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One Calculator – Multifunctional Calculator App
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App Category:- Productivity

One Calculator is an All-in-One, multifunctional calculator app packed with top-notch calculating functions that not only meet the requirements of basic calculation but also deal with more advanced calculation scenarios. For those perplexed by some specific math problems, use One Calculator powerful AI photo calculator to solve the math formulas for you with nothing but a quick shot by your camera.

Basic but Useful
For basic calculating needs including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, One Calculator is your go-to guy. You can find all the standard calculating features including repeating decimals and fractions.

Advanced and Powerful
When you have to deal with tricky math problems you’ll need our scientific calculator. Built in with trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions, One Calculator enables you to quickly nails the answer.

‘Photo Calculator’
Ever imagine that calculator works out complicated formulas for you automatically? Now you can realize this by taking a photo of the math formula and wait for One Calculator to finish the rest. Not only will you get the answer in no time but you’ll also be presented with step-by-step explanation to help you understand. You’ll get a graph analysis to share with your classmates.

One Calculator

One Calculator


Ease of Use
Swipe left on the keyboard to use trigonometric, square root and other scientific computing features seamlessly. When you need to switch to another app during your calculating, it will save the current process for you.

Bring One Calculator to your classroom to aid you study, take it home with you for homework & assignment. Simply download the all-in-one calculator on your phone and be prepared for the amazing experience it’ll offer.

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Download One Calculator – Multifunctional Calculator App App (11 MB)



User Reviews :-


Gabriel Cordova
It’s a great concept however there are a few issues. Apps being a large one each time I submit to get an answer I get an add. Another issue it keeps consuming my battery, in other words it doesn’t close or go to sleep when you close the app it just keeps sitting there. Some questions it gets confused on but that’s also from how one writes.

Scrabowz Entertainment
I think that people that would comment on this app need to realize that the camera settings doesn’t always give the right answer but most of them actually get answered correctly. the developer maybe just testing or just put it as mechanic of the camera settings but at the moment the camera setting is pretty accurate 🤔🤔

Cesar Levy
Does exactly what is says I rather take a picture of the whole homework other than problem by problem this app has fallen from the sky

Pierre Lejeune
it could have been some good app, but we can tell developers though only money whit this (ads, ads and ads on lock screen), other than this It may collect an enormous amount of data because of the battery consumption while alowed to run in background… To avoid that you can disable all, I said all of its permissions in the settings… (maybe not the use of the camera)

App User
This is not at all good … very bad…it can not even give one corect answer. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Jaxz Lavallee
It does not shut off unless you go into your setting each time. NOT COOL.

Claire and Tom Hogan
Good app but, ads showed up when I was not in the app and the ads were clearly coming from this app which is a dick move.

Monica Jones

Kieren Black
Good app but disabled many permissions. Not sure why it needed access to my phone and messages.

Makenna The Baby
It is so convenient for students if you can use your phone for a calculator definitely don’t use it on a test

App User
I like it but it doesn’t show your work thats my complain but overall it’s really good

Paul Gonsalves
I think you guy’s just gave me a high-school diploma lol

Azariah Robin
Wow what an innovation doing math just got a whole lot easier through this app.. waiting for accuracy and better updates

App User
I like it minus the ad’s way to many

Ultimate GamerYT
This app is cool but it’s pretty much just a calculator that comes with every single phone.

App User
Nice app .. i love this app .. because its help me

Cheyann Nugent
It’s very well made and it’s just an easy way to do your homework so I think we’re looking at the future

App User
Calculator responds slow when taking photo

App User
So cool now, I don’t have to do so math. I just got in middle school so this will help a lot.

Steve Fey
I can cheat on my homework

App User
I love it because if you have some problems about manegment money you can solve it

Cisco Tobal
It does give you no solution after scan any equation or problem that you want to solve… it’s not as they ads this app 👎👎👎👎👎

Imam Shikder
First time I found all in one calculator ………and that I am too much happy. Thanks for helpful apps……..and who discovered this app.

Eritrea Funny
That is very important for me because it is wonderful

Nono Thomas
Thank you!!!!

sumit thawkar
What The Duck is This Onece we Use Camera It Doesn’t Respond Second Time. 🙏🙏🙏🙏👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

App User
Seriously it works for me am supposed

Muantea Varte
The camera equation cannot work properly,

Renata Walker
This is a great app for me and daughter, Thank you so much !!! Appreciate everything….👍

Micheler Jean
This really helps if I didn’t see a ad of this I was going to get a F

Raj Kumar
Not working perfectly

Muhajir Makame
I just like it because it help me in my maths work in simple way

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