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Parallel Space – 64Bit Support
by LBE Tech

App Category:- Tools

Parallel Space 64-Bit Support
This app helps improve the performance of Parallel Space and solve a following issue:
• Improved the stability of Parallel Space
• Fixed the compatibility issue between Parallel Space and 64-bit devices that run Android 6.0 or 6.0.1 (e.g. fixed the issue that screen possibly turns black while opening 2nd apps in Parallel Space)


Parallel Space - 64Bit Support

Parallel Space – 64Bit Support


Note: The app is an add-on for Paralle Space. Please install Parallel Space on your phone first.

Parallel Space
• Log in to multi accounts of social networking apps or game apps at the same time on one device
• Protect privacy, make them invisible on your device through Incognito Installation

Download Parallel Space – 64Bit Support App :-


Download Parallel Space – 64Bit Support App


User Reviews :-


It takes lot off battery. I use parllal space last 3years. But my new 64bit phone install this add app. It takes more battery power. I am very dissatisfied disappointing.

Sue Ferreira
Was very happy with this app until the 63bit support came into effect. I now have it constantly sitting in my status bar asking for account action, but when clicking on it nothing happens! Very frustrating 😤

Fahad M. Siddique
64 bit version is draining battery(S8+).. paid unpaid both versions. It was great untill it updated itself to 64 bit version. Not happy with it. Removing!!

Asif Gillani
I’ve paid for the premium version but my WhatsApp messages have started to get delayed by several hours. Sent 2 messages to Support and been ignored over the last 3 weeks. If you need WhatsApp then don’t get this

Adwin Onn
Content lot of bug and consume lot of battery energy…will hang up your phone once bug running! Msg delay and notification also delay…not really a good app but it’s useful too

mamta kamble
This is a good app but right now im facing a problem….im not able to open my WhatsApp account …its just loading saying ‘Starting WhatsApp’ but finally failed to open WhatsApp as it has my important conversations..soo plzzz resolve the issue as soon as possible. Its been 5 dayss now

Aditya Agrawal
Crashes frequently on x86 architecture while running Whatsapp. Hope to see a bug fix soon.

App User
I love that I can finally have two discord and tumblr accounts running at the same time without opening my laptop. I don’t seem to get notifications but it still works great for my purposes.

Mohamed Ashmawy
It keeps crashing all the time and it takes ages to start relly annoying app

Same Likeyou
Bad! After installation can’t verify my whatsapp number anymore. Have to reinstall whatsapp. Don’t use it!

When I upgrade 64 bit there after I m enable to change dp or status, fixed it as soon as possible

suraj ingale
Bad app take lots of time to open its takes lots of battery also… I dont like. Mobile hang hoto na rao

Chander Prakash
I don’t know Wat is happening last few months, it’s not open.. Is there any chances to resolve this problem?

AaleE Shaikh
It’s crashing after 2-3 minutes. That’s so annoying. I can’t do any work because of instability of this app…

Imran Memon
App is stucked and not oppening cant do anything on it…plz look in to the matter…i reinstalled it but still same issue

Nitin Sharma
When messages come in WhatsApp parallel … Notification does not come until I open the Parallel space

Sagar Shah
I can’t share photos or videos from Google photos app nor I can select photos or videos from parallel app 64 bit…. In paid app…. Try to resolve ASAP….

deepak bagul
Dear Team, from 10th May 2018, I am not able to use what’s app. It’s showing crashed massage and showing try again. Need to resolve issues on priority. Please help me to solve the same.

Yetwart Sermanoukian
The whatsapp part stopped working all of a sudden… All my chat history gone… I tried reinstalling the app and registering for whatsapp again but it keeps crasbing… I’ve sent feedback seberal times and no reply… Don’t waste your time and money in this app!

Damon Fryauff
Please know what processor is in your device before installing this extension to the main app. This is solely for those of us with 64bit processors. If you do not have one. (Most do not.) Do not install! It will make the app itself unstable on your 32bit system. If in doubt, don’t install! With a true 64bit chip in my phone, this works amazingly well for me.

Mahamed Qaalib
Just got notified randomly out of the blue to install 64 bit support app and my whatsapp would restart again but luckly I could restore my history content as i created a new account. As others have said know the processor in your phone first. And always back up your phone data for troubles like this!

Shivani Verma
What the hell this app doing in my phn…. First I downloaded parallel space… Then it says what’s app had been crashed so u have to install this64 bit support…. OK… But after installing this app icon was not showing in phn… Most of the miserable things start when my very usually my phn start hanging…. Ya I damn sure after unstalling this app by play store now my phn is in better condition. Is this app consists any viruses????

I was forced to upload it then it immediately deleted a week of chats from my chat history. I can’t send video files on chat. Always slow to open & with blackouts & crashes. Not a good app please fix asap!

Aewont Jay
this support patch, have big problem.. cant receive notification on duplicated app.. and often restarting on background.. running but cant receive notification same as useless.. i won’t install this support file if not because your app itself ask me to install.. so please fix this..

divya vartak
I lost all my new clients and customers and deals due to this sudden installation on 16bit… Terrified with the service.. how should I get a backup of today’s work and orders..

Mike K
Its a trap. It won’t allow you to open WhatsApp, force you to install this 64bit and then delete all WhatsApp chats which were there in the account. Good Bye Parallel Space.

Dale T
Snap chat doesn’t work on the HTC ultra through this app but works on other phones. Also still get black screen when opening second apps. Really wish you could work out why snap doesn’t work on the HTC but other devices through parallel space

Nil Nil
My what’s app is not working. I’m very angry. I’m interested 64bit. I’m very angry your Services. Plz solve this issue immediately. My what’s app not a work not open.

Irfan Ahmad
After updates whatsapp unable to send image attachments it show corrupted images and not send any image. Good bye parallel space

Syeda Sehar Anjum
Kindly make it good to work efficiently. This version is not too good because of hanging out and slow down. Also making trouble to share direct images.

duggu Ingle
I have download the same before one month, thereafter one week again I have open, but it was not of use, every time it suggest me ti download again. I have download it for 4 to 5 times, but it takes time to open. This is one of the useless app

bhawna pal
Such a disgusting and useless app it was forcing to download.. i have lost all chats contacts which were very important for me i hate parallel space otherwise its a gud app

Samantha K

mandavi singh
What rubish is this it showing whtsapp crash after install it whtsapp account is delete nd ask for making new account.. idiots account delete kr diya recovery kr k kya tera bhoot dega Ish space me bnaya hua whtsapp account ab kaha se laaun itna important hai or wo whtsapp no. Bhi nhi chal rha wo plsss requesting u thik kr k dede plss Old account wpes k de

Rajesh Kadam
If u want to use Twitter.. don’t use this app…it’s crashed after 3-4 mins… please resolve this issue.. otherwise good app

Muhammad Muhammad
Always when m use it It’s just handed and I received a message that Parallel space 64Bit support isn’t u want to close it . Help me

App User
Last time it need an update, i made the update for the app after that is sometimes works sometimes not it have deleted all the chat. & data before thrhe update at the end the app refused to open just gives you a blank then it make restart for the app

Simi Mishra
I’m Tried This App Crashd Every Time To Create Problem,, Delete My Account So I’m Very Sad This Apps, Plzz Finished This Problem, Now Uninstall,

Mohamed I Seffer
I loss all my data. The last 1 year i use everyday. Today asking for update and delete all my data. I am very nervous and i lost all my communication.

Meer osama Online
Very bad experience Very disappointed Whatsapp not working No option for whstapp backup Not opening
whstappJibin Joy
I used non 64 bit version 1st ..but it stopped working and forced to instal 64 bit version saying it will fix the problem..and when new vrrsionnis installed all whatsaap is resetted..very dissappointing..pls dont install whtsaap users

DG Regal Rouge
Hit the volume Button in my s8+ using 64Bit and it crashes the Phone! No external app should be able to crash my £800 Phone. UPDATE ASAP OR REMOVE THE APP FROM THE PLAY STORE!

What’s app crash hone k bad isko download kro fir what’s app ko bar bar open krte rho. Kya bkwas h. I will uninstall very soon if you do not take any action for it.

Dani Lee
GREAT!!!! now i lost every single chat on my WA, and everytime i open parallel space, it crashed.

App User
This app is very slow this and auto off when using so it’s not working good this time

Nurulita Wijayanti
It crashed a lot! My whatsapp suddenly logged out, losing all backup, history chat for a few times. I tought it’s problem with memory so I switched to new phone. Problem still occured the next day. It also showing notification that someone logged it from Linux X86_64.

mel love
Yesterday being 10th may, I downloaded the new version of parallel space and I couldn’t open my whatsapp there… I was told to download parallel space 64bit and it’s still the same thing… Up to this moment, I can’t open whatsapp on parallel space… What might be the problem? Please help ASAP

Unable to launch or open-up after uninstalled the normal Parallel Space to replace with this current 64bits version . Though its details are shown in my 64bits galaxy note5 apps setting , no short-cut nor open column in play store after installation …. plz rectify !!

Ankit Agarwal
On my Oppo F3 mobile it hangs everytime when i use it for more than 5 second. Only i paired whatsapp, instagram and skype. Instagram not running. Skype opens will problem and whatsapp gets hang too much while Ram is free more than 1 GB and internal memory is free more than 45 GB. Tried reinstalling, restarting and also tried with single whatsapp paired.

kapil chauhan
Need to work on this App, because it’s very slow running when I open any app like What’s App so , that App take a lot of time to open just it is big problem of it.

App User
App is just ok,not excellent…It’s background working is still anonymous.its consuming data and power even if the app is closed for a while

Vbrianz Hartadi
Installing 64 bit support still got lags on my F3 plus… Is it bug or something after I got updated the apps? And most of my chat and datas are gone…

App User
wat the helll is this…im complaining abt this crashing issue…for long..n u hvent taken any measures still. often hanging ..always crashing with other apps…plss dont installl this..plss dont

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