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OpenDocument Reader

By Thomas Taschauer

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OpenDocument Reader-App

OpenDocument Reader-App

OpenDocument Reader


View and modify OpenDocuments on the go using OpenDocument Reader!

OpenDocument Reader allows you to read your ODF (OpenDocument Format) documents wherever you are. In the bus on your way to school? No problem! With OpenDocument Reader you can read and search through your documents in a very clean and simple way. Is there just one last typo left to fix in your document? It now supports modification of documents too! Fast, simple and well integrated.

You can start reading your documents from within other apps. Supported apps include…
– GMail
– Google Drive
– Dropbox
– lots of other apps

“ODF” is the format used by office suites like OpenOffice and LibreOffice. Text documents (.odt), as well as spreadsheets (.ods) and also presentations (.odp) are supported, including support for complex formatting and embedded images. Graphs are no problem either. If you want to secure your data you can even open password-protected documents.

This app is open-source. We are not affiliated with OpenOffice, LibreOffice or similar.

In order to buy ourselves some food, ads are shown while using this app. Bearing with them is highly appreciated!

Download OpenDocument Reader App:-

Download OpenDocument Reader App ( 3 MB )

User Reviews

Alias Fakename
Works very well for me.

tim evans
Love it. It is great that I can now view .odt files on my samsung galaxy s3. Thanks

Joe Lisi
Saved Me Sometimes I get stuff from friends that will Just Not Open.. This app seems to do the trick.. So far so good !!!

Firmansyah Nazar
Bagus banget! Berguna banget! Tom dan Andi, lo bedua hebat. Ini aplikasi yg bagus bgt. Bisa buka segala format dokumen. kereeeennn bangettt

Jonathan Moulton
Excellent Makes using Google drive to sync my documents to my phone a snap.

Colin Brett
Great Exactly what I needed. Why don’t more apps support open office docs? This is lightweight and quick to use. Thanks.

Sasore Campbell
Quick and easy This app is fast as one would expect and it is easy to set up

Marcus Dwayne Cañete
it’s a good app. Great work guys, don’t worry i appreciate the ads

Simone Arts
Perfect! Been using it for a year now, never had any problems

App user
Wanted something simple This app allows easy viewing of open office documents and works very well. Not cluttered with lots of unwanted stuff.

Delmar Troyer
Been working great. Nice to be able to get open documents on my phone. Would be nice to be able to do at least some minor editing. But am grateful for what we can do.

N. Guerrero
Great App! I work with Linux and it was a big headache trying to open my documents in the phone. Now I don’t miss one of them! Thanx!

Andrew Bydlon
Does exactly what I wanted This app should have 5 stars. If it’s intention is to cooperate with open or libre office, then mission accomplished!

waiman NG
Great app handy and stable. I can work anywhere with this to edit my open and MS office files. Thanks.

Barry Peters
Great program. It’s awesome to have a program that displays Open Office files, and this one works great.

Pete Ryan
Works with writer & calc Yes, you get small ads, but it presents both open office writer & calc well. I don’t need it for anything else, but it works well for those. It took me a few seconds to find my around at first, but after that it was a breeze.

John Barratt
Brilliant Just perfect for my little docs I need opening, just one small add on top, not a nuisance, download with confidence, don’t normally post these things but give this guy a chance, top free app.

App user
Much Needed Was looking for this app a while back and did not see it. Glad to finally have the ability to read some of my OOo docs on the go.

Chad Boga
Works well! App has been working well since installing a few months ago.

Itha Jansen van Vuuren
Mrs I Jansen van Vuuren It was downloaded in less than 5minutes and is easy for you to use.

Mary Rose Taylor
Sanity Savor! 2 computers, a tablet and smartphone…transferring information back and forth or recalling something is a snap!

G Richard Clark III
Love it! Am able to upload all my book and .odf files to my BOX, and download to my phone and read or edit from anywhere at anytime!

jordan סנדפורד
You surprised me You let me open an ods file right off the cuff where as open office requires premium right out of the gate, I’ll gladly pay for this application and thank you for your reasonable cost!

Thorbjørn Kühl
Opens ODT files So in that respect it is infinitely better than Quickoffice which doesnt manager to do that simple rask.

kieran mcgrath
Brilliant app dors what I need without any problms at all. Ie open odt files

Jeremy Rogers
Pretty awesome I haven’t had any issues so far, and integrates well with Google drive. Love it

Gra Piken
Brilliant I’ve just spent an hour downloading different document viewers. Some you had to pay to view ODS documents, some didn’t at all and some has annoying ads all over the place. This is just what I’ve been looking for. Thank you

Tamas Egyed
Performs as advertised Though I would like the starting page to be something other than a wine ad

vincent mphande
Working very well The application is very small but it has the ability to open documents that other apps fails to open. So, I give the team 5 star.

Steven Bhardwaj
Solid and efficient Opens medium large files quickly and allows smooth scrolling. Obscure Chinese language characters (radicals) show up fine in spreadsheets.

Jonas Blomberg Ghini
Very good and stable on Cyanogen 10.1 I am a poor student at the moment, but if I ever get my hands on some spare money, I’ll donate it so that editing might sometime be a reality. But the app as it is does perfectly what it says it can do, so I can only enjoy the readability 🙂 I am on CyanogenMod 10.1 nightly build from the middle of July, using Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

Original Jester
It let’s me read my work on the go so I don’t have to take my entire laptop with me, and so far it has edited fine and transferred back to my laptop with no problems.

Портнов Максим
Пока достаточно функционально. Позволяет просматривать .odt файлы и наверно редактировать, но это мне не очень важно на данный момент.

App user
January 8, 2011
Great app. It’s improved tremendously and it’s super useful to read my odt docs on the go. Keep the good work up.

App user
works very well It’s been working excellently for me since 30/10/12, I recommend it. On 23/10/12, I had this problem: Used to work very well, but since the update cannot open anything: I just get this amusing error message “Something bad has happened. Couldn’t open file.” And then there’s an ad, with an option to pay to remove it. I hope, for his sake, that the developer rectifies this. It was a very handy app. Now it’s 6/9/13, and I apologize for having taking so long to say that the problem I complained about was quickly resolved by the developers. Great app.

Lillie Perry
Great app I was unable to open a document, i became so frustrated that I was about to delete it because I thought I was corrupted. So I googled odt and found this app. I was able to open the document with no problem. This is a great app.

Alaric Catlett
Pretty good I had to use this app to open a LibreOffice spreadsheet that was password protected. I couldn’t open it with LibreOffice or MS Excel. Kinda goofy.

Jimi Hill
I can’t think of an app that I liked this much right from the start. It works flawlessly and I can’t say that about too many apps. Thanks

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