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NOTEBOOK – Take Notes, Sync
by Zoho Corporation

Be more productive with this beautifully simple note-taking app. A Mac app, an iOS app and web clippers for Chrome, Firefox and Safari are also available. 

Notebook provides different ways to take notes and capture your thoughts.
– Write notes. Start with a text, add images, checklists, and audio, all in the same text note.
– Create checklists to get stuff done with the dedicated checklist note.
– Record voice notes with the audio note.
– Capture moments using the dedicated photo note.
– Scan documents and add to Notebook.
– Attach Microsoft documents, PDF, and other files.


NOTEBOOK - Take Notes, Sync

NOTEBOOK – Take Notes, Sync



Keep yourself and your work organized.

– Organize various notes into notebooks.
– Create notecard stacks by grouping notes together.
– Reorder your notes within a notebook.
– Move or copy your notes between notebooks.
– Search within a notebook or across notebooks.
– Securely lock your note with passwords of your choice.
– Use your Touch ID to unlock notes.

Access your work anywhere and everywhere with Notebook’s ability to sync your notes to the cloud.
– Synchronize all your notes and notebooks across devices and to the cloud.
– Take a note on one device, add to it from another. Be it a device or a tablet or a computer or browsers, you name it and we have your notes there.

Unlike the other colorful premium notepad apps, the intimate joy of Notebook comes from using the app.
– Swipe your notebook or note for additional information.
– Pinch to group notes into a stack.
– Flick to find the note you need.
– In landscape view, pinch to fold group notes like an accordion.

Notebook provides numerous ways to customize your notes.
– Change the color of your notes.
– Choose a notebook cover or create your own.
– View your notes in either grid or landscape style views.
– Continue recording audio on any screen of your android device.

Notebook provides different ways to share your ideas.
– Share your notes through email and other supporting apps.
– Export notes as PDF and share it with others.

– Notebook Widget: View your last 20 modified notes across notebooks and find options to quickly create notes from the widget.
– Access any notebook or note with a single click by creating a shortcut.
– Multi Window Support for mobile devices running Android 7.0 and above.
– Create notes while you’re in a meeting with Google Assistant Integration. Ask Google Assistant to ’Take Note’ to instantly create a note.
– Print any note using Google Cloud Print or any other preferred configurations.
– Quickly create notes using ‘Launcher Shortcuts’. A long press on the app icon will reveal note creation options.

– A beautiful, customizable Clean View for more focused reading while viewing articles.
– Clip page links to create Smart Cards.
– Crop photos and screenshots and save them to Notebook.

– Record entire lectures using Audio Card.
– Draw diagrams and take handwritten notes during discussions with Sketch Card.
– Scan your reference books and make them available for later.
– Clip research content and web page links using Notebook Web Clipper.


– Stay up-to-date with your daily tasks.
– Sketch down your creativity without any second thought.
– Effectively plan trips, weddings, and parties.
– Make Notebook your daily journal.

Notebook is 100% FREE. No catch. No advertisements either. No plus, premium modal like other leading note taking apps. Boost your productivity for free.


Download NOTEBOOK – Take Notes, Sync App :- 

Download NOTEBOOK – Take Notes, Sync App


User Reviews :-

Ebony Irving
I can’t give any stars for an app I’m unable to use. Its crashed two days in a row every time I’ve tried to open it. The one star is for when the app was functional. I’ll change my star status when the app works and none of my info is missing.

App User
I spent a lot of time transferring notes from another note app to this one. It works on my iMac but not on my android phone. It can’t sign into Google to sync. So although it looks nice – it seems to be useless

App User
I enjoy Notebook! I have an App on my phone, but Notebook is fun and easy to use! As I went through the App settings, I found more tools that’s a benefit to me!

Albert Davis
I like its simplicity and overall speed of operations. But some functions appears to me, needs a little more work on them.

sakshi sahu
This app is not stable. It’s crashing When folders got increased in number this problem become on

Danielle Hammerquist
Best note taking, list making app I have found 🙂 Plus, it is completely free with no ads!! I love the multiple ways of note taking available such as bullet lists, sketches, pics, etc.

phoenix gordon
This app is really good as you can use it like a note book/several note book and write about different things each one. For example bills could be one book and career could be anther. It also has a security ke you can is e to lock the app so nobody can just click into if you lose you phone so you can store password ect and they are safe. It would nice if it had a timer. As soon as you go off the app it logs straight out. Would be nice to have a grace period.

Sorren Weiss
i reeeallly love this app, helps me stay organized with my writing. something minor id like to see is being able to make the covers your own photos. im not a BIG fan of the premade photos for the covers and i was kinda upset that i couldn’t use my own. Thanks for making such a useful app! cheers!

Rahul Jagtap
Nice app in all respect. But once a note is stored and if u try to open it after few days, it takes time to load that note. And forther more I’m saving notes in MARATHI(Indian language) and it’s arrangement gets changed when I open it again.

Annie Kate
DO NOT TRUST THIS APP! I opened it up today to add a note and EVERYTHING IS GONE! And because Syncing is screwed up, I will never, ever get anything back. I’m off to pick a different notebook app that will work.

MissK Hogmire
I like Notebooks to keep ideas or lists in. Turn sound off most of the time, so didn’t know your app had sounds. Don’t look at ads much so don’t know about them either

App User
Is there a way to go straight to my notes instead of choosing my notebook first? I’m trying to do 1 step instead of 2. Also, why is the app woo pushy to get my location?! Great app in general

Love it, the colors are amazing. However one time it deleted all my notes for no reason and I had to sync to get them back. Hope it doesn’t happen again!

Paul Carlson
Over the years I’ve used countless different apps for jotting down my notes, to do lists, reminders, etc. but I had never been thoroughly satisfied with any of them until now. Five stars all the way – and I rarely review unless it’s warranted but it’s even more rare for me to give 5 stars but here ya go. The teacher in me wants to offer some constructive criticism all the same, so… Maybe we could’ve gotten a bit more creative with the name? Haha, jk. I suppose the beauty is in its simplicity..

App User
I am a multi device guy so for me the sync option is the thing that drew me to this app. And in general this is just an well designed app. Not much clutter but everything there is is with a purpose.

LZ Lian
I used to enjoy the app last time. But after the updates, it got really really laggy when I’m typing notes, and it kind of caused me to miss a lot of impt points.

Dan Lo Fat
So now that you say that you’ve improved (well I actually tweeted the screenshot that you imporved, not improved) the security within the app to a comply with gdpr you’re going to need to specifically list exactly what you did because that’s what gdpr requires is listing exactly what you did , that’s fully complying with gdpr otherwise you have failed gdpr compliance. Also course in order to improve security and comply with gdpr you must use the internal Google token login system and no longer use the web style login that you have been forcing upon us. Change that immediately.

Mridul Dutta
you should seriously consider to reduce the application launch time. it serves a little purpose if a note taking app takes this long time to launch compared to other apps!

An intuitive organizer for the visual person! Night mode is great, and I love how natural the interface feels. I’ve been looking for an Evernote alternative and I think this is it. Devs responded immediately to my questions with friendly service. Thank you so much, Zoho!

App User
Wanted to love it, but this app is a glitchy mess. And good luck syncing, signing out, anything that requires, you know, the internet and safe guarding your notes.

gabrieI Chew
You align sentences properly but discover later on that some sentences get misaligned on their own. Notes become a mess.

Cossy Rosario
What I use my Zoho Notebook for: Planning my day, time set for routine actions Reminding myself of tasks at specific times. Web clippings. Notes on books I’m reading, reviews and summaries by chapter. List of books in my shelves. List of books read and to read. And the list goes on… Amazing app! I love it! Sent using Zoho Notebook – Android

Glady Luz
Better then all other note apps i tried the only app with out such a space limit and can be uploaded by the Apple store and google play store so sync is a no brainier. I

Kunal Maggo
When we search a word it should to highlight that word but it doesn’t. The only problem i have.

Mani M
There is a problem when I try to link with google account… It says 403. Can’t access.

App User
I searched many app to make notes but they r very sluggish or full of ads but this work extraordinary from my thinking My much time save is saved by this app

Dnnbl Crgsxz
Well it helps me a lot but it is better if you should add some reviewer maker on the notes,something like that if it is possible. Well this app is truly great.

Stuart Bland The Bland Family
Me and my wife love it! Notes, grocery list, honey dues, medications list, sweet notes back and to, to each other…

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