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No. Color – Color by Number, Number Coloring
by ideaFun

App Category:- Brain Games

☆ New advanced feature: Support pixel art camera for you to create your own artwork. One of the best pixel art effect on Google Play.☆

No. Color – Color by Number, Number Coloring, a totally new coloring book for adults and kids, allows you to coloring thousands of beautiful pixel art by numbers. 10+ popular categories, 250+ beautiful artworks, 50+ HD challenging pictures provided to you to color by number, all free!

Number Color Book Free is one of the best coloring games for any age and family. For adults, it is an excellent way to calm down and enjoy hours of fun and relaxation. For children, it is a great way to develop children’s recognition of colors and numbers, trains concentration and steadiness. Create your own coloring pages release your inner artist and share your artworks to your family and friends.

Features of No. Color, number draw:
☆ Provide Great variety of coloring pages in different categories, you can coloring cartoon, anime, animals, cars, hearts, horses, unicorn, mandala etc.
☆ Double finger to zoom in and zoom out the coloring pictures.
☆ Long press to color continuously which make coloring and drawing more easily.
☆ Tips tool help you to auto locate the coloring numbers, which are unfinished.
☆ Save your artwork to a cool time lapse video and share it to the your family and friends.


No. Color - Color by Number, Number Coloring

No. Color – Color by Number, Number Coloring

Download No. Color – Color by Number, Number Coloring App  :-


Download No. Color – Color by Number, Number Coloring App (6.9 MB)


User Reviews :-

Lindsay Haggerty
I like this a lot! The first picture I chose to color was a Van Gogh painting Whoa! It was large and took quite a while to do but so beautiful in the end. Today I realized there are easier pictures, but think I may do another painting because I so enjoyed it. The only complaint I have is the red ‘check’ in the top right corner. I hit it often while coloring away so I’m forced to watch my progress and then I lose my place. Is there any way to delete the red “check”?

Suzi Bailey-Pethtal
I love it! I did one of my Granddaughter! So beautiful and gorgeous! It took my breath away! I’m going to do more personal photos. I’m very impressed! It won’t auto-fill but it will continuously if you hold your finger down. Beautiful, breathtaking landscape sceneries. Very happy with this app!

Cindy Weekley
I love this app except when you are done coloring everything you still only get 5 New ones a day!! I have tired going to other apps and I don’t like them!! Is there a way to get more in your daily new ones??

Lea Rose Rios
Love all the puzzles! The commercials are very short! Love how the colors change to the next number once youve found them all! Best color by number app I’ve found! And I’ve tried alot of them and deleted thema this one is a keeper!

App User
It’s super relaxing and I think everyone should get it cuz it’s a awesome and fun game because you don’t have to tap on the numbers they tap it for you which is really fun that’s why I gave this this this game of five star radius so everyone should buy it not buy it get it

Blackal Entitiyz
It’s really fun to do, this is a gpod time killer. But you can maybe work on the swiping control, sometimes it’s pretty hard. But still, five stars for you. Good job.

peanut shells
This game rules but one thing that I can see getting annoying is the blank spaces and you color them in and you think it’s a number and you erase it and it’s just white and no no. Behind it but besides that this………..RULES!!!

najat zeg
I love this app it’s convenient because where I live the electricity randomly turns off and I can’t do any thing else except play with this game it just perfect. Its so relaxing I forget to stop playing it and find that hours have already pasts. Iove it. It’s just at then end it shows you the process of how you drew it but when I finish everything it doesn’t show me unless I am not finished yet. Other than that I love and it’s perfect for my situation.

mandy dollar
I love this app is that was so much fun that there are some really hard ones and some really cute and easy lens for looking for a hard one you can just go to favorites or like flowers or hard ones she looking for easy can go to easy it’s really easy and fun I like it a lot

Cindy jensen
I am not getting new pictures daily! Has been days without new pics!Need a way to tell pics are colored. Gray ones don’t look finished.

Jessica Ramirez
Need to update because sometimes when it adds new picture to color they show up blank. When i touch them it takes me out off the app

Jani Holtshausen
It is amazing and has all levels so even if you are a beginner you can play and it is also for the experts. It has a wide range of skills. It changes from 1 to 2 as soon as you are finished with all of 1 which makes it easier

App User
This app is the absolute best for stress relief or anxiety or anger or even sadness. Definitely recommend.

App User
I love this app it is so amazing it is so relaxing and my fav one is the kitty cat it is so cute u have all these coloring sheets this app should be built into people phones play this app the world needs it play this app PLAY THIS APP

Lakeann Hunt
I love it helps me, down with my excited he and it takes my mind off the world itself and I’d love if they keep posting more and more making more puzzles if so I would pay $100 for this app

App User
Best app ever to calm u down! Has no ads and u can use it wherever u go. 100%kid appropriate and its just so relaxing.

App User
Best game ever….. This is so relaxing and when im sad or mad I color a long pic when I am mad and I color a unicorn when I’m sad it’s so good I would recommend this to a friend but all my friends lreadu have it

App User
Absolutely brilliant, wish big pictures were brighter, too many are at night, or dull colours, still best number colouring game I have found and I have a lot!!!

Sky Ariel
Over all, great app! It’s so relaxing. Very addictive too. I love that you can turn your own pictures into a color by no.!

Kloe Barthel
This is a amazing app! If it has adds it tells you before it is just amazing to calm down or for just in the car! I recommend it!

123 Gamez On Me
If you don’t want to come on paper you can actually color on your phone. this is a great you should try it

App User
This keeps me busy when I am bored. It’s very interesting 🙂

Alice Coble
Whenever I go to move it sideways it gets stuck it does not move right I even made sure that my famous clean it gets stuck every time I go to move it it would be nice if you could double tap instead of sliding because when you slide it also get stuck or moves too fast

Mariyah Williams
I really love it it helps me calm down when my brother and me fight i go straight to it

App User
It’s very cool and easy to use and I love it so much I can pay it today and it won’t stop playing other people please download it it’s the best game ever and it’s not boring at all

Marianne Wardle
I just can’t be bothered 5o write a review so here is go! It was good I lived it truly loved it seriously!

This is a cool app. It’s fun and nice for when ur bored or watching something ☺ I really enjoy I just wish there was more interesting & colourful pictures

App User
A lot of options!!!! Love it. It’s really good. Specially with all the complicated designs.

April Mackey
This game is helping me with my art I can’t wait to see what will happen if I finish all of the art.

App User
Its real relaxing and it helps with stress so if that’s what you have download this app

App User
I have literally done one picture and like it! The cartoon pics are so cute 😍

Neetu Kwatra
I think that this app is like ok I don’t like this app that much And also when you play it you would start feeling some headache So in my openion you can download for now only I am sure that you delete ie afterwards

App User
I love it this app calms me down when im nervous and its the best way to kill some time.

Abbie 101
I like that it is a time waster cute pictures I would change that sometimes it is hard to find single squareson pretty hard pictures . Do recommend this app must have 😀

App User
This game is so much fun seeing all my progression #loveit

BlueFox Star
It’s a nice app. It’s really handy when you hold and draw and it doesn’t go out of the lines. I like how some pictures are hard and they look beautiful! Amazing game really.

App User
Its addicting to play when you are bored i also like that it is colourful but not to much color!😍😍😍😘😘

Kathryn Powell
It’s amazing how fast it loads. Some color by number is slow but this one is fast. I love how it has so many to choose from to color.

was a good app until an update where i can no longer edit a work from a picture that i’d imported. please fix this bug and i’ll give five stars ☆

It doesn’t have premium which is good because all of the other ones make you pay for the cool pictures and this one doesn’t b have ads either

App User
I love this app like if you want to relax just like sit down make it very easy like so I can other people download it like if you like bored or something that you can just relax and just like like like you just like and they play the games

App User
I like that it automatically goes to the next color once you’ve finished. It also shows a video of your coloring process when you’ve completed. Very simple, easy, and fun.

App User
When im in the car or im in a bad mood ill play it for 30 mins

Kenzie :\
It helpa me with my axienty, helps calm me down when i need it, this app to me is like an outlet where i can express my im imagination and not have to worry about anyones opinion

App User
This game is the most best game I have ever played in my life. This game is amazingly relaxing.

Addison Bulloch
It helps me calm down when I am upset

App User
I love it a little too much I play it in the morning in the shower when it time to go to seep..don’t juge me juge the game from how cool this game is!!!

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