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Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone. This Netflix mobile application delivers the best experience anywhere, anytime.

Get the free app as a part of your Netflix membership and you can instantly watch thousands of TV episodes & movies on your phone. If you are not a Netflix member sign up for Netflix and start enjoying immediately on your phone with our one-month free trial.

How does Netflix work?
• Netflix membership gives you access to unlimited TV shows and movies for one low monthly price.
• With the Netflix app you can instantly watch as many TV episodes & movies as you want, as often as you want, anytime you want.
• You can Browse a growing selection of thousands of titles, and new episodes that are added regularly.
• Search for titles and watch immediately on your phone or on an ever expanding list of supported devices.
• Rate your favorite shows and movies and tell us what you like so Netflix can help suggest the best titles for you.
• Start watching on one device, and resume watching on another. Check out for all the TVs, game consoles, tablets, phones, Blu-ray players and set top boxes on which you can watch Netflix.

By clicking INSTALL, you consent to the installation of the Netflix application and any updates or upgrades thereto.




1-month free Netflix membership offer is available to first time and certain former members and cannot be combined with any other offer. Internet access and valid payment method are required to redeem offer. Netflix will begin to bill your payment method for the Netflix membership fee at the end of the free month unless you cancel prior to the end of the first month. Your Netflix membership is a month-to-month subscription that you can cancel at any time. Go to “Your Account” on the Netflix website for cancellation instructions. No refund or credit for partial monthly subscription periods. A device that streams from Netflix (manufactured and sold separately) and broadband Internet connection are required to watch instantly.


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User Reviews :-


Heriberto Hernandez
Been using Netflix since 2003. Its been a love/hate relationship but overall I’m happy with the service. I have to admit that their Original stuff has gotten better. At the beginning it felt like I was watching Disney movies on the acting department, but now they have actual actors. 🤓👍🏻

App User
They took money out of my account and updated it when I was not even home watching it on my T.V Also there have been more than tw/o people that are allowed to have it. The complete where I love has stolen my Netflix and is using it..i was charged and making me a new account

Paul McIntyre
When I originally downloaded Netflix I had lots of problems which have now been rectified. I’m pleased that Netflix are paying attention and I am enjoying the app immensely. Thank you very much everybody!

Jon Franklin
Since July 2018 update, cannot prevent app from running in the background or close notifications from the home screen

Anita B
The app is so buggy. Sometimes it doesn’t open or work or auto shuts off. Lately it doesn’t load downloaded content. Now I have a new problem that the app won’t close and just runs in the background forcing me to restart my phone everytime I open the app. Feel like the updates are making the app worse.

Mike N
Unless you start improving the Oz catalogue we’re going to cancel, the content had not improved much since the start and is pathetic in comparison to the U.K. and U.S.

App User
Fantastic app, HD streams Crystal clear and very little downtime, unless the signal is poor, Netflix on the go. What more do you need?

Autumn Knight speedstacking girl
Can you put season 3 of greenhouse academy and the next season of fuller house to thank you so much.

Chris Edwards
Latest versions have stopped working with my phone, prior to that it was flawless.

Anime Goddess
I’m a bit upset rn I’m trying to press next episode but it takes me right back to the home screen and then it always please try again or something like that and this isn’t the first time it’s really annoying ill rate 5 when it’s fixed and also everytime I open the app it says It can’t connect

Josh Robertson
The service in general is pretty good. Lots of must watch shows. The app itself is pretty terrible. It’s constantly draining my battery even when I’m not using it. That’s not okay. It would also be nice to be able to long press on a movie cover to add or remove it from your queue and give it a thumbs up or down. Would also be nice to add movies to your queue even if they aren’t on the service and then get a notification for when they do get added.

Khadeejah Husein
Ok, so the anime Bleach on Netflix only has 3 seasons. I was shocked to know that there are actually 16 seasons, 366 episodes in total. If you’d PLEASE add the rest of the series onto it IT WOULD BE AWESOME. And, if you’d add all of the My Hero Academia series that would be even better. … And I know I’m asking WAY too much at this point, but if you’d also add season 2 of Blue Exorcist. Thank you! (Don’t judge me I’m an anime freak 😂)

Vince T
Update 7/3/2018: Since the recent update on 6/28/2018, this app has turned into a massive battery drainer. I’m constantly receiving system notifications that the app is not operating correctly and draining my battery. I had to turn off all notifications and force stop the app. I’ll downgrade to the previous version or older until this is fixed. (Thank goodness for App Backup & Restore) Original review: Works fairly well with chromecast. Would like to see more account access from within the app ie; billing, payment method.

Matt Ducello
Had to down vote after many years of faithful subscriptions. Have a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and it keeps logging me out. I’ve done all your Troubleshooting that Customer service tells me to do to then be told to reach out to Google they tell me it’s Netflix issue. This is in the way. Will change review and rating once issue is fixed.

App User
I honestly love his app but lol there’s always a but But they should add more current seasons from the tv shows… i get stuck on my phone for like 30 minutes tryna find a new tv serie that’ll catch my attention. Since the other one isnt up yet. But hey i might be wrong. Cuz netflix shows some pretty good stuff.

Grace Kelly
I love Netflix! I watch this show on it called Lolirock. In wondering if it’s going to have a season 3 because the creators said “Season 3 will come out March 28th, 2018 on Netflix.” I don’t see it there :/ it either isn’t out yet, or Netflix hasn’t updated it yet. But I still love it ethier way!

App User
Was great app and functionality, however since recent update, it rapidly drains battery even though I’m not using the app. This has been going on for over a month now. Why am I forced to uninstall this app now as my only way to control extreme battery drain? I have notifications turned off, I’m not actively using the app, yet it’s the top app drainer on my phone. Please fix what you have changed in a recent update. I shouldn’t have to install, use your app, then uninstall as the way to control your battery drain issue!

App User
Used to be excellent, now when done watching I have to force stop the program. I have the two screens plan and even though the other person shut down what they were watching before starting a new movie it says two screens in use. Also, shows and movies just randomly removed. Getting very frustrated, maybe making the switch to crave instead.

Jennifer Vallier
I just updated my Netflix app. I like it for the most part but I have found that not having the volume control button anymore is TERRIBLE! I seriously dislike that you removed this feature! But I still gave you 5 stars because realistically Netflix is my #1 app

Julius Adrian SN
Great collection of movies and tv series. I love some of their originally produced films and series. I just hate how they managed to produce crappy contents and just cancelling some shows which are really good. People were paying for subscriptions. Pay us back for creating very good contents and continue those binge worthy series we love.

Stephanie Baxter
I really love this app. However this latest update is terrible. It keeps autosigning me out of my account and pixelation of the streaming is awful. I had zero issues before and loved this app. Not sure if there is a bug with the update but please fix!!

Dani Miller
I am unable to watch Netflix when I want to because it takes so long to load. I dont have my settings on HD and my connection says it is around 6 MB/s and yet Netflix won’t load any videos. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting my device, and even using mobile data! It will only play once in a while. When it does play, I love it, though

Andrej Tiurin
Please, add an option to remove movies/shows from “Continue Watching”. As there are movies/shows I stopped watching and I’m not planning to continue. Also, it happens at times that items are not removed from the listing even if you have watched the video to the end. So please, hot fix that issue.

Phoebe Borders
Last couple of updates seem to cause the app to crash repeatedly. It’s constantly redirecting me to the login screen. Hoping it’s fixed soon. The recent price increase isn’t worth this aggravation. Hulu and Google are kind of winning on the movie/TV apps these days. Selection hasn’t improved either, debating canceling subscription at this point.

Neil Alfred Deguzman
Um, I just got the update and after that, I cant play videos, which is unfair. I cant play any series, movies etc. except to the vida I have downloaded, because it said that I didnt have an available Internet Connection which is obviously not true, please fix this bug immediately. It acts like I am in offline mode.

Irna Gayatri
Great apps for good movies and series.. but, hopefully there will be more great series and movies for Indonesian users.. I can’t find American Horror Story etc on my apps.. 🙁 But, still can watch Black Mirror and Stranger Things~ 🙂

App User
Usually I enjoy some netflix, but I hate how if I press slightly above the bottom right corner it starts the entire show/movie over. Also I’ve had trouble lately where it gets horribly pixelated and after a while it fixes itself only to kick me out of the app sometimes. And to top it off, it has the balls to tell me that the password I set 45 minutes ago is wrong. Fix some bugs PLEASE

Amey Gramopadhye
I like the app, picture quality of movies is also good, but i don’t find the ones that I am looking for. New releases does not have all the movies that i find on other such apps, also some old movies. Please upload all the new releases be it hollywood or Bollywood…

james buzbee
Update: I found an older version of it on the net and was able to downgrade the app making it useable again. The one star rating stands until it is fixed. Original review: This app was good until netflix took out the option to not make the video full screen. Now I’m missing portions of the video because it forces it into full screen on my Samsung Galaxy S8+. This app is now almost unusable.

Lily Henry
I love Nexflix so much it doesn’t have adds popping up every 5 seconds. It doesn’t have adds at all! It may not have every show or movie but it’s so worth buying and I say every one needs Nexflix in there lived! Thank you Netflix for being so awesome.

Michael Schipper
The service is excelent however, it for some reason makes my phone run really hot while its in the backround even after closing the app. In need to use a cleaner app to total shut it down. It doesn’t run hot while using the app itself though.

App User
Okay, look with Stranger things, Netflix is amazing… but i really recommend adding the movie “Final Destination” to netflix to stay please? A ton of my family and friends (and me) are obsessed with the first-5th movie of that… please add it? Thank you!

It would be five if they had more shows/ movies and supported them all without having it for a certain country. I like this but it gets very annoying when I can’t play a movie because “Netflix doesn’t support this movie in your area” kind of thing.

Jeff Gonzalez
Love this app but I would really like to see them add a multi window option. That way, I can stream and catch up on emails or surf the web as I’m watching my favorite show. I’m on an S9+ Hulu has this feature and it works beautifully, why doesn’t Netflix?

App User
I used to love the app, but lately it keeps logging me off for no reason at all. Changing from one episode to the next one, without touching anything, kt logs me off. In the middle of a movie or episode, it logs me off. Try to start a new movie or show, it logs me off. This is ridiculous, I shouldn’t have to uninstall and reinstall just to be able to use the app.

SadieandJ.D. Officials
I like it but i wish they would keep all of the shows and movies on there and not take them off. I was in the middle of watching my babysitters a vampire and the next day I searched it and it wasn’t on there. They also took white chicks off. I also would like if dance moms was on there but o whale

Logan Powell
I love it! it has new shows like Star Wars and others and and also has a kids section with all kinds of shows and movies! Its very easy to use to and has all kinds of different things to watch from Anime,Action,comedy, Sci-fi and others.

vijay reddy
Nice nothing else to say Funny TV shows THE 100 FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY. IT’S LIKE FUNNY KIDS SHOW. THANK YOU If you don’t have storeys just inform me I have good stories same story in Z CITY,VANHELSING,THE RAIN

Samuel Or
1st the app removed the 5 stars rating system like a year b4, forced ppl only rate good or bad. B4 I knew what I watched would worth my time or not because I only watched 4 stars or above, it’s a long gone feature. And now, the app even removed info of how long it’s the playtime for movies and TV. Why and what for? Now I have to check how long it’s the movie online before using the app. I don’t understand you developer. You know what, if Amazon Prime has better support on Chromecast, I would jump ship right away. Even without Chromecast support, I m considering just buy shows from YouTube / Google play. Btw, this is not a free app, and this is how Netflix would treat their customer

Kevin P
The latest update disables the ability to adjust the volume of the tv with Chromecast while the countdown is up for the next episode. The music seems to be so much louder when the credits roll, but since the countdown is up, you’re unable to adjust the volume with your phone’s controls.

Rebecca Flores
With the recent update all it does is continuously stays frozen on loading. It’s getting really frustrating dealing with the loading. I’m about to terminate my account if this doesn’t get fixed.

App User
I have an s8 samsung galaxy and it keeps logging me out. It is very annoying. Will change my vote if they fix this because I would like the app if this wasnt happening

Evelyn Amaya
Continuously logs me out of Netflix. It’s annoying that it the middle of a show it lags and then logs me out numerous times. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it doesn’t help. I’m seriously thinking of canceling my subscription.

no name
Recent update removed the “length of film/episode” feature on the information screen. Now I have to start playing the movie in order to see how long it is. Sometimes I don’t want to start a movie for my kids if it’s too long to finish before bedtime. Give me back that feature! It’s not a difficult thing to put on the information screen.

Even after several updates it still drains my LG G5 battery so fast my phone gets hot. I am tired of disabling this app so it’s getting uninstalled.

Gothic Knyght
Bring back tim burton movies and give back a lot of the good movies and then we’ll talk. Till then grrr wht you no has good movies anymore? They all seem like low cut budget movies with a few goodies.

Star and friends
Its good & all, but one problem.. so i am in another country for vacation and for some reason I heard there are different netflixs? I left that place and all the good movies were gone. Why is that? ;-!

Amy Mansell
Ok so I love Netflix but I don’t like that lately I’ve been struggling to Chromecast Netflix shows without it bugging out every few minutes. It’d pause, the disconnect, then say it’s connected but not show up on my phone. Really frustrating.

Annelise Foss
Right now I am upset. Netflix isn’t connecting to my phone. I know it’s the app and not the wifi because it works on my TV and even when I have the strongest signal it won’t connect. Please help me! I an addicted to Supernatural and need to finish season 13!

Dolly Oei
I wish Netflix Singapore is more transparent at notifying what shows are being pulled out of its Singapore catalog. A list would have been great and helpful. Nobody replies questions on their Facebook page too! App is good but, really bad customer service.

YC Chen
Have to log in more than once almost every time to get it to work. It would say I have a device failure or at times there’s a problem with the video file. Signing out works half of time. Uninstallation amd reinstall works the best but annoying. I have a good pixel 2. Hope it would improve over time.

Pankaj Goyal
Battery management sucks. It eats away all my phone battery running in background. Only killing by “force stop” prevents it. Even casting fron some other phone to my tv triggers this app in my phone in the background and eats all the battery. Highly disappointed. Saw a reddit post of a couple months old mentioning the same problem. Seems like they haven’t done anything in the recent releases about this problem

Megan Paine
I typically love this app. Had to drop the stars because YOU TOOK AWAY THE GENRE TAB. Making me search for a genre, and the subsequent results, IS THE DUMBEST UPDATE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF UPDATES. Give us back the genre tab.

App User
Rating system sucks. I want to know how other people feel about a show, not what Netflix feels is a percentage compatibility based on other shows I watch. They ruined it by doing this and dont listen to anyone complaining. Who said “Nah get rid of those stars, I want a thumbs up or down”?? No one said that and you all are idiots for implementing it

Jim D
Multiple glitches with Vocals on Audio. No problems when logging on via a Browser ( their web site) Wasted almost 2 hrs with tech support. No resolutiion to problem….

App User
Annoying how watching experience is being (very) limitedly controlled to those subscribers outside America. All of its shows must also be unlimitedly available to and enjoyed by people from other continents. 👎

RyuGa Mesh
This is horrible! The new update is just trash! Why do I need to sign in to every single time I need to watch something! Why do I get logged out! Even after clearing my cache n even after uninstalling and reinstalling back the issue still remains!! Please fix! As a paying customer I expect better service than this… I’m using a pixel 2xl, bugs like this is beyond me for native andriod

Omar Lopez
Could do better with selections. For example, have the first movie in a series versus only having the 2nd movie. Also, with the new update, when I try to switch profiles on the app it freezes on the loading screen and never switches

Steven Wicks
I wish they would improve the search and my list layout. Like an a-z option or recently added to list. Why can’t i remove things from continue watching section?Also why is the sound quality so bad on everything? Don’t understand why. Can’t fault the service though it’s still so cheap for what we get.

Lizzie VandeSande
Generally an easy to use and intuitive app… but HATE that the most recent update that removed run times from the info screens. This was a horrible idea and makes using the app really inconvenient.

App User
Half the time content doesn’t load – get a message saying netflix cant play the video at this time. Very frustrating. Need a larger library/selection.

Dear Netflix People, Can you please add “Mad Max: Fury Road” to your movie selection because I have been trying to watch it on all of the networks that display movies, and have had no luck. Please consider it.

Dan Savin
Playback is super glitchy on Galaxy S9, mainly when rewinding and resuming. The new controls (to fast forward and wind back 10 seconds) are excellent and much better than what we had before, sadly the glitchiness is really spoiling the experience.

Jessica Neufeld
Great app. But I have a Samsung and it continuously logs me out. And when I log back in, I try to watch a show and it will not allow me and it says error. I then I have to delete the app and reinstall it for netflix to work again. Very disappointed. Please fix this issue.

SomeRandomPokemon 42
Great! I love being able to watch stupid shows on my phone (not your fault I have horrible taste in movies) it’s also good cause you can download episodes to watch offline… or use data if you want to anyway I like it

App User
Great functionality, average selection of content. One star removed as runtimes are no longer on the watch screen. Frustrating. Please consider putting them back; it’s quite useful to know how long something is.

Jim Havrilla
Forces full screen on 18:9 aspect ratio phones. All videos look terrible and cut off. Good job development team!

No review or video quality system, basically forcing people to look elsewhere for recommendations. STOP TRYING TO CONTROL PEOPLE This wouldn’t be a problem if the % rating system was not so god awful.

Adam Tieman
I think Netflix should fix their app. It shouldn’t log me out for no reason and then crash once I log in. In addition to this an option to browse categories would be nice, currently there are a couple categories that are generated for you and search.

Jorge Ceballos
Heavy battery drain and high temperature while running in background. Force stop helps for a bit until app reloads on its own.

Alexis Salazar
Love it, but, I would like it to have more anime like one in particular, hajime no ippo or even just other anime. But that’s not gonna stop me from going to Netflix just thought more anime need to be added.

App User
Picture-in-picture mode no longer works well. Continues to play but now unable to drag window or go back to full screen, and also unable to close without turning phone off, making it impossible to type while using PiP mode.

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