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Panchatantra Stories Book
by PlayMint Studio

This is a Panchatantra Story Book application containing 101 stories from Panchtantra. Panchatantra story book is the best guide to en-root moral values in children since its each tale has a moral lesson in its end. The Panchtantra is a great story book where plants and animals can speak and converse with human beings too.


Panchatantra Stories Book android app

Panchatantra Stories Book android app



The Panchatantra is an ancient Sanskrit collection of stories, probably first composed around 300 CE ,though some of its component stories may be much older. The

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User Reviews :-


LOVE it nice good stories but only 2 mistake you should take other stories which only few people know . Otherwise your book is mind-blowing and also you should use some sketch or colour full drawings to encourage children

-Most stories r repeated. Some don’t add sense at all. Most stories r repeated. Ignoring this, I m just a fan of panchtantra and I loved reading 1 or 2 stories which were amazing.

-Lovely Its really an auspicious one to just kill my time…. thank you for the app guys … i was so meticulous about min mb storage app and gazed on seeing this… frnds its too good ..

-Lovely😍😍😍😘😘😘 Its a very nice app to spend time Nd these story are very good with morals but there should be some sketches which attracts the people and it will be more joy while reading |overall its super😆😆😆😆

-Amazing app!! Unbelievable!! It’s very good app … keep it up !! It could be best in the world if you add some attractive photos in each least one in each…but still it is amazzzzzinggggg , superb, I think one of the top 5 best story books !!

-Lacking of colours. Kids stories would be better if it comes with pictures.

-Awesome Great app for story with low size best thing is that this app have not any images so children have to increase own visuals power

-Best morals best stories The story have incorage us by reading they have some unique love by moral awesome lovely i think children should read this its very awesome stories

-I liked it If the pictures were there then it would be very interesting and owesome, the stories are too good.

-Stories are simple , beautiful with morals Bt need some colourful drawings or pictures or sketches by which those stories can be understood and get attracted more easily… and morals should be written in the end of story.. So everyone can enjoy with more fun while reading

-Excellent I am loving it, very small size app, interesting meaningful stories thank you developer for tis app,, pls try to have d black screen mode which will be better to read at nyt tyms in a dark room,

-Hey wow wonderful! So happy with this app I think if there were audios and drawings too it would be more interesting but it really seems to be gorgeous…♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

-It is very good. It gives us morals Needed some colourful pictures and background. Some of the stories have no title and moral.

-Nice stories It has very nice story which is interesting and also should have some picture that can make more interest in reading.pls do the change

-U guys can do better No pictures, forget children It’s boring for even adults to read… Plzz make it interesting

-Most stories incomplete Most of the stories are incomplete and does not have any moral

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