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Oriflame Business
by Oriflame


Today’s technologies provide powerful tools for analyzing vast amounts of data, while helping to find answers to important business questions, and improve decisions and the execution of processes.
Oriflame Business Application gives you real time data and provides ways to enhance business in your network.


Oriflame Business android app

Oriflame Business android app



– track the business status of your Personal Group
– help to activate your downline
– countdown to the next catalogue period
– search your entire network
– contact any Consultant in your network using native features on your mobile phone, with favourable operator rates
– engage newcomers and track their Welcome Program performance
– supports Android 4.0+


Download Oriflame Business App:-

Download Oriflame Business App ( 6 MB)


User Reviews :-


-It very help me to maintain my group business… Keep improve

-Very ok, but it tends to be slow most times

-Something this app very slow to respon

-The Application is more than good but Excellent. I am really enjoying it

-Don’t be late fr poin’s update if the last month

-Very good for business purposes

-Very useful app to monitor my network

-Egypt is missing from country list???!!!! Where is my Egypt ???

-Very nice App, summarised everything

-Easy to use. Very good app

-Essential for all Oriflamers🙂

-Very helpfull for bussiness

-Please I can’t register my prospects, its not network issue cause have used two different networks yet I can’t register my prospects, the page will load but it will not show the form am supposed to fill

-My app is armenia language but i dont understand anything. Im from iran and business by armenia oriflame. All of Iranian business work by armenia oriflame Due to some problems.. Please change language app to english

-This is one of a kind app, i absolutely love it!!! Easy to keep track of my dashboard and downliners’s.

-Love this app. Allows me to track my business with ease. Well designed and user friendly

-While selecting the products for order, I don’t think this app is user friendly

-The app had helped me with monitoring my business and connecting with my team. Awesome app. I love it

-Hi ! I thanks oriflame for providing the business app it’s great helpful and easy to use

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