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Music Player – Audio Player with Sound Changer
by KUCAPP – Free Music & Video Apps

App Category:- Music & Audio

Music Player – Audio Player which combines the built-in sound effect to your musical experience!Its powerful equalizer, can fulfill all your musical needs 🎉 🎉 🎉
It is also a sound changer, Change the speed and pitch of your songs and audio, listening to your modified music!

Features :
♪ High Quality MP3 Player
♪ 10+ Page switching effect
♪ Easy to play songs
♪ Lyric support
♪ Headset controls
♪ Set sleep timer
♪ Lock screen music play
♪ Home screen Widgets
♪ Plays song by folder
♪ Set as play next song
♪ Drag to sort play list
♪ Edit the song details ( track name, artist name, album name )
♪ Browses and Play your music by playlists, songs, albums , artists , folders
♪ Support all music and audio formats, like MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, APE, etc.


Music Player - Audio Player with Sound Changer

Music Player – Audio Player with Sound Changer


Amazing Sound Changer
– Sound Speed Changer & Sound Pitch Changer,Sound changer with change songs tone and have fun
– Custom sound with effects:3D, reverb, echo, pitch, tempo, volume, bass, mid, treble

Powerful Equalizer & great sound
– 10 band graphic equalizer: Presets Includes Normal, Classical, Hip hop, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Pop & Rock

Free download this perfect music player & audio player player! It provide you powerful equalizer and different tones! Enjoy your musical! 🎺 🎸 🎻


Download Music Player – Audio Player with Sound Changer App  :-

Download Music Player – Audio Player with Sound Changer App (5.8 MB)


User Reviews :-


It’s a good app, it’s cool, everything works well but there is a problem. Some of my songs misbehave, the tempo changed(auto) and I can’t make it normal.

Arjun Raj
Wow real bass boster 3d My music plear finding finsh today thankq sir plise updede noe revew vorsian your 3d rotate chenges slow efect and runing with sound

App user
Amazing little app, literally little… For its size it’s full of features you would only find in larger apps… My hat off to the developers

App user
It’s basically perfect but some songs do if their were corrupt… And they aren’t but if you played the song enough it solved itself

karthik a
Awesome first time i have heard the best in best good sound effects and gives a great high quality sounds good

Atiku Fred
I really enjoy my self when am board plz guys just download it I will be happy if disciple be bjmixer also Sen m the link

Musbahu Ya’u
Very nice app. Never come across with fantastic Music player besides this. And the producer is so brilliant.

Kookie 707
It only lets me play like 3 songs. It doesn’t let me play the others. The equalizer is great but it won’t let me play my other songs

Erik Holte
Love it it helped my sound problem I wish I could give guys a 100star.I love it

App user
I’ve been looking for an app like this one for the long time,good job dude your the best of the best…😉😉🍰🍰🌮🌭🍕🍟❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

App user
This app is spot on. You can edit the sounds and speed. One unique thing is how you simpelerate the music. I dont know if any apps have this but for that and other stuff, this thing is great. One improvement could be when youre playing music. It kind of malfunctions. But hopefully, it’ll go.

App user
THE Best bass sound among a dozen I tested. Configuration is Not straight forward like other apps but figured OUT it’s unusual configuration. WAS TOTALLY FRUSTRATED. GREAT great mega BASS option. APP.COULDN’T FIND.DOWNLOADED TRACKS. This is my first smartphone/everything is new.

Humphrey Kirauni
I used to think I have the best music player, till I downloaded this app. A new level of crystal clear SQ, with exciting effects. The only downside, no adjustable compressor, just hard & soft. Developers, I need that, then we can talk business.

Dr Anyaeji C A
Good application but it doesn’t respond to the presence of other sounds in the smartphone. It doesn’t pause for phone calls and other incoming sound sources. Also it doesn’t displace other sounds when it starts.

Very good music player, sound is good, but need some feature 1.headset control stop & play song 2.double click headset button play next sonh

Apex Survivalist
I just installed the app and it doesn’t seem to support AAC formatted music files. You say it does, but it DOESN’T. IT LOADS THE ARTWORK & TRACKS, BUT WON’T PLAY THEM. MY OTHER APPS LOAD THEM & PLAY THEM. I so glad I didn’t spend any money for your app. NO WONDER IT’S A FREE APP & A WASTE OF TIME.

App user
I think this is world’s best aap..,. But its your choice.. I will told that please 🙏 install immediately……

Joser Gutieress
It appears to not work on LG tribute .Plays the tracks on a higher speed that is not ,normal .

Kailash Chandra Nayak
Nice apps to play musics but it can’t able to use Midi files or music. The team should take steps towards this…

Don Ferrer
Muito obrigado a você criador do app, muito bom de escutar minhas musicas e deixar da maneira que quero, os graves estão otimos, nota 10.

Joe Requa
EVERYBODY needs to upgrade the play back function on their phones. I have tried many and with the exception of too many ads this is the best

App user
Simply trying to find a way to boost my J-7 & gave this a shot. It’s kinda interesting so far. Thanx y’all.

Ravindran TS
Atlast my search has ended,I promise you that I will take the best out of you. And expect the same form you dear .

App user
Your last question is asked can you learn piano from this app. How to learn piano from this app please help me

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