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Mopria Print Service

By Mopria Alliance

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Mopria Print Service





Mopria Print Service enables printing on your Android smartphone or tablet to Mopria® certified printers and multi-function printers (MFP) from Brother, Canon, DEVELOP, Epson, Fuji Xerox, Gestetner, HP, Infotec, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lanier, Lenovo, Lexmark, NEC, NRG, Pantum, RICOH, Samsung, Savin, Sharp, TA Triumph Adler-UTAX, Toshiba and Xerox. The companies who make these devices have collaborated to create the Mopria Print Service to make printing easier and create an industry-wide print solution.

If you want to check to see if you printer is Mopria certified before installing the Mopria Print Service, check here:

Easily print photos, web pages and documents when your mobile device is connected to a Mopria® certified printer through a wireless network or using Wi-Fi Direct. Control print settings such as color, number of copies, duplex, paper size, page range, media type and orientation. In the workplace, take advantage of the advanced punching, folding, stapling, PIN printing, user authentication, and accounting features.

The Mopria Print Service also allows users to print using the Share feature from many of their favorite apps including Facebook, Flipboard, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest, giving users the power to print easily. When using the Share feature, users will see a Mopria Print Service option is included as an option after email and messaging. The Share icon is conspicuously placed and users simply select the Mopria Print Service option, select their printer, adjust settings and print.

Mopria Print Service is pre-installed on some Android and Amazon devices. The device manufacturer determines which devices have the Mopria Print Service pre-installed and if the Mopria Print Service can be uninstalled from such devices.


Download Mopria Print Service App Apk:-

Download Mopria Print Service App Apk ( 19.6 MB )


User Reviews

Curt McDowell
Worked great Samsung print service was awful, didn’t offer to find local printers. Installed this and enabled it (it didn’t do anything by itself). It immediately found my cheap ass Dell Wi-Fi laser printer. Then Chrome had no trouble printing to it.

Kyran Broadhurst
Tried so many apps to print my documents and this one has been the best works everytime unlike others

George-Alexandru Popa
Ok, my mistake. The app works amazing but it wasn’t working before because I removed a bunch of bloatware from my phone via root, in which the “Printer Spooler” app as well. So that one shouldn’t be removed as it is the system printing app which Mopria depends on.

Tony Marziano
Great app and it worked for me. Let’s be clear. We’re asking a generic app to work for a wide range of different printers. No app can be perfect so it may not work for everyone. But I have 2 different printers in my house and it found them instantly, and worked absolutely fine for me. Instead of complaining that it doesn’t work, you can try it for free, and if it doesn’t work, what have you lost? Personally, I’ve been waiting for such an app and tip my hat to the creators. Well done.

Clint E
Fantastic app! The google cloud app couldn’t find my new 2017 model Konica Minolta printer, but this app found straight away. Also offers option of 2-sided printing

Sze-Chin Lee
Great app! Allowed me to connect to my Canon Selphy printer to print photos. Effortless and easy to connect.

Khisal Kidwai
Very nice app n easy to install. Making print an easier job especially with my wireless printer hp 5000 series

Owen Luo
I use this to work with my Brother wireless inkjet MFP for printing contents from mobile devices. Easy to use. It has been a standard app on my Android devices for two years

Naveen Maheshwari
It’s amazing… I can print from my mobile

Cory Langs
I am surprised to see so many negative reviews on this app, if you can’t uninstall it blame your phone manufacturer for locking it into your version of Android, Mopria doesn’t control that. I have had nothing but good experience with this and I am an IT tech for a Konica Minolta dealer, so we use it a lot and I would be responsible for problem resolution if there was any.

Shari RichSmith

eugenia franklyn
The best app This app is on point. As soon as I connect the printer it is ready to print no connection problem. Thanks for this App.

Jose Arguelles
Exelent.The best application for Galaxy. Loved it

Denis Rojas
Update works great Update works great on my kindle fire HD 8 prints very well to my HP LaserJet p1102w

THANKS A LOT It’s an amazing app. Guys who r giving negative feedback. This is like a built-in system app. That’s why it comes pre-installed and u can’t delete it. It’s an amazing app for a person who uses it. If u don’t use it u don’t have the right to give a negative review. There r many things in your smartphone that you don’t use, doesn’t mean it’s of no use. Thanks to all

Botond Horváth
Perfect It works with Kyocera P2135dn network printer (LAN).

Paul Griffith
Excellent for Truck Drivers sending rate confirmation or other paper work. Print and put paper copy in your file.

Jam Xerox
love this! Makes life so much easier. & now I can staple. SWEET.

Zulhelmi Zainuddin
Good apps At first look like spam apps..but when using it, looking very well

Farshad Solaimani
Very Good My printer brand is Hp,and it have been in this app list,i am very happy becase worked by this app

Rachel Phillips
Works with Brother Perfectly Reviews that say this app doesn’t work with Brother printers & multi function printers are incorrect. It works exactly as one would hope. Simply install the app, enable the Mopria print service (as you would any other printer in Android), click OK on the pop up box. The Mopria service will search & add your printer, you simply exit. Now you can use the print function in Android>Mopria print service. Couldn’t be easier. BTW, Brother is an Executive Member of Mopria so it has every reason to work perfectly.

Xtian E.
Excellent For many of you that are no familiar with Mopria this is like the equivalent of Air print for Apple. Android devices didn’t support it until now. So take advantage of it. Every Android device should come with it as default like the Apple devices do.

Xtian E.
Excellent For many of you that are no familiar with Mopria this is like the equivalent of Air print for Apple. Android devices didn’t support it until now. So take advantage of it. Every Android device should come with it as default like the Apple devices do.

App User
This app is pre-installed on a lot of devices, play store is just upgrading it. The old version does not have an icon in the launcher, but that doesn’t mean it was not there. One star reviewers should vent your anger to the manufacturers, not Mopria. The app works quite well for printing anyways.

Nik Kane
I feel bad for the developers. It’s actually a very useful app and gives me more printing options than the dedicated hp app. I was a little freaked out when it appeared out of nowhere, but that was because Amazon preloads it on devices and it was updating itself through the play store; not the developer’s fault.

Muhammad Fahad Baig
I am surprised of so many negative reviews. People need education about Android devices. The manufacturer installed it on your device as a pre-installed application just like Google Play Store or Play Music for instance. Anyways, regardless of it, I’ve been using this app on all of the phones I have. Works flawlessly. Connects to the printer wirelessly, prints work, its just awesome. Great work devs!

Matthew Messier
You people that complain need to learn that this app comes pre-installed on most phones. IT HELPS CONNECT TO PRINTERS. Without it I couldn’t connect to mine, it works great!

App User
This app prints beautifully. I have a Brother wireless printer. Brother’s app printed oversize from my last phone. The type might be more than 30-point instead of the original’s 12. Then I found this app on my Fire tablet. I was ecstatic when it worked perfectly. I tried it on the LG G5, same result. Perfect double-sided prints. For whatever reason, Mopria agrees with my printer, and I’m happy.

App User
I love it it’s very handy to have especially some u don’t need to use a computer just to print

Peter Marina
Works well Works better then the native app for my printer. Even works with some network printers that don’t support Android. Awesome!

Jacob Casper
Very good app for what it’s meant to do. Most people don’t understand that this comes PRE INSTALLED on ALL Amazon Fire tablets along with some other phone brands. Along with other apps that they don’t complain about. Companies rarely say every app that comes with the phone. Get over it. Once you install Google Play store on a Fire device, this app updates and shows a new icon to let you know you have the app and shows you what you can do with it. Very useful. As a writer, I’ll be using this app often to print my stories.

App User
Great app. Works so much better and faster than other official print service apps. People should actually try using it before giving bad reviews simply for coming preinstalled on their device.

Rick Barrette
Awesome It just works, much more reliable than the official Brother Print Plugin

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