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Old Phone Dialer Keypad
by Brilliant App Studios

App Category:- Entertainment

My old phone dialer keypad ☎️ app is a brilliant phone dialer for android users. Enjoy old rotary dialer ☎️, phone dialer number keyboard and 3D contacts list in a single old dialer phone app. This retro phone dialer ☎️ have four attractive dialer themes free. Use black phone dialer in dialer theme black. Metal style, classic wooden style, blue themes for old phone rotary dialer and phone dialer number pad.


– Unique and attractive retro phone dialers
– Slick and smooth dialer rotation
– Metallic style
– Black style keyboard
– Classic wooden style
– Blue contact dialer style
– Black dialer and contacts list
– 3D contacts and dialer keypads
– Real dialer sound effects
– Both rotary dialer and keyboard option in menu list
– Free old phone dialer keypad application


Old Phone Dialer Keypad

Old Phone Dialer Keypad


How to Use:

– Download and install old phone dialer keypad
– Touch on any number and rotate clock wise
– Continuously rotate until your finger pass handle image
– To speed up use keyboard option from menu
– You can choose search contacts, add contact and send SMS option from menu.
– Open 3D contacts list to find and search contacts

Download Old Phone Dialer Keypad App  :-


Download Old Phone Dialer Keypad App (5.6 MB)



User Reviews :-

App User
One major error: On rotary phones you do NOT have to push a button to place the call. Once you finish dialing, the call just starts. There were no buttons on rotary phones!

Piyush Choudhary
Missed call recived call ka options nahin hain isme……. Balance check karte huye # key use karo to dial karte hi hat jata hain….. But alll over is OK & great apps

Tayyab Padana
when you dial the number from old keypad, where is the fu***ng call button to place a call… idiots… first you shoul try and test by your self and then give to the public….😠😠😠😠

Unable to use #key and,some drawback with was not looking good.

App User
Old is gold. I like old phone dialer. Amazing apps. Different style of keyboard and rotary board. I love this old phone dialer

Akhilesh Yadav
Fantastic I love old time I like it if you want to use old telephones download it. Good controls.

App User
Lovely old phone dialer keypad. Love this app by brilliant app by brilliant app studios. Excellent 4 themes with different styles. Rotation is very amazing

Chiranjib Bhattacharya
Its ok but the only disadvantage is there is no option for selecting the previously dialled numbers n its not working properly in my redmi note 3 so I m uninstalling it.

App User
This app is awesome I just wanted to use this kind of phone but now days this is impossible But this app make my wish come true I love this app Easy to use and the thing I need 😄😄😄😄😄😄 Thanx for making such app😁😁😁😁😁

App User
The best app in this field I loved it and would recommend it to every one This reminded us of our childhood days Great app The best app

Visu.K Viswanathan
Old is gold. There’s no substitute for the old dialor phone. Viswam.Neyveli Neyveli

App User
Its really nice but I accedently called a real number.. I thought it was for kids

App User
Hi H link my g it to my dad or do on go on to it for good job Mom my my gym membership list so Excel Co so please icing definitely I’m on my M can won’t e will one sure to keep do side door is it do much ask man yeah it’s man lam it day May keep keep us do has go as go if so let go of good it go has this x hi ur gift he go he go if go he i get get home but see is Good

Sir Remington
Doesn’t replaced original phone dial background instead its just an app to play pretend prank calls on great grandmas phone and if you want to change the color an ad pops up.

Abbas Burhanpurwala
My miss her old days when she see it and now she is happy and my is also happy with it it is very good app giving all my stars to it please keep more old things and let all mom dad miss the olden days

Kamlesh Jivanbhai
Mean to your place or yours too much for me to do that to you too baby and I’m not going out to the store

App User
Chutya app this app doesn’t work net wast and time wast don’t download this app this is chutya app

App User
Okkkk bhai a good day and night I was going through 👍 through 👍 through 👍 through my head 💀 head 💀 head

Tanvi Pachpute
Don’t download the app because it is a trouble if u download this app u can not be able to get it uninstall So please do not install the app OLD IS NOT GOLD

App User
I love this game I love this game it’s very challenging and very smart game it’s also dial right number and calling a right number to our other person

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