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Motorola Connect

By Motorola Mobility LLC.


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Motorola Connect App Apk

Motorola Connect App Apk

Motorola Connect


Motorola Connect currently supports Moto 360, Moto Pulse, Moto Surround, Motorola Power Pack Micro, and Motorola Keylink

Moto 360: Customize your watch with one of Motorola’s exclusive watch faces, or create your own with the My Design option.

Moto Pulse: Locate your lost headphones on a map, check your battery status, and more.

Moto Surround: Locate your lost earbuds on a map, check your battery status, and control other settings on Moto Surround.

Power Pack Micro: Locate your lost power pack on a map and get notifications when your power pack needs to be recharged.

Motorola Keylink: Attach Motorola Keylink to your keys or any other item and use the app to locate it when it is misplaced.


Download Motorola Connect App Apk:-

Download Motorola Connect App Apk ( 35 MB )

User Reviews

Abhishu Chauhan
Awesome Love the new watch faces. Thanks Moto for innovating.

Uzziel Pena
Great update Lets you know your calorie, steps and other cool things like customize you watch faces

Xavier Bencomo
Awesome Last update just made my moto360 a lot better, I can customize my own watch face with an image, and have new watch faces.

Enric Pedró
Great app – Now even better Hats off to the developers of this app. This is only getting better and better, great job! I love this new update, please keep them coming! I know it might be tricky but adding a small pad so you can text back through the screen would be awesome (in fact there are some calculator apps that work fine on the Moto 360). For people complaining that it doesn’t work, stop giving bad reviews and just work it out. You just have to go to ‘Android Wear’ app and select ‘Resync apps’ on settings. Once it’s done you will see the new faces.

R Martinez
What!! The Motorola Connect extension for Google Chrome desktop is gone!?! I loved the Motorola Connect extension, it let me manage my text messages while on the computer. Why do away with it!!

jdl Lawn Care
Love the app which the battery would be able to tell when it’s full and not full and exact time

Ben Funk
Best PC SMS Solution I’ve tried other SMS options like Desk SMS and they just get weird or so syncing. Motorola connect has never done that on me. Totally solid and works on my PC even when chrome is closed thanks to a background app.

Priscila Carvalho
Amazing Read all my texts and see calls on my computer.

Donna Scholz
I am so disappointed that Chrome will no longer support Motorola Connect. I installed Mighty Text, but am not impressed with it as a substitute 🙁

Scott Bowers
Works great Yet another Motorola feature that is great enough that it should be built directly into Android and desktop Chrome.

Keith Harp
Great for people who are at their computers for large parts of the day. Turns text messaging into as easy to use as IM since you have your computer keyboard. Also means you aren’t reaching for your pocket at every notification.

Isaac Abodunrin
Awesome Perhaps the most useful tool on my phone.

Marshmallow for Moto E2 How to update the marshmallow OS, in MOTO E2 ? Is moto e2 a compatible device for marshmallow ? If ok, then how to get it through OTA ?

brian stafford
Smart watch Have this app for my moto 360 1st and 2nd generation smart watch. Works great

Gary Orlando Sr.
Motorola Connect I don’t know what this is, but I must need it.

Kali Keller
Don’t go! I’m sad to hear this extension is retiring. It’s a great app and the reason why Motorola stood out.

App User
Material design rocks New UI takes some characteristics from material design, which is awesome.

Scott Hendel
Very nice app! 5 Stars! I previously had an issue with the Moto Connect app and my Droid Turbo, where it would not connect, or show low signal, or not even send text messages. The Motorola team responded quickly, and resolved my issue. I’m not sure if it is was a Droid Turbo issue, but if you have a Droid Turbo, please try again, as this app is working flawlessly now. Thanks Motorola team for correctly the issue quickly, as the app is great. I give this 5 stars.

Albert Wong
Started to work very well and synced my outgoing messages as well as the incoming ones. Thanks!

Nicholas Paladini
Pretty good to me. I haven’t had much issue with it. None at all actually. I like it. It’s great for when I’m home and doing something on my laptop.

Mateo Miceli
Awesome This works great. I use Hangouts for SMS and it still works great. Now when I’m at work I don’t have to carry my phone around with me, everything shows up on my laptop.

Andrea Allred
Love it Makes staying connected even easier and no one knows I am using my phone at work.

Hassan Maynard
I need to join the competition Great update! I need to head over to the forums I guess. I would love to contribute!

Brian Dean
Works great! Works great. Use it all day while sitting at a computer.

Trenton Gold
Keeps getting better Loving the constant development! Keep it up!

Justin Tiell
I’m loving the new Dials watch face options. Original Moto 360 just keeps getting better and better.

David Novak
I’m in! What a great idea. A new phone and another forced app to have more personal information in the cloud. All we need now is one more hacker. This is great!

Joshua Brierly
Works great Only had one issue where it didn’t work. I logged out and right back in, and it has worked fine since. Love not having to pick up my phone all day long when I’m at the office!!

Marc Gamet
Google Fit is a Moto 360 battery life killer My Moto 360 got the 5.0.1 update. Right after, my watch battery would only last 10 to 12 hours. I finally figured out that Google Fit was the cause! After uninstalling Fit, my watch battery life is better than ever, projected for more than 24 hours of on time.

Nikolai Sarnytsky
Ignore the low ratings If you read the reviews by people who gave 1 or 2 stars, you can clearly see it’s because they have problems that they could easily fix on their own if they weren’t so technologically challenged. The app works fine minus a few bugs here and there that don’t affect the app’s usefullness. Tenouttaten.

Stephen Emert
Love getting text messages in Chrome! Very useful when studying, I can reply and send text messages without fiddling with the phone and getting to distracted.

Tim Reeb
Does what its supposed to. My only gripe is the Android Wear notification telling me to install the app. It pops back up every once in a while. I feel like having the app installed should stop those notifications.

Nick Gay
Great app for a great watch I love this watch and this app is great to help the pairing to the watch. It does need to improve. But so far it is great.

My Test
Wow….it is a amaze…nice ape……it is a good use for trake my keys it say beep beep and i find it.

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