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musical ly Live Photo
by musical ly

App Category:- Tools Live Photo — help you convert videos on to your wallpaper!
Just need a few steps:
*Update to the latest version (higher than v7.4.0)
*Open and choose your own video
*Click “Share” on the bottom right and find the “Live Photo” icon.
*Install the “ Live Photo” according to the notice, after you finish installation, go back to and you can convert videos to Live Photo!
*Check and manage all the Live Photos you have saved in “ – Settings”


musical ly Live Photo

musical ly Live Photo


Download musical ly Live Photo App  :-


Download musical ly Live Photor App App (225 KB)


User Reviews :-


Ijaz Shaikh
Very nice app I m upload my live video on my 📱 how it’s work so download this app after open your and choose your any videos after click on live photo and he start downloading after Download finish go back and see your mobile 📱 screen.

App User
OK so when I open the app my only option was “Go Set Live Photo”. I clicked on it and it brought me to a screen that said “you have not saved any live photos”. OK so how do I save live photos! Horrible app!

Yarely Rodriguez
OMG I love it so much what ever video u like and u alway want to put it on your wall paper and u couldn’t never find one but this app u can

App User
Music, spires me to undescribable moments in life. I am so grateful for the instruments and the volcalist that love the way it moves in every way possible. Thank you

Shabbu Choudhary
Phone ke Display per Video lg jate h bina Sounds ke Wo Jaise App Acting kr rhe ho waisa Dekhate rhte h good app

fandom __edits__
I think it is very good but the fact that it goes on you screen paper live it means that in should run your battery down faster but otherwise it is a very good app

Diogo420Jelly 21
It is so sucky it only says u have no live photos so crapy

Kaycie Leigh 2006 Smith
Good app but you cant put any pictuers.on the update now

App User
They should keep but mine didnt work so this is better

App User
Its really great app but does it run your battery down quicker

Melissa Molina
I haven’t done it yet but I hope it works

App User
It’s ok but I would expect a song with it not just the video.

App User
It doesn’t really work for me horrible when it did tho

Tdwatts 123
Ok.I think they should not have gotten a update in my opinion

Jessica Lemus
I hate it u need to install music.y I can not because it costs 💵💵💵💵💵 don’t donlowed

Atarah I love your voice Asiodu
It does not tell you how to set a wall paper I clicked set live photo and nothing happened

JJ Bld
It’s so pointless. And it doesn’t even work. When I tried it was just a black screen

I haven’t got on the app yet but hopefully it good or i will change my reveiw

im just me im the queen
I really love you cuz it it showed me what live photo mean like I wonder what live photo meant but whenever I downloaded this app it like actually showed me and it was so so fun so if you don’t want to waste your time and if you want to learn what life for them in and if you have musically please download this because you need to give them the best the best the best you guys need to give this the best the best I mean like for real the best reviewed short review that you can give them but make it long because this is a big big this is a very good app man it doesn’t have too many ads it’s not nothing you can complain about so give it 5 Stars I wish I could give it 1000

Yasamin Ali
I think I’m explaining this the best way look this is another APP that goes wih musically and its is this one the lively photo what’s so cool is u never now how much likes you will get

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