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Next Lock Screen
by Microsoft Corporation

App Category:-Productivity

Next Lock Screen is the ultimate lock screen for busy professionals. Next helps protect your phone from unwanted access by others, and you are instantly more productive. It is an excellent productivity locker app and companion for your everyday life.


Next Lock Screen

Next Lock Screen

Perform the following functions, directly on your lock screen:
– Custom unlock: protect your phone with a PIN or pattern code. Fingerprint unlock is available on hardware-supported devices. Smart lock based on location (home and/or work).
– Notifications: view missed calls, text messages, and message notifications from apps like Facebook, Gmail and WhatsApp.
– People: easily call or text your favorite contacts from the lock screen.

– Apps: launch your favorite apps with our built-in app launcher.

– Tools: quick access to the Camera, Flashlight, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more.
– Weather: check the local weather with automatic updates.
– Calendar: view your upcoming events, complete with time and location. Receive summaries on the meetings you have for today and tomorrow.
– Music player: control your favorite songs and playlists. Next supports the most popular music apps such as Spotify, Audible and Pandora.
– Wallpapers: choose your own image or from our gallery of photos. Select the Bing Wallpaper of the day to receive a beautiful new image on your screen every day.

Next Lock Screen is available worldwide and supports the English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese languages.

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Download Next Lock Screen App


User Reviews :-


Lego Kgoxy
I only have one issue with it, that when I open my camera, my camera app mulfinctions it looses all it icons, all I see is myself and the shutter button and every other icon disappear. I don’t know if it’s my phone or the app but please check it out. I use a Huawei P9 Plus. But either than that I love it it, it’s slick and elegant, it neatly organizes my notifications and opens them directly from the locker. OOOOOOHHHH PLUS I CAN BROWSE THE NET FROM THE LOCK SCREEN WHAAAAT!!! INCREDIBLE

John Distefano-Bell
By far the best lock screen for Android. It’s completely ad-free and works like a dream. Honestly, the only problem I’ve had with it has been that integration with Mood, the SMS app, is non-existent. So, when I do receive texts, it doesn’t show up on the Next Lock screen. All other messengers I have used work flawlessly with the lock screen, however.

App User
I’m unhappy that this app limits me to a PIN with only 4 digits, and does not support alphanumeric passwords or fingerprint authentication. More significantly, the lock screen does does not actually protect your data. I have been able to reply to Messages by pulling down the notification menu, without needing to enter a PIN to “unlock” my phone. Microsoft, this is a major security flaw. It essentially renders your lock screen unusable and unsafe. Please fix!

App User
After the recent Galaxy S8 update on t-mobile, Next no longer works properly. It does not appear on top of the built in lock screen. Please fix so wet can continue to enjoy this great app!

Dinu Marina
It’s a great locker, with the beste features out there, however I have the following problem: Huawei P9 Lite, Android 7.0 When the phone is unlocked and the screen turns off by timeout, there is a period between the screen off and until the phone is locked. This is built into the system, I presume. The problem with Next is, if I touch the fingerprint reader in this interval (i.e. immediately after the screen turns off), it takes me to the lock screen (even though the phone is not locked), and I have to touch the fingerprint again to unlock (or swipe down). The correct behaviour, built into the system locker, is that if you touch the fingerprint at any time after the screen is off, it will unlock the phone, not fake-lock it. So in short, the consequence is you have to touch your fingerprint twice to actually unlock the phone.

App User
When i started download wallpapers which u provided in your gallary. It always shows no internet connection and then i check my mobile data. That was on. I tried out many times but no downloads every time. Please fix this issue. I will give it one more star.

Tori Mitchell
just downloaded this app after years of using GoLocker because I never got around to finding a new one. So far I’m liking this far better, the only thing is that I wish there wasn’t the option to dismiss notifications entirely because often I only want to remove the notifications from only the lockscreen because otherwise I’ll forget about them entirely when I unlock my phone, so maybe make that an option and I’ll be happy with that 🙂

Kevin Wilson
PRO: This did what I wanted it to do which was keep my lock screen on longer while showing me my messages on the lock screen. (KINDA) – CON: It takes near 20 secs for the message to show up on the screen after you get the sound/vibrate notification. making it really not stay on longer because about the time it shows up on the screen the screen times out and turns off. I took 2 stars off because that is the main thing I wanted out of this is the lock screen notifications and it was a downer.

Sherri Marsh
I love this app. The only thing is the screen lock. It seems to be toooo sensitive. I stay on the home WiFi and it will not make me enter pin one time then next time I have to enter the pin?

Joel Koch
What’s the point of a lock screen if it shows you all of your information and doesn’t hide anything? I want to know when I have notifications, but I don’t want people to read my emails and text messages off the screen before I unlock it. Worthless.

Daniel Reynolds
This is good, but on some phones it will pop up a box telling you bright screens are dangerous if you turn the brightness all the way up, and so if you change the brightness from the lock screen it let’s you into your phone. So kinds insecure but…

Darren Pauli
How do you use this alongside system fingerprints? Do you need two lockscreens – system and Next – to do this? Seems like an unfortunate workaround if so. I do really like the UI though, it’s a lovely screen.

Steven Hadley
This is a good lock app but I’m having a few issues with it and can’t seem to get any help. The screen won’t wake when receiving a notification, the safe network function doesn’t seem to work, and none of the Help section will load through the app. Please help! No user support whatsoever?

It’s a nice lock screen app. But it keeps changing my lock screen picture to the default mountain wall paper without me doing it. Very annoying.

App User
I do not trust apps that require very high permissions, especially not when these are asked for simple things and without providing relevant information odd functionality. Unable to provide feedback in the app as that the errors

Richard Krieg
It’s a nice lock screen, when it works. I lock my screen and then it unlocks itself a few seconds later. Kinda defeats the purpose of a lock screen if you’re phone can no longer lock.

Allen Simpson
I use this lock screen because my cat once used my emergency dialer to call 911… No dialer, no problem. Since the Oreo update on my S7, Next has put a notification at the top of my phone that leads nowhere, displays no information, cannot be dismissed, and persists after restarting. I have to disable all notifications for the app to get rid of it. As other reviews state, privacy protection is half-assed. You can hide the content of an SMS message, but the sender is still listed. Calendar events come up with full text. We need OPTIONS. It appears you can’t even put emergency contact info on the lock screen. At least it can be set up to unlock via the fingerprint reader. Literally the last straw if this functionality is ever lost.

Rachel C.
For some reason, it’s not showing up before the system lock, which makes it basically useless. It’s too bad, because it looked pretty good otherwise. Please fix. Also, could you please add the ability to select more than one local image as the background and have them cycle through on each viewing of the lock screen? It’s a pretty basic feature that would be much appreciated.

Darren Childers
Seems nice, but just doesn’t work right on my Galax;y S9+. Install and setup went fine and it came right up on wakeup after every time I manually turned off the screen. However, once the screen turned itself off, the lockscreen never worked again. When I wake the phone up now, all I see is the standard Galaxy lockscreen with a notification from Next that it is running. Once I unlock the phone, the Next lock screen flashes for about half a second before the home screen appears. After a reboot, the Next lock screen appears again with a notice that the phone has just been rebooted and can’t be unlocked with my fingerprint. Dismissing this message does nothing and the same message repeatedly comes back even hours after the reboot and after hours of normal usage of the phone. And then, once I let the screen timeout on its own rather than turn it off manually – that’s it – the Next lock screen never appears again until another reboot. And the cycle never ends.

Abdul Hanan
great app. love the change background feature. the only thing i dislike is that i have to specifically swipe up i order to enter password.. it should allow swiping in any direction.

Sayan Das
You may ignore this. I would have given 5 stars but it doesn’t have emergency call option. Please take it as a feedback, add a option for emergency call. In case of any emergency, emergency call would helpful. Please add it in your next update.

App User
Look out. Microsoft is on a roll. They are putting out top notch apps! This one especially. No stupid advertising. Just does what it’s supposed to do. Go for it!👍

Todd Bello
My battery life has gone down significantly recently, seems to be because of this app. Huge battery hog. Will give it 5 stars once this is no longer the case.

Oliver Joisten
I like this app but one thing I don’t like is that I can’t enable fingerprint unlock. My phone has it so why I can’t use it with this lockscreen. Fix it and I’ll give 5 stars.

Yavuz Kirec
Great app, i’d recommend to all. I’ve been using it for a long time, but i wish it would show album art as background while playing music 🙂

Ed Gilbert
If you fix the wallpaper you would get 5 stars. Also network connection doesn’t work so can’t report issues

Rombout Versluijs
It’s a great app, it would 5stars if we could hide the app drawer. It’s kinda useless

App User
Generally works very well, better than the Swipe To Act LG lock screens which are painful to use, and like that weather and appointments and favorite apps are all available from lock screen interface. Do wish it had a a way to input Contact info for lost phone as LG lock screen does. Also need to get Feedback and FAQ links working again!

Aritra Ghosh
Great lock screen, but has serious integration issues. Time to fix, radio, music and other controls from lock screen. Great stuff!

samir ajgaonkar
Very pleasant lock screen app. But needs to show notifications supported direct actions (which are shown in status bar such as mark as read/delete messages) and needs Mobile Data/Network & Mute Sound on/off Shortcuts beside WiFi & Screen rotation.

Kevin Feathers
Not compatible with Samsung S7 Edge. Features including the lockscreen element just don’t actually work.

Jeet Jain
It has a dangerous bug. When someone calls me on my Samsung Galaxy J1, the lock screen unlocks for a moment and remains unlocked even after call is disconnected. Any body can unlock my phone just by calling me

Bhavesh Mistry
Dear Dev, The lockscreen isn’t showing up on my device as it should be, it appears only 3/7 times on my mi 3s prime phone, all the settings are set as per your app requirements, plz I req. you to fix this bug plz

App User
It’s an amazing app but I cannot get it to show notifications. No matter how many times I accept the notification permission it still does not show any notifications. I even uninstalled and reinstalled it. Now what’s the use of, if not for notifications.

Mike Bourbeau
App isn’t working after updating from android 7 to 8. Androids default lock screen overrides Next’s. Constantly get a notification from the Android system that Next is consuming battery. Constant notification that next is on.

Martin Kopeček
can’t get it working. gave the app all the permissions there are and still nothing. and i dont understand the part of Xiaomi settings in Next as none of the buttons can be clicked

Lisa Nguyen
App no longer works properly. It flashes for a second when I unlock my phone via the stock lock screen. I miss the daily wallpaper. Please fix it. 🙁

Iris Li
It doesn’t work. Everytime I unlock my phone I see a glimpse of next lock screen though it doesn’t show up on the actual lock screen

Rylie Drake
I like this lock screen but I have to re-select my shortcuts on a regular basis because they’ve totally disappeared

App User
Continuous feedback produces no results. Edit… After waiting to see if anything was going to be fixed, it’s not, I’ve uninstalled.

Average Gamer
It’s good but it glitches a lot on my phone. Like clicks on something I don’t want. Or my shot cuts are removed for no reason and have to re add them

Brandon Moturi
I don’t know why but I can’t enable notification access… Been the same with previous versions😑

Dat Ngo
Everything work just fine, except for the music pause function on the lockscreen. It takes too long to pause a playing song. Please fix this bug in the upcoming updates. Thank you!

Anant Kumar
Pls help It is the best lock app I ever tried but sometimes it does not lock the screen even after I press the power button Help

Austin Wrigley
I really like this app. Been using it for a few weeks and think it looks really nice and seems to work quite well. There are a few bugs though, and disappointingly, it seems the site that was set up to report bugs isn’t available anymore. They aren’t anything that breaks the app, but they’re still enough to be a little frustrating. For example, when you get a message from a group SMS and you open it, it takes you to the SMS conversation from the singular individual who just sent the message to the group, rather than the group SMS conversation itself. Sometimes individual apps you added to the shortcuts bar will disappear and force you to add them back manually (possibly because they got updated from the play store?) I’ve even had the entire shortcuts bar full of apps get wiped and the setting for choosing current location disappear along with it. Things like that. There’s also features that just seem strange to be missing, such as not allowing us to customize the contacts we see on the screen, or changing what shortcuts are available based on location (I have a feeling this is what the location feature is SUPPOSED to be for, but it’s yet to work properly for me in that fashion. Right now I honestly have no idea what it’s even for). I’d love for them to work on this stuff, but considering the bug reporting and feedback site isn’t available anymore, I’m assuming they’re not really planning on doing much more than just keeping the base functionality of the app working. Here’s hoping I’m wrong!

Shreyans Jain
Clean UI, shortcuts on lockscreen are handy & usefull. Overall loved it. But a star less because, when connected to a PC it shows files even without unlocking the phone

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