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Ola cabs – Taxi, Auto, Car Rental, Share Booking
by olacabs

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Ola cabs app offers the easiest & fastest way to book a ride. With more than 3,00,000 cabs & taxis in 100+ cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Jaipur, & Ahmedabad, Ola is the most popular cab booking service in India.

Where will go to in your next Ola ride? Download the app, complete the fast signup process & book your first ride. Have a friend’s referral code? Sign up with that code to get your first trip free!

Ola cabs - Taxi, Auto, Car Rental, Share Booking

Ola cabs – Taxi, Auto, Car Rental, Share Booking


Some of the popular travel options available on the Ola app are:

• Auto: Fastest way to book autos without the hassle of waiting & haggling for price
• Share: Book up to 2 seats to share AC cars with others travelling on the same route. Save up to 50% on regular cab fares
• Share Express: Save time & money by travelling in shared cabs on fixed routes
• Micro: Book the cheapest AC taxi in town starting at just Rs. 6/km
• Mini: Travel in comfy AC hatchbacks at pocket-friendly fares
• Prime Sedan: Top sedans with free Wi-Fi & top-rated drivers
• Prime Play: High-rated Prime Sedans with free in-cab entertainment. Enjoy movies, music, live video streaming & more on the go
• Prime SUV: Spacious SUVs with more seats, free Wi-Fi & top rated drivers
• LUX: Travel in top-of-the-line luxury cars at unbeatable fares
• Outstation: Ride out of town at affordable one-way & round trip fares with free in-cab entertainment. Enjoy songs, movies, live video streaming & more.
• Rentals: The affordable car rental service for all your city tours. Choose from flexible hourly packages to rent cabs driven by our top-rated partners

All our vehicles come equipped with onboard GPS for route navigation. See all your available ride options in the app.

Book a taxi in just a few taps. Here’s how it works:

• Set your pickup location (E.g. Home, Office, Airport, Railway station, current location, etc.)
• See all available cabs/taxis near your location being displayed on the map
• Choose from multiple payment options including cash, Ola Money, UPI, credit card, etc.
• Pick the type of vehicle you want & tap ‘RIDE NOW’
• Get instant confirmation with trip details
• Track your cab in real time

Invoices will be mailed to you immediately after you’ve completed your journey.

More benefits of using Ola:

• Multiple ways to pay: Pay for your trips in cash or via multiple cashless options like Ola money, UPI, debit card, credit cards, Jio money etc
• Save more with Cab, Auto & Share Pass: Enjoy more savings in your daily commute with Cab Pass, Auto Pass & Share Pass
• Ola Select: Become an Ola Select member to avail exclusive benefits like Prime Sedans at Mini fares & more
• Know fares & ride features: Check fares & various features of a ride category before booking
• Ola Play: Enjoy free in-cab entertainment in Prime Play, Prime SUV, Lux, Outstation and other select rides. Play songs, Videos, movies, TV shows and more on the go!
• Schedule a ride: Choose ‘RIDE LATER’ to book a cab/taxi in advance from anywhere
• Travel with safety: Share your travel plan with family & friends so they can track your vehicle & know you are safe

You can also tag work or business related trips as Corporate rides. You’ll get invoices for these rides at your official email address. Companies can use Ola Corporate to easily track & sponsor rides for employees.


Download Ola cabs – Taxi, Auto, Car Rental, Share Booking App :-


Download Ola cabs – Taxi, Auto, Car Rental, Share Booking App


User Reviews :-


medha bijapur
I hate this app. I live in btm 2nd stage in bangalore. None of the cab drivers accept ride request in the morning time when i need it the most. You’re app sucks to the core. Always shows overrated prices for auto fare. And the auto drivers have hell lot of attitude. They dont take you to your destination if you have paid by ola money. I think uber is far far better in providing good cab services

Sanya Shrey
This is the worst app i have ever used.. never got a taxi on time it takes more than 3 hours to get rides accordingly n than the drivers are so unaware about most of the locations. Need a lot of improvement. Only a good concept cant do any good to you. A big dislike👎

Varun M R
Majority of time when I take Ola share. I end up circling for 50 mins near my location then 1 hour to my office which is 13kms.. Please learn from Uber on how to make better sharing algorithm.

Punith Ganadinni
Horrible experience, they have the most horrible pooling algorithm compared to any competitors or I guess they do this purposely to make more money, or may be their developers don’t know how to code. I had to travel more than 20kms for a mere 10km ride. Pick ups are about 5 KMs deroutes. Never gonna use Ola again.

Satish Chandra
If you say 29rs for 4 Kms and show access fee high. Who is responsible for that. Now Ola auto wala also became clever if users book from Ola we have to pay how much you show. Now auto wala is asking pay us this much lesser than Ola. So why do we have to use your application. If you’re supporting only auto wala. Bye bye Ola..

nag arjun
This ola is good for nothing…drivers cancel your rides for no damn reason, Ola see to that passengers get their rides on time. Drivers aren’t responding at night very well.

durgesh bajpai
Some times driver drives very slow in normal traffic . And pretends to be very cautious for passenger’s safety.but actually this is for increasing the fare. I really hated it . Night charges , peak hours charges are also very high.

arcot abhishek
Don’t show any cabs if it is not in area. Showing all wrong information and making fool out of the customer. Trying to book cab from past few weeks and everytime it shows there is no cab.

Jatin Valecha
Worst services. Your drivers keep cancelling or ask us to cancel that too when we really need good service. Worst app

sampa Pal
often the Ola auto driver cancel the ride, they don’t want to go to the booked destination which is very inconvenient & the rate also increased drastically…

Aman Soni
Earlier it used to be good, but the fare has increased too much to be used as an alternate travel medium for everyone, which is sad to see

Shreyans Shah
Worst application for booking cab or auto plzzz don’t downlode this application

Vishal L
Stop making background WiFi scanning compulsory. It makes no difference for the location whereas uses a lot of battery.

Kabya Bhattacharyya
If you are in Pune At times of need don’t book through Ola, you will never get a taxi, forget about getting an Auto. They accept your request then cancel it because either the destination is not as per their liking or payment is through Ola Money. What the heck. Why can’t Ola discipline the drivers.

Hanish Rattra
Dear Ola, I would have given you 5 stars, but the share ola keeps on sending me “Uh oh! something is wrong, please try again later”. Now once, twice, thrice, ten times; its fine. But for the past 2 weeks, whenever I try to book share ola, at least for 10 times in a row, I will get this msg, before I am able to book a ride. Please rectify this technical issue. I would be very grateful and happy to give you your stars.

sneha rai
If there would be an option to give negative ratting, I would have done that.. Ola share is horribly bad. Ola please hire some good engineers so that they can develop nice and efficient app. And make sure that you don’t waste the time of customer by accepting the ride which is not at all on the way.. For 10km you are taking 2:30hr.. If you are not able to manage Ola share effectively then stop it. DON’T waste others time

Meg Pavey
I wanted to use Ola to give drivers a better share of profit than with Uber but used twice in Perth and issues both times! Second ride in particular the driver started the charge well before he got to me so I was charged extra! I put in issue with Ola but got no response. Guess I’m going back to Uber!!

shipra sukhija
I like to travel from ola even i am daily user of ola auto.. but fare increases after every 15 days .. normal auto charges n ola auto charges both are same .. so y should i opt ur services.. and should i waste my time on booking your auto Nd wait for auto.. even I don’t get any benefit from ur company… Ibdont get any offer or coupon even i tried to connect ur customer service bt there is no source .. Pathetic disappointed

Anbuvenkatesh A
Ola service is becoming worst. Drivers will not be on time. Sometimes after a long wait, drivers will just cooly cancel the ride without valuing the customer urgency. Most terrible part is the app experience. UI is not intuitive. Add more payment options apart from ola pay and cash. Finding destinations in Ola app is not good. Update your Google maps integration for better experience.

Prasad Gujare
once I didn’t have internet in my mobile and my friend booked an ola for me.. while I was waiting for the driver to come (he literally fooled me) he called me and said my ride is cancelled and I’ll have to book another cab.. I was caught in a terrible condition as there was no public transport available as well.

Nishikant Dash
Customer Care, Why you keep updating the app every week, is your app development team is not capable enough to develop an app which could work for few months. In the present version of app, customer do not get a direct option to pay for the last ride. Payment for the last ride can be done only while booking for a new ride which unnecessary waste a lot of time when the ride is needed. Please provide option to make payment for last ride in a better way than the present.

sagar dhavle
Very bad….booked a cab For international airport and given cash to driver. after 7 days i was not able to book new cab because system asking to pay earlier ride charges. i paid. Now they are not able to refund it. neither there is any mail or contact number. after a using many years such a bad experiance they gave.

Rhythm Gupta
I bought a share pass thinking that I’ll get cabs in lesser price but instead my friends booked cabs in other app had less than expected price and ola is nowhere near even after applying the pass. What a waste of money. If these prices are going to remain the same, I’ll have to switch between apps now!

App User
1. When service deny by driver and he forced you to cancel the trip…why we have to pay cancellation charges?…Their is no solution provided by company… When I going to book ola taxi it’s showing 2. 1-2 minutes waiting time but once you booked it your waiting time showing 15-20 minutes… 3. I am going to inquiry for my last trips then what is the need of GPS Overall the third class services provided by OLA.

dolly agarwal
Ola share is pathetic..I had to wait for 20 mins for cab driver. 3 people from three corners were pooled together.Couldn’t even book another can with a fear of 20 min wait time again. It took me 3 hours to cover 20km..

App User
Waste app!! Please don’t try this app. Booked a cab and was made to wait for 20 minutes. He didn’t come to my pick up point, he said that he would incur loss. He made me walk for 500metres. When I reached the destination, he wasn’t there and all of a sudden he cancelled the trip. I have to pay the cancellation charges.use uber , it’s much better. Ola drivers and so rude and unprofessional

Dibyanshu Swain
This is the App with most unprofessional drivers with no sense of decency… I will share an experience to prove that – Booked a ride with ola with the given screenshot.. The driver refused saying that I won’t go outside the town!!! And that happened after I waited for 15 minutes… Never go for Ola… Choose another option

Humourously Insane
Worst service, high rates all the time and cars are really bad in condition ( almost all that I have travelled in). Overall a really not so good experience with ola. You guys need to improve a lot. Please learn from other competitors. Also your app interface is quite congested.

Chandramouli J
The Payzapp option for recharge of ola money never works in my system. You blame on Payzapp and they blame on you. Problem not resolved till now. Now even customer care is not reachable. Pathetic that none of your so called technical team can solve the problem.

Sairam Subramani
Cab drivers cancel more than half your rides on an Ola. The fact that this has been an increasing trend seems to suggest that Ola couldn’t care less about the customers’ time. Just book an Uber instead, and save yourself some precious strands of hair that would otherwise have been pulled out in an uncontrollable fit of rage.

Sivakumar Subramanian
In Coimbatore the map doesn’t work properly, drivers hate payment through OLA money as it takes 20 days to credit to their account and asking the passenger to cancel the booking…. OLA you better take care of your team to provide good service your customers

Vaishakh Mohan
I have been deducted money for cancellation when the reason for cancellation being the driver denying service. This is wrong and the money should be refunded. Ola doesnt provide any support in a situation where the driver is denying service and we dont have an option but to cancel and look for alternative options.

saswat mishra
Ola activated Postpaid Services without my permission and now forcing me to pay. I have paid the cash to driver and now ola is charging me almost the full amount. COMPLETE FRAUD and not just this there customer care we’re also too rude

Asholika Maharana
This latest update is causing lots of issues. Something went wrong! After booking a ride the booking says updating your ride and cancels automatically. Also when I click call driver the number is same for all drivers and connects to Ola IVR then disconnects

Ashok Sanas
Ola has mentioned in app feature that pay via Credit Card and UPI but infact both the payment options are unavailable . There is only 1 online payment option which is OLA Money…why u r forcing people to open OLA Wallet.. I don’t think developer is reading feedback given by customers otherwise they would have added UPI Payment Option….. Worst no use of giving feedback. . no one is there to listen….. Instead of OLA go for UBER it’s more professional and convenient

Rupesh Siddartha S V
Everything is good, but I’m not able to book Ola cab for my friend from the app. It is not asking for whom the ride is? Also try to implement the feature for share also. Uber has already did it and it is very much helpful for me.

mahendra budhwani
Very poor service driver of MH27BF363 said he can’t pick up in booking. After cancel of booking he will pick us in private basis. Shame for hairing such ideate drivers ola has to do some action for this

Lucky Xplore
Hi could you tell me why the app stoped working in my phone I have tried so many times but it’s still not working. Every time I go to ola app it says to turn on the location which is already on. Could you help me out? Otherwise I love ola.

Worst cab service in India.. I was an regular customer in Chennai and Delhi but there was no proper response. Before booking there was many cab in the map but after booking the car was not there.. they are cheating us.. very very worst🖕

Asim Sen
Why I can’t able to pay my last dues? Only getting reminders, email & messages, but when I click on link, i directly go to play store to download Ola app, but in ola app there is no option to pay dues, i can’t able to remember that I paid my last ride dues or not, do the nee, thanks!

Rifaquat Siddiqui
Whenever there is an emergency it won’t work. It display many rides around us but none of them get booked. And there driver are so confused they won’t come even reach near our location. In emergency it is one of the worst app.

App User
I was a regular customer of Ola,but from few days I saw they are behaving strangely. At first they will show that booking is confirm. Later after such a long wait driver will call and say cooly that your booking is not showing here in my phone so cancel and book another ride.

Minni Sharma
I booked a cab this morning from my friends no. Cab no.HR55Y4192 Driver Name: Rahul. Initially when the ride started the told us that he is new to ola hence he was not even aware how he can put OTP to start a ride. Later on the we found that the car was not in good condition according to the driver the battery of the car was low. Then we found that he doesn’t know how to even drive properly. Then at some point the car stuck due to battery issue. When we asked for drinks ers license we got to know that the person who was driver was not Rahul but a friend of Rahul, driving on behalf of him. When we called on customer care , the person who picked the call was unable to give us proper resolution. There was no image of buyer in ola app. Hence he panicked and admitted that he picked us on behalf of some other person. Pathetic servic and company. The emergency no. Available on ola app. Is of no use.

App User
Getting irritated with OLA.. At the beginning I was very happy with ola ride.. some drivers are really good, many are irritating.. they are charging much than the estimated amount.everything is like ___.. I have no words to express my anger.. friends please don’t waste time in this… Honestly speaking… Hats off of some good drivers who are really good.. people will b happppyyy if the management takes proper action

Praveenkumar Arepalli
I feel Ola is worse these days. Most of the drivers are denying duty or coming to pick up points late. You need to improve app more. When I check my past rides there is no cab number , journey duration , driver number, payment data. What is the use of just showing pick up date in past rides list. Your business analysts are really useless fellows .why cannot they think about these kind of features

Ananda Gowda N
Very waste riding app. Won’t show current ride. Too much waiting time. You won’t believe took almost 1hr to drop 2km at 10pm pick up when almost roads are empty

Ayush K. Swarnkar
Their services are the worst. All The cabs are always busy and provide bookings with wait time more than 30 mins. Pathetic! Uber is so much better

How can you charge extra if I had to cancel the ride when the driver is not receiving my call and moving away from pick up location? Worst experience

Avinash Pandey
Loyalty and customer integrity is very poor. Multiple issues like trip cancelling and miss behaviour of drivers is making it worse, doesn’t matter even u r with ur family. It’s time to say good by Ola

divyansh lohia
In bangalore Driver calls you and ask for your location and after that he cancles it. This has happened with me many times. Even after waiting for 20 min driver has cancelled the ride. This is really pathetic. Why you give personal numbers of rider to driver. Uber is far better drivers can’t directly call rider.even worst share cab algorithm for ola .ubers pool algo. Is far better

subhashini rammohan
These ppl are just cheatets and take every opportunity to grab money from customers. Esp the ola money credit. It happened twice that by default ola money credit was chosen as payment option but in phone display only ola money is visible. As i thought i don have money in ola wallet i paid in cash. But i had to double amount as the amount was deducted in ola credit as well. And there is no support optiin available as u cant request for refund for more than once in month. Very poor and mere money looters!

Saurav Chattaraj
Ola drivers at Pune do according to their will. Don’t respond to calls and don’t pickup at the airport if they know you have ola money. No customer value. No responsibility. Rude drivers. Very very very bad experience.

Jyoti Tanwar
Despite my desperate attempts, ola refuses to re solve the issue regarding payment. Sometimes the driver isn’t cooperating other times there seems to be a “technical problem” . Dear ola, you really need to improve your customer care/service.

vighnesh iyer
I was an user of Ola and I have rided it for 30-40 times. Some times they do minor errors but the were not a problem for me. One day a driver made me wait for 52 minutes in the highway. I called Ola customer care for complaining and they apologized. Then the next day I trusted Ola and planned to travel again with them. But they have blocked my user ID. My suggestion is that please don’t take risks with this worst app and don’t have a worst experience.

m s
Ola is becoming a non professional company with every good thing about it disappearing. Driver r d worst part.Drivers r Goons with arrogance and no respect for clients.You say I will complain and they will say don’t complain rather file n FIR

Ross Macpherson
Installing then UNinstalling this Ap was the only way i could STOP this damn annoying intrusive random AD playing despite having ph sound turned off in the middle of the night while people slept or in quiet places! Please DO NOT IGNORE SOUND SETTINGS so you can FORCE people to hear your noise! I refuse to use it!

App User
It shows lesser arrival time than real, which causes inconvenience and delay 99.9% of the times. Ola has clearly degraded it’s services, and definitely needs a lot more cabs.

Enlighter – The Path finder
What a waste of time … when ever I am trying to book ola auto, app shows ola auto available buy when we try book it shows no ride found.. my honest feedback u can remove these waste ola auto service it’s for no use. I know u will advise to buy some pass and other stuff. But has a common/general customer I do not find it serves my purpose

Sonali Mukherji
The UI should be more user friendly as days go by… Here it’s opposite. No option to unchk insurance and go ahead. The cost of the trip is not displayed in the beginning. And time taken for cab to arrive is more than double of what mentioned in app. Not the cabbies fault. Give is a real picture.

ajoy mandi
Yeah this aap is good. And the service is also fine.. just the problem is tracking the ride.. it’s just not up to the mark..Of any of my friends are travelling I m not able to check their location .. it makes me more worried about it.. it’s my humble request to please do something about it..

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