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by Centre for Railway Information Systems

National Train Enquiry System Android App
Indian Railways Official app for travelers using railways for taking holiday vacation trips, official trips, tours, and daily commute. Site provides train-running related and real-time status queries for all trains of India.



• Spot Your Train with diversion information
• Live Station
• Train Schedule with save feature
• Trains between Stations
• Cancelled Trains
• Rescheduled Trains
• Diverted Trains
• Manage favourite trains, stations and train schedules

Download NTES app:-

Download NTES App ( 4.8 MB)

User Reviews :

-Timing shown in “spot the train” and “live station” is highly erratic. Accuracy has to be the key, otherwise, this application will remain only a schedule tracker. As usual CRIS folks sleeping. RedBus offers SMS and call alerts in about 10 minutes before the destination arrival. If RedBus can do, why not CRIS? People traveling and reaching in the night time struggle to find their location. Especially during winters almost all windows and doors will be closed. The passenger has to be awake for hours and keep guessing.

-Its a very good app. I can see all the trains arriving and tell my father who goes by train everyday. It is very helpful when travelling via train. I would request one feature PLEASE MAKE A FEATURE TO NOTIFY USER OF TRAINS AUTOMATICALLY ARRIVING AT THE NEAREST STATION AN HOUR BEFORE ARRIVAL. I have to search trains every time. It would be nice if trains that are coming notifies the user beforehand. ALSO THE WINDOWS PHONE APP HAS STOPPED WORKING.

-Awesome application for track trains find route cris do a superb job. Sometimes it shows wrong information and sometimes it is not working. But nice application I love it. I have a request please add one more thing PNR status. It is very helpful for all the app users. Thank you

-If you are looking for real live status of the train, ask someone who is traveling in that particular train. Else you will never get an updated status of any trains in India. I am in the train and it is being shown as departed from the statio with a 19 minutes delay but actually train is still on the station and its been more than 30 minutes now. You can easily guess.

-You guys are doing one thing wrong: When I search trains between two stations, and If there are more number of trains found, this App does not show all the trains. This restrictions is very wrong. Please correct this issue. I will rate 5 stars afterwards

-Sir, Please🙏 aap jo train🚂 late ho unka bhi time display pe dekhaiye jab hum “Trains between Station” search kare… Aur wo kis platform pe aayegi ya khadi hai.. Ye bhi batayenge.. To ye best App kahalayegi…… 😇 Abhi-abhi mere saamne se ek train gayi jo meri destination tak jati hai per…. Mujhe pata nai tha ki wo 1:30 ghante late aayi hai… 😬 Baki ye App kafi achi hai👌 aur mene isse apne sare known peoples ko share kiya hai… 1/2/2018 Ye train Dayabasti se chal rahi hai per live status mai kuch aur dikha rahi hai.. Ki next station NDLS dikha rahi hai

-This apps is very important for daily passengers. But please add a alarm feature when ever passengers set his boarding station. When train departure from, before one station to reach his boarding station on the same time a pop up alarm should be ringing.

-8/1/2018: Is it possible to add an option to re-arrange the favourites? For older version: The trains added in favourites disappeared after the update. Otherwise it’s well informative on train status and schedule.

-The app provides all the train-running info. Equivalent to calling 139 for enquiry. It would be great if the app could remember the history of last searched train running status so that one can check it easily again. Otherwise a much useful app to have for all kinds of rail travel

-The option of ‘ train between stations’ doesn’t show full list of trains, this option shows only 70 trains at a time but not full list of trains available, please improve it so that it can show full and complete list of trains between two major stations For example it shows only 70 trains between ambala cantt and ludhiana till 7.00PM from 00.00hrs, remaining trains after 07.00PM till 11.59PM are not in the list

-It’s a good app. Yes,some flaws exist. For example,the actual arrival and actual departure are same for a train isn’t possible.. the platform numbers aren’t shown for some stations,for example, Vijayawada.

-NTES, Infact very good and fast running apps to get all kind of train status, spot trains , delays, between trains, cancellation status etc. But the main and most important query option for PNR status is not available and don’t know when when this will be developed and integrated. Would request NTES team to work on PNR status query option asap.

-Link expresw trains are not properly shown. For example TVC-NIL RAJYARANI EXPRESS is shown as SRR-NIL EXP. and while searching trains between stations one can not get this direct train from THIRUVANANTHAPURAM CENTRAL (TVC) to NILAMBUR ROAD (NIL)… Please correct such cases…

-Very good app for online train tracking. I’m rating this app 4 star because PNR STATUS SERVICE IS UNAVAILABLE IN THIS APP..

-A new update (03/01/18) has arrived but not fixed the problem arise whenever we choose train schedule portion, application doesn’t back after finding train schedule. Kindly fix the problem.

-Fantastic application, but where is seat availability option ? I want please arrange to provide seat availability option in train between station icon so that Every body may select each train and see accommodation in each train.

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