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Money Manager Expense & Budget
by Realbyte Inc.

Money Manager – the #1 financial planning, review, expense tracking and personal asset management app for AndroidMoney Manager makes managing personal finances as easy as pie! Now easily record your personal and business financial transactions, generate spending reports, review your daily, weekly and monthly financial data and manage your assets with Money Manager’s spending tracker and budget planner.


Money Manager Expense & Budget android app

Money Manager Expense & Budget android app


* Applying double entry bookkeeping accounting system

Money Manager facilitates efficient asset management and accounting. It does not just record your money coming in and out of your account but deposits your money into your account as soon as your income is input and draws money from your account as soon as your expense is input.

* Budget and expense management function

Money Manager shows your budget and expenses by a graph so you can see the amount of your expense against your budget quickly and make suitable financial inferences

* Credit / Debit Card management function

Entering a settlement date, you can see the payment amount and outstanding payment at the asset tab. You can arrange the automatic debit by simply connecting your debit card with your account.

* Passcode

You can check passcode so you can safely manage your financial review account book with Money Manager

* Transfer, direct debit and recurrence function

Transfer between assets is possible, which makes your personal and business asset management more efficient. In addition, you can manage you a salary, insurance, term deposit and loan more easily by setting automatic transfer and recurrence.

* Instant statistics

Based on the data entered, you can instantly see your expense by category and changes between each month. And you can see the change of your assets and income/expense indicated by a graph as well.

* Bookmark function

You can easily input your frequent expenses all at once by bookmarking them.

* Backup / Restore

You can make and view backup files in Excel file and backup/restore is possible.

* Other functions

– Change of starting date
– Calculator function (Amount > upper right button)
– Sub Category ON-OFF function



Download Money Manager Expense & Budget App :- 

Download Money Manager Expense & Budget App ( 12.4 MB)


User Reviews :-


-An excellent and simple app for keeping track of day to day expenses. It also shows the amount spent by you for different categories (eg. Transportation, groceries, etc) every week, month or year in a pie chart, thus helping the user get an idea of the percentage amount spent in that category in that period.

-Only one update will make this the Best application Of cash management, “Auto Transfer the Balance in next month” There is no any option of transfering the balance in next month. Please do it…… If Closing balance of every month will be Auto transfer in next month, then, this feature will make it Perfect.

-Hello Team, Could you please add Share market feed in investments category of accounts? What I am trying to say if I add I have 500 stock of State bank, then my net asset should update on daily basis according to share market prices… Could you please add this feature? I’m a premium upgrade customer. Thanks

-This app is REALLY good. It is so convenient and easy to keep detailed track of your personal finances. I love how easily you can export this to Excel and how in depth you can go with the app alone. Excellent app! Buy it and support these devs!

-Actually I just bought and then refunded your free App which I have been using for a while due to the following. 1. Back up for to Google Cloud – no privacy 2. After purchase data of free up does not automatically merge with paid app 3. I miss repeat entry options and currency flexibility and online exagge rate which would make things easy. 4. Suggest active Investment & mortgage feature Please advise and if improved happy to buy. Thank you

-I liked it.. It’s very easy and fast to use.. Most important thing is there’s not disturbing any advertise in this Application. And I can use this App offline also 🙂 and I am not so good for keep update my daily expenses, so this is very useful for me. I tried many apps but I only choose this. Thank you my money manager. 🙂

-Best app to manage your day to day accounting… Its very helpful for me to keep track of my cash… I will recommend this to everyone those who like to spend smartly… It also have a Backup & restore option with Google Drive incase ur phone gets damaged..

-1.Unable to take pdf statement of individual account. 2.Options for selecting the accounts for showing in asset not available in android. 3.Unable to transfer to PC without a router and active Wifi.. should be able to connect offline via usb transfer cable, having a small software for said purpose is acceptable .. 4. No autobackup is possible in device itself and in drive other than google drive. Hardwork had been done by the developers.. but without the above, i think it iz useless.

-Auto repeat options are bad. I want to know how much extra I’ll have in a month or 2 but expenses won’t repeat in future months until you actually get there

-One of the best apps out there. Should have the option to sync your data through multiple devices, change your currency without wiping all your data and the option to limit a recurring expense to a certain amount of months (for credit lines).

-This app is great. Haven’t had a problem with it. It can be personalized with accounts plus what the expense is for. I have been using it over a week now. Also being able to take a pic of the receipt i absolutely love!!

-Please add: Automatic Currency exchange rate update, currently we have to manually update each additional currency on daily basis to have fresh rates, major fuss. 2nd Add side screen scrolling on screens with multiple tabs to switch from ie, expenses/stats screen(ie. Daily, weekly). Otherwise decent management tracker, better then most on the market. 4 stars until add automatic currency rate updates.

-Using for 7 days.Its very good app to monitor money flow day by day.Previously I was unable to track where did I spend all money,but now it’s easy and well maintained.Big THANK YOU to you all the developer and Realbyte.

-The UI is very good. .. Everything is best in class. Only if you can add the option to split the amount and like other apps if this app could also track expenses itself. I would rate 5 star.

-Another feature that we can add to this app is to let users create their accounts so even if they change gadgets, they will still have access to all the transactions and accounts made. But all in all, this app is very useful and easy to understand. 🙂

-Ease to track my money. I can jot down in my phone instead of get The book out and write The things that i had bought.

-Account synchronisation not available but app is very almost all application tried but this one is the best Thank you MM Team

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