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MP3 Video Converter
by Fundevs

MP3 Video Converter

MP3 Video Converter

With MP3 Video Converter, you can convert, resize and trim your videos and audios with various options. (bitrate, size, meta data)
1. Supports various types of videos (MP4, 3GP, WEBM, WMV, FLV and so on)
2. Supports various types of audio (MP3, AAC, OGG and so on)
3. Supports editing meta information (title, album, artist)

Download MP3 Video Converter app :-

Download MP3 Video Converter App ( 10.6 MB)

User Reviews :

-Actually if I can give this app a 10 stars I really will do this. I am using a custom ROM on my mobile and tried almost mist video mp3 converter on play store they all stop working suddenly. I tried every trick I know to solve this problem but after months of failure trials I was directed to download your app by a software so I downloaded it to uninstall it again but when I tested it I found it has solved all my problem without any help from me really I got very excited of your app thank you very much and 10 stars for you .

-I think this is the perfect converter for android devices. I hv been using it since long time back and it give me the perfect output sound quality. The time consumption to convert is also short hence within a while we can get our desire output. M giving 10 out of 10 for this converter. I like it.

-I don’t leave reviews often, but this time I chose to because this app was that great. Super intuitive. Dialog boxes that pop up as you use it give clear, easy to understand instructions… I was blown away with how easy this was to use and how well it did the job. Highly recommend.

-Thank you!!! I really needed to convert my songs between 128, 192 & 320 kbps. This was such an easy application and Location is not needed as well because advertising, advertisements are well prepared even if the app has no location permissions. Allowing location permission is pretty much useless but if you like ads, they will pretty much again allow it.

-Love the App!😊 But it kinda making me so annoyed because the ads keeps showing when I try to convert some of my videos.. but I give it 5 stars for being the amazing app and amzing music converter.. please fix the ad issues😯.. because that would be great!😊

-I just wanna say thank you… ‘coz this app it’s easy for me to convert my video to mp3… perfect and I love it! God bless

-Almost there, but more or less useless outside TubeMate right now. For one, you can’t see all your media within the app. For two, you can’t share files into the app, so you’re stuck with the very few files it manages to find. For three, the video encoding options just aren’t there. Granted, it does have the speed presets… But it doesn’t have anything else! No biterate, no 2-pass option, no scaling… Anyway. Needs work. Good job so far, but this really feels like an alpha, there’s a lot missing. I’d love to have an Android equivalent to Handbrake. This isn’t one, at least right now.

-Good converter. It is too simple to use with GBs of or 1000s of media files. Too weak implementation of file/folder browse option.

-It is one of my best app as music is my other half. It is also a trustful app than that of other apps that I suffered installing them. I am so very thankful about mp3 music converter. Thank you😊

-Game thin buggy thin buggy thy tho hunky ping gilt Knoxville gift GHG Have gong of guff Hugh GHG huffy buggy Hugh guy Ziggy JGTC jiffy

-Excellent app. I was having trouble with dolby audio which has it’s own proprietary format ac3. This converter worked like a charm!

-No one can replace you…one of the best converter ever….love it.#multiple option at once+ run in bacground+there is not tons of add+no compromise with you privacy accessibility……great apps .

-Conversion of video file to mp3 file was audio issues at all.i faced audio quality issue with most of the apps.however this has no such complaints.compared to other conversion apps,i would highly rate this app. Liked it!

-A nice app for cutting music and video… But ads are disturbing… Otherwise superb app.. Keep improving guys

-Best converter of high quality sounds with no error or corrupted files being produced👍

-Does what it says 👍 Only thing which annoys is the ads but it’s OK for a free app.

-Best best best one 😍😍😍 loved it I have downloaded thousands of apps but at last it worked very excellenly ….

-So Easy To Use…Very Good Processing..😎👌👍

-Awsome it’s very fast compere to other converters appss and great qualities songs converted……thanks to developers.. To make this app Depth of my heart to you thank you

-Amazing converter in play store I am shocked why this app not recommended by Editors Choice

-Its super quick very dependable and easy to use

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