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MyBell Mobile

By Bell Canada


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MyBell Mobile

MyBell Mobile

MyBell Mobile


NEW: Manage your Bell TV service with the app. Change your channel lineup and packages, get a personalized channel guide, order receivers and much more. Changes immediately apply to your TV service.

With this app, it has never been easier to manage your Bell services anytime, anywhere – right on your phone. You can use the app over our 3G, 4G and LTE networks free of charge, without using your data plan.

You have a quicker access to a wide variety of Mobility, TV and Internet features:

• View, download and pay your bill
• View your Bell Mobility voice, data and text usage
• Change your TV channel lineup and packages
• Easily manage your travel usage
• Manage your Internet service including checking your usage, changing your package and running a speed test
• Manage features and view your rate plan details (including voicemail reset and caller ID management)
• Find support from anywhere in the app
• And much more……

Download MyBell Mobile App Apk:-

Download MyBell Mobile App Apk ( 11 MB )

User Reviews

Keith Rietveld

Does all I need. Works good for me.

A Google user
Easy to pay my bill

A Google user
Straight forward, easy to follow instructions.

Alice HOB
This is an easy way to keep on top of you payment for you bell mobile phone’s! Well I mean I pay my phone bill and my tablet through this and it is safe and secure. Highly recommended if you are with bell

Jonathan Dibblee
Does what it’s supposed to I don’t know why everyone is complaining it does what it’s says and needs to do.

Tyler Desmarais
Awesome app. Love the ability to pay immediately via cc thru the app!

stiff ler
Nice app Better then the old version pretty nice decent app

Imran Siddiqui
Very useful app and never had a problem. I always use this app.

A Google user
Very easy to use and very easy to pay my bills.

Camille Rodriguez
Clear application for bills management

Steven Gallagher
Works well for what I use it for. No complaints.

Vlatko Strezovski
Great app, easy to use, it has all the info you need…

Truxton Dogyuun
Works good I can check my internet usage so far. Works great. Not sure why people are complaining about it.

Gaius Octavian
Always used to be with Rogers and I have never had such an easy way to view everything in one place. only issue is it says something on the app failed in a little window but once you hit ok nothing Changes so I don’t know what that’s about. Overall great app

Kate-Lynn Jewett
Super easy to see balance check your data usage & even to check how much the remaining balance is on your devices. You can even change your plan if need be

A Google user
No issues I haven’t had any issues with this app on my current Huawei Nexus 6P smartphone, nor on my previous Samsung S5 device.

Christine Lalande
Very practical when you don’t want to go out in the summer heatwave.

Shay Sharawara
I really like this . Its easier for me . Great to pay this way . Thank you.

Ice Man
Very smooth.. love to be able to go over my bill on my phone

Jay Larocque
Great App Now you can view your profile on the app via WiFi with out having to wait for a text link and be redirected to your web browser. Sent using a Samsung S3 on my home WiFi.

Jeanette Kearney
Very handy app to manage everyone on our share plan.

Angel Stewart
Won’t sign in It used to work, now it just says “loading” forever and ever.

michael glover
Love it.Keeps important your hand and in the driver’s seat.Keep the mind safe.

A Google user
Very good app, despite and whatsoever we may think about service from all Bell Canada.

Leslie Talian
Much Better!!! A way better app than the old Bell app.

Euzebio Carvalho
Absolutely great never had a problem with it

Carole Strong
An excellent paperless way to see your bills and save time and keep track of your services. Thanks! 🙂

Kuthula Matshazi
The app is million miles better than dealing with Bell customer service reps who are ALWAYS making mistakes on my accounts. They are a nightmare! I am always thankful of dealing with Bell through this app. But during my last device upgrade they interfered with me ordering online and they ended up withholding my $305 while asking me to still pay my monthly instalment. Then they sent me a device they said I had not ordered online…even after we confirmed by phone. I would rather stop here and say the app is a million times better than dealing with humans at the Bell call centres #NIGHTMARES

It’s an app to tell you abotut usage and billing people……

Jean-philippe Alain
Great Update! Look better, faster and more functionality! People that are complaining about this new app must have an old cheap smartphone!

Kathy Boileau
Way to go Bell. Good change, love the new design Can’t close the app other than forcing it to close. Please fix that, otherwise good job.

A Google user
Great app. Pays the bill easily and able to check usage for int and mobile and easy to navigate.

Craig Hurley
This app does just what i needs it to do. Great app.

Arthur L Gauvreau
Bell Rocks Works great on my S6 Edge Plus. Keeps track of all my usage.

jason grewal
Good app 🙂 I have bell service on my phone and it is amazing and I got this app so I can check how much I have to pay and if I’m traveling I can use it and see how much I used calling and stuff and I can pay my bill there so it is amazing app 🙂

Anne Marie
Works perfect for me. Easy as sending a transfer. I never check my mailbox so an app is ideal.

A Google user
Great little app, makes it easy to pay bill and track usage.

Kyle Dresser
Night and day difference between this app and the old self serve app for me. Works over WiFi and is now an actual app instead of just a shortcut to a web page. Zero issues for me on my S5 and my Note 8. Love it!

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