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myMail – Email for Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook Mail

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myMail – Email for Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook Mail

myMail – Email for Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook Mail

myMail – Email for Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook Mail


myMail – Manage all your email accounts at once! Whether it’s Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, iCloud, Live, Exchange or GMX, myMail email client supports all major mail providers and any other IMAP or POP3-enabled mailbox.

myMail keeps your mail securely in one place. It makes communication fast, light and mobile-friendly. Our app allows you to preview, read, reply and forward your messages as well as to add and view attachments. All you need is your email login and password and the mail app is ready to use.

myMail supports all popular email services:
— Google Mail (Gmail, Google Apps for Business and Education)
— Microsoft (Hotmail, MSN mail, MS Outlook, Office 365 and Live)
— Yahoo mail (previously, ymail)
— AOL (Alto)
— Apple (iCloud,,
— My Mail mobile email (
myMail automatically sets up IMAP, POP and SMTP settings for most host domains and includes support for the majority of corporate email servers such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange where IMAP and SMTP are enabled.

✻ Real-time push notifications for your mail account which can be customised to better fit your work-life schedule
✻ Navigate easily through your inbox with menu icons and contacts’ avatars as part of your conversation
✻ Search through local and server contacts (Gmail, MSN Hotmail, Outlook and Live) with search suggestions as you type
✻ Browse files directly from the mail app to include as attachments
✻ Create a unique email signature
✻ Organise your mailbox by flagging, moving to spam or deleting your messages
✻ Filter by Unread email, Flagged or emails with Attachments
✻ Clear layout and design
✻ ActiveSync protocol supported
✻ View your entire email conversation on one screen with email threads.
There’s more! Sign up at MY.COM for a short new e-mail address and access these exclusive features (and yes, it’s free!):
✻ Add, delete, label and manage folders
✻ Create filters to organise your messages e.g. by sender

Our email application is optimised for you smartphone and tablet.

Email security is our key priority. Our app uses OAuth authentication to sign in to Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook accounts and does not request users’ credentials. Instead, access to users’ data is required directly from Microsoft and Google websites, which ensures a secure e-mail login.

EWS protocol is not supported yet however keep an eye on future updates.

Download myMail – Email for Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook Mail App:-

Download myMail App Apk ( 15 MB )

User Reviews

Ramesh Menon
Superb!!! Wow… What an email client. Lightning fast and good UI . Better than the stock app.

It’s very quick message view and send.

A Google user
Works great! Currently using it for numerous accounts and haven’t had any issues.

Jonathan Gray
Best email app Love it. Its so clean and smooth but would be great if it worked online at a desktop

Bugra Yanar
Great product So much better than what android offers !

Belinda Voltz
I really like having all my mail in one place. I like having the avitar. Good job

Clare Barrett
Fab app So easy to use and its just fab,u can have as many emails as u like set up on it

Linda Boggs
The only app that will support my business e-mail account,after the last phone update. Allows me to delete, empty trash and move to folders with ease. Some apps don’t support these functions

Tom Harvey
Great App Very reliable and simple to use. Well thought out.

Denise White
Great app Very pleased with the app its fast best app I’ve ever had no problems with it at all i also like the idea of having more than one email on just one app and i like that i can empty my trash with this app that i could not do with my gmail app

Lord JeSith
I like it! Great app. Consolidates all my emails under one widget which is a massive time saver. Recommended. Indeed

Buck Cronk
Must-have I couldn’t manage my multiple personal and school email accounts without MyMail.

Head and shoulders above gmail app This app works better than the gmail app (chain email display) and unifies multiple accounts.

syed waqar hussain
Good app I really like it fast and workable for officially use

Vishal Sharma
Awesome App Would recommend it to every user 👤

naser Mgadm
آره ممنونم ازاینکه تمام سیستم تلفن همراه ام را سایت حمایت میکنید تشکر میکنم از تمامی عاملین سایت Google

Francesco Simeoni
I’m like myMail Fantastic and very simple, it’s very easy and very good !

Ayodele Akinmulewo
Very good and easy to navigate between multiple mails.

Tiffany Tscherne
Best out there After horrible experiences with the stock Android app, this is a joy. I love that it is quick to update email.

Charlie Banlawi
Apps Google accounts excellently managed..– our big thanks to your Good office “outreaching”

Abel Dean
Perfect There is only two things that needs to be fixed: App icon (the one with transparent background will be much better) and ‘swipe to remove’ option.

Matilda Nadwi
really liked it its pretty user friendly and a lot better than the original app i got on my galaxy s3. the only thing is that i cant used different or colored fonts while writing emails hope they fix that in the next update. if youre looking for an email app id recommend it

Pankaj Pande
Awesome Nice App..Please consider making version for windows/web

Waion Lock
Very good app. Better that the per load email app in my phone.

Kim Adams
Love this app! All your email in one place… couldnt be better or easier

Elvis Imafidon
Works well for my office email account. Saves me the stress of logging in to my office account anytime I need to view mails as I receive such mails on the go

Atul Salve
Got what i wanted Its best app till I used for corporate mail sync.but one issue is that we can’t see the emails which goes in outlook on Laptop.pls do needful

A Google user
Best email This is, by far, the best product that I have downloaded and tried

peter dean
My mail is very fast and reliable I don’t use any other e-mail app only mymail

Francesco Costarelli
One of the best mail app Easy to setup, good privacy options and it works perfectly.

Craig McDonnell
Suits my needs perfectly Use it just from my Outlook email as it is far superior to their own app

Bahri Balkan
Really great Tried couple apps but this is really easy to use, fast and mainly problem free. Really enjoyed using it. This is what i was looking for. Thanks..

Adeel Ibrahim
Nice app I wish it didnt have ads in free version. But still its not bothering.

Deepak ranasingh
Well I’ve been using this app since last 3-4 years and i’m glad to have it. I’d had some problems recently but it seems like it’s been fixed in this update. Keep it up guys✌😁

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