX

Download Parallels Client (legacy) App:-

Download Parallels Client (legacy) App ( 7 MB )

User Reviews


Sean Powell

Great App! Works great! Functions as well as the normal Windows Remote Desktop.m

Lynnus Tan

Rdp works! Love the mouse interface too. Using this on LAN

App User

Number 1 The best application.

App User

Excellent App works very well. Mouse realization is brilliant

App User

The best free rdp app,not crippled like some. No issues or crashes on Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S

App User

Excellent app! Fast, responsive and free.

App User

Works great from droid3 to windows7-x64 on Domain accounts, thanks!

App User

Very useful Hats off

App User

Awesome app! Free! Worked perfectly 1st time used and every time since. Free. Using on an EVO 3D. Free. Quick response even on Sprint 3g.

David Bal

Love it

App User

Faultless Well at least I haven’t discovered any great with a bluetooth mouse, galaxy s2 and ics.

App User

Awesome app zooming and resolution work fine on my 2.2os

App User

Cool RDP This is the Best RDP software

Ian Mcclue


Gary Lear

Excellent App

Admin Samali

Great App I often use this apps for emergency situation or while I am on the road and need to work on the server…really useful

App User

the app that makes my phone perfect! no comments! this is the app that completes my phone and makes my everyday!! i can connect to my work remotely and work on the way!! good job guys!

App User

Excellent Works great. Free. What more could one ask for. Actually one thing – if it changed the resolution when the phone is turned sideways it’d be great.

harsh agarwal

Nice app Very good apps

App User

Great app. Really surprised that it’s free!

App User

The best so far Working flawlessly

Patrick Walsh

Perfect Remote Desktop solution It was just a matter of time, but 2X has rung the bell with this handy app for my Samsung Galaxy Note. Intuative set up and simple connection UI. Nice mouse and keyboard functions.

Jay M

Awesome Better than all other terminal services clients for android.

App User

Fantastic Amazing app, something I could never uninstall.

App User

Works great on my OGDROID and rooted Nook Simple Touch in both windows 2003 terminal server and Windows 7 RDP environments. Would pay $19.99 for this

App User

Best application!!! This is the best of remote desktop application. This is just what you need. Perfect!!!

App User

Superb. Works great and is very quick.

Rusin R. Tsonev

Awesome Really great App thanks guys

App User

Works great! Very usefully.

Mihkel Tiidus

Just the perfect remote desktop app

App User


App User

Excellent rdp app. Makes remote access truly easy from my galaxy.

Mario C Rayon Sottile

The best, till now …

Carson Swinford

Great RDP Client My go to client for remote access from my tablet to my desktop. Great product!

App User

perfect no ads! thats the way free should be!

Alejandro Ruiz

Works perfectly with the Asus TF300 This app is awesome, I tried several others and none of them are near the level of perfection of this one, I’m using a TF300 with the keyboard dock and the experience is no different than using a laptop. To top it all is free and no ads, it is apps like this that make Android the best mobile solution available.

App User

Awesome It works as expected. No complaints.

App User

Using Droid Bionic -Love it- Works great! Connects as an RDP client with no problems. The mouse feature is great. Allows me to quickly connect to my servers from almost anywhere.

App User

Awesome App If you’re trying to rdp to a PC this is the app you want to use!

App User

Perfect! Works perfect as RDP client. No need to install anything on pc, simply uses Remote Desktop if enabled on Windows pc. Wanted to add using Motorola Photon everything works when phone is flipped to side in landscape mode. Initially landscape didn’t seem to work but when starting up client already in landscape the full screen filled in. No complaints.

App User

Works great Works great, I love it!!!! 🙂 :*

Mike Hutchison

A great app for RDP Looks like the problem with gateway mode has been fixed, app is working great. Changing my previous review 🙂

App User

usfall i didnt think there is a great application to allow me to remote my desktop on usa

Mark Church

Great this is a very quick and dirty application that allows you to access to your servers

vApp User

The bomb Thankyou…cool app

App User

great app it helps me everytime

Adrian Castaneda

Provided exactly what I needed. I currently use an Asus Transformer and has made it just as easy for me to remote into a computer just as well if I were to use a laptop

App User

Fantastic This software is perfect if you need remote access get this software it’s spot on

App User

Awesome Helps me help my clients stay on top of their issues.

App User

Great app! Works great on driod x.

App User

Power app! I try other rdp sw, this run smooth and great speed. Control mouse top! Great job dev 😉

App User

Great app! Only concern is the functionality in landscape, but for free, and allowing multiple connections, still worthy of 5 stars!

Robert Bryer

Fantastic piece of software! Mr. Finley needs to go back to school and learn how to use his computer. This piece of software took me maybe 10 minuites to set up, that was even time spent setting up remote desktop on the host PC. It works great, easy to use and easy to manage and above all, a complete breeze to set up.

App User

perfect! Love this app! Performs RDP operations perfectly.

David Farinic

Best remote desktop client

App User

Amazing and great rdc app. I was curious when I saw it was free and surprised that it works flawlessly. It has replaced my paid app

App User

Market best RDP by far I have tried a lot remote clients on the market and this really the best one I have seen.. no need to install anything on the computer.. 5 stars for sure

App User

Great I love it works as RDP clients should

Fenny Tjandra

Helpful apps, thanks

Pritam Sharma

Awesome App Great graphics acceleration with perfect resolution. 5+ stars

Phillip Dolin

Very good I recently purchased another remote access application and had problems with mouse and dropping/slow response. This application is much better, fairly easy to use and I like the mouse – it’s free also. I only use it to access my desktop ( windows 7) over my wifi router using my Acer Tab500. Very happy with it. Wish I had tried it before buying the other

App User

Simple, easy to use, and it works

App User

Impressive! Terrific app that does a great job at making Remote Desktop usable from a phone.

Steven Carter

Excellent! Use it to manage my home server. Easy to use!

App User

Great RDP client I’ve tried various free RDP solutions and have settled on 2X client for remoting in to my W7 desktop from my Tab 10.1. The experience is as good as it gets on a tablet, although there is still room for some improvement (options for native resolution, shortcut for right clicking…). Overall, the best RDP client for android.

App User

Perfect I use this app to do server maintenance when I’m on the road. Over 6 months, I have seen no major issues, and haven’t had to pull out my laptop on the road even once.

App User

Holy Moly! Greatest app I’ve downloaded so far!!!! My hat is off to the developers of this app. I am a developer, and the usability and handy tools are well thought out and exactly what is needed. The keyboard, the mouse, the gestures… wow… well done. It has made my tablet 1000 times more valuable. This is a MUST HAVE app for Android Tablets.

Nigel Hoppitt

Great RDP App Excellent performance on Huawei P9. Does exactly what it says on the tin simply.

Michael Montayer

Works great I can manage my network at work from my phone.

App User

Excellent, highly recommended Does exactly what i need and nothing more.

App User

Great app Monty, it won’t connect to Win7 Home versions because they do not allow RDP. You need Win7 PRO to do remote.

App User

Easy to Use & Stable After having tried many others that were either clunky or crashed a lot I found 2X to be stable and easy to use. Highly recommend it.

App User

Works Does exactly what it should. True rdp on software to install, never errored out

App User

Awesome Spent days trying to get citrix receiver working with Junos Pulse without luck. Installed this, setup connection, job done! Works like a dream!!

teguh bob

Great app Wow… its work well… finally found it

App User

Simply the best This is the best rdp app for Android by far.

App User

Amazing Amazing amazing amazing! Best i have used, and for free its perfect. This app is actually better than most paid

App User

Excellent Works great on my Xoom. Connected to Win7 and Server 2008 machines with no problems. Zoom scaling could be smoother, and mouse graphics could be prettier, but that doesn’t affect functionality. Better than the paid apps.

Dave Nguyen

First impressions I did not used the app yet, just had it downloaded today. But will I will set it up soon. The 5 star is for your Customer service Support base on what i saw on the review. All the low star review was consistently taken care of. No bad experiences was left unanswered. Everyone was offer solution or a extra hand . If something went wrong. I know you guys will be there to guide me through with a solution. Your customers service really stood out to me.

App User

first impression Amazed, it works instantly and effortlessly with native RDP. Galaxy Tab 10.1. Love the pointer circle. Great effort!

App User

Windows 7 Uhhm… I use this program to RDP into my Windows 7 Ultimate PC everyday. People who are reporting that this doesn’t work with Windows 7 are WRONG

Henry Eko

Simple yet excellent This application just perfect for controling my remote desktop clients

Sen Foong Lau Ah Wing

Very handy app. Always use it to check stuff on my desktop when i’m in office. Use it to check if my reports have finished running on my desktop.

App User

Excellent Works fine accessing my server over mobile broadband.


Awesome and Free! WORKS PERFECT!

App User

Simply superb Have to constantly access servers and this app is the fastest and best one yet.

Uwe Bilger

Works like a charm, especially on a tablet Recent update was great. Just like in front of the Windows machine. Useful gestures for scrolling and mouse emulation, with useful virtual keyboard and mouse.

Lance Taylor

Does the job! I recently learned of the “Concurrent RDP Patch” for Windows 7 Premium and was able to use this client to connect to my laptop. Have used it for Win XP for years flawlessly… sadly Win XP dies today. Or, thankfully. RIP WinXP.

Andrea Ghidini

Very good Works really well, no problems so far, very good.

Andrea Ghidini

Very good Works really well, no problems so far, very good.

Ray Jr.

Great app! Works exactly as described! I use it to connect to my desktop PC. Only con has to be the annoying 3 finger gestures. Hard to get it to work. Not worth lowering the rating though!

John Salib

Much better than others I tried a lot of apps to do the remote desktop thing but none worked better than this one. others were either complicated or showing errors that you wont be able to understand

Arthur May

Best RDP I’ve tried multiple apps that have the same goal in mind. 2X is the best RDP on the market so far and they continue to improve with current updates. Closest to windows RDP by far.

Inomjon Sadulloev

Greate app I always need access to work servers. This app is greate solution for me. Now even when I’m not at the computer, I can always access servers.

David Beecher

Wonderful. This desktop client is fast and has no spyware. Works super when you have to get into a winblows box.

Luke Woods

Works like it says Good program for checking on your server and doing small adjustments. I like it.

Austin Chamney

Needs native keyboard support Works great but the keyboard is garbage

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