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Mobile Number Locator
by Onex Softech

App Category:- Tools

Mobile Caller Number Locator helps you to Search and Track Mobile Number ,STD code and ISD code without internet connection, it will display location of caller with service providers name, with City, State information on every incoming and outgoing calls.Are you getting calls from unknown number? Do you want to find from where that person is Calling? Now you can use Mobile Caller Number Locator App to find from which State/Telecom operator and Mobile number belongs to.

No.1 App for Mobile Number Locator, Caller ID & Mobile Caller Location Tracker Mobile Caller Number Locator Shows the Caller Location information like Area and operator on your mobile phone screen during Incoming and Outgoing calls. Caller ID & Phone Tracker allows you to search and track any mobile number or fixed line phone number in the world including 246 countries and 12982 cities areas. This fixed line & mobile number locator will track the exact Geographic location(city area, state, country and operator).


Mobile Number Locator

Mobile Number Locator


True Caller ID and Location: You can easy see who is calling and identify unknown incoming calls via the caller id with name and location information(country, State, city area and operator). Track any Mobile phone number from overall INDIA,USA,CANADA ,PAKISTAN. View list of your Contacts with Area and operator name. View list of your Call Logs with Area and operator name. Search any STD Code from overall INDIA and any ISD code from World.

Call Blocker: Caller blocker allows you to block unwanted calls such as telemarketers, spam callers, fraud, etc.

Search offline: You can track the mobile phone number, show caller id, search STD code, ISD code without internet connection. Displays True Caller Location of every incoming & outgoing calls over call screen. Mobile locator is the only app that displays Caller Location of every caller.’

No.1 App for Mobile Number Locator, Caller ID & Mobile Caller Location Tracker.


✔ Track any Mobile number from overall INDIA,USA,CANADA ,PAKISTAN and view Location on Map.

✔ Block Calls from unwanted mobile phone numbers & Callers.

✔ Find STD Code, ISD Code.

✔ No Internet connection required for Caller ID

✔ Locate mobile phone number,operator details, area and state.

✔ Shows Caller Information during incoming and outgoing calls.

✔ Best Caller Location Tracker app for your Android device.

✔ View list of your Contacts with Area and operator name.

✔ Caller Location Tracker app is completely offline.

✔ View list of your Call Logs with Area and operator name.

✔ Caller ID – Helps you identify who’s calling before answering.

✔ Simple and Best Caller Location app for your Android mobile phone.

✔ Easily Track Caller Location with this app.

✔ Free Mobile Caller Number Locator app for your Android mobile phone.

✔ Find STD Code, ISD Code.

✔ Internet connection required for show location on Google map.

✔ Locate phone number, operator details , area and state.

✔ Shows Caller Information during incoming call.

✔ Mobile Number Locator app is completely offline.

✔ Shows Caller Location Information during incoming and outgoing calls.

✔ Caller ID – Helps you identify who’s calling before answering.

✔ Simple and Best Mobile Number Locator for your mobile phone.


Download Mobile Number Locator App  :-


Download Mobile Number Locator App (6.3 MB)


User Reviews :-


Joychandra Moirangthem
It doesn’t give correct location and contains full of adds. Can’t see full screen half of the screen covered with add. Worst app ever huh

App User
Don’t download.. Any time I try to do something it shows me a dumb ad.. Why did the creators make such a thing I would like to talk to them.. They just want a lot of people to download this fool.. I hate this app

App User
its very bad app and dear frnds don’t instl this app .don’t waste your is totally fake bcz all numbers are shown only one location

The app is very worst app I ever used and these app To not use please friend not download the app thank you

ashok patil patil
Fake app dont use plz. This app only ad purpose. Friends dont waste ur valuable time data.

Jitendra Rawat
. pagl bana ke pesa kamata he. saare r.s. AdSense se hi kamayega . ya kuch kaam ki cheeje bhi bnayega..

Sukhdev Jothe
aise aap banate kyu h ek dam faltu aaps h download mat karna bhul kr bhi

RH Shovon Hassan

Gauravkumar Kumar
I just hate this aap ,bilkul net ki barbadi h iisme ,koi fayda nahi h iise download krke 👿👿👿

Yash Mittal
This AAP is fake every number is shown on a same address even my phone is besides me

App User
it is fake becoz I used my phone number to get location but I don’t show the right location

Mukesh Jain
Very bogus n hopeless app. This app misguide me. Totally making fool to public

Product Review
Dont download, if you download then you will really remember me that i eas true.

App User
Third class app because this app was not show the correct mobile number location.please do not download this app.

Prabhat Mandal
Hopeless app, just waste of time It is more like classified app than location app

Totally FAKE how the hell can it be that every single person of the world is in the same location?!!!

Stha Ngcobo
Just downloaded the app and I’m trying to figure it out and I’m already bombarded by adverts please do not download it!!!

jesusrolicarol singh
It shows ads all the time waste of time all the time I type a no. It always point the same place

App User
Its a good app but it shows the sim location not the present ph no.location …so i req to please take this into consider..

Siddharth Paranjothi
Any one who want to use it beware this app dosent help in any way at all it shows you the wrong address all the time

Mr. Singh
kya maha maha maha fudu bkwas ghatea app bane hai murkh admi…sali itni gandi app….itni adds…koi feature toh hai nahi bus bakwas ki hai…

Vansh Shah
Nice app boi .. liked it a lot … Pratik .. guys this app only works in India . Not outside it and works in close proximity

Puja Karmakar
Worst app ever used. Would suggest not to download this app. Every sec you press a button some or the other ads appear which is very annoying. Even after typing the correct nmbr 10 times it tells that the nmbr is incorrect.

App User
Still learning but funny checked 5 numbers all showed up in different areas! Thats how my now EX got busted! Thank you for the accuracy!!!!

abdul saboor
Who had made this worst app…. If I find u be careful raa ….. I’ll kill u if I find u don’t be Infront of me. Please remove this app because it’s waste of storage,time,battery and everything

Rohit Chaurasia
It’s really too fake pls… don’t download it … most worst app

Bad Boyz
Fake aap sabhi no ka ek hi location dekhata he or obhi 312km dur joke mere ghrke pass me he fake dont west your time

Rajesh Mahapatra
Its a very gd nd useful app..but when we use the app there are so many extra plz avoid the advt…another its a very gd app

Anu Jain
Worst app ever seen in my whole life . Its a fraud . I tracked a number which was in Banglore but this app tracked that number in Uttar Pradesh . I hate this app . So I am telling you all don’t download this app , its a waste .

News Karnataka
Falthu App it’s fake app sale falthu location dikatha hey Maine Mangalore KA number dala o shivamogga dikatha hey shivamogga Maye kunu is app wale ka ma KA minda hey kya

Chandra Prakash
This is the worst app i ever used, it’s a fraud & nobody should install it anyway. Why you are making this type of third class app to waste our time. I am sure this app is a spy app to get our data. Block it from google play store, it’s totally a waste of time and security.

Lisheni and art
This app is totally fake i checked my dad’s location he was in his office in reality but the app says hes in india we live in srilanka

App User
Stupid app! Once I downloaded this app I searched a number…and finding the location of the no. I got very suspicious that why the person might have gone there and that’s why I checked my phone number and my siblings phone number and I found out that it shows the same location. This app screwed me off.I am really pissed of now !!Please don’t download this app dear ones :/

Bethel Selfcatering
This app is so dumb becaues I searched for my mom and they said she wan in Texas and we live in africa

App User
Worst worst worst app ever used Seriously how can they make such a nonsense app. Pls I request to all don’t download it at all

Subham Das
Fake useless worst please don’t waste your Time.

App User
Worst app ever don’t download it is a fake app guys trust me😡

App User
You cannot find the location please note not download these app I am telling sure by ajay

Raushan Kumar
First of all it comtsins a lot of advertisements and this foolish app doesnot show correct location complete nonsense .stupid app!

1234 1234
Bloody rascal who made this silly app idiots don’t have any other work to do you rascal ban this app immediately

App User
Very bad app My number was of Bengal and it was showing of Rajasthan.

amit anand
who is that sick stupid ass guy who has made this app …this is the faltoo app and total waste of time pls do not download this app

Rohit Gupta
Yuck, I don’t want an ad every time I press a button. Are you guys nuts?

Arjun Rajpute
This app is such a discusting aap ever don’t use this aap it’s such a waste of time and data also

App User
Waste of time it is showing me the location of kolkata while I am in Pakistan and number to be find also

Manas Thakur
This is a prank. I searched my location , i was invaranasi it told me the location of kanpur. Don’t install

Dharani Mullapati
Waste app why do you blame the people by such fake apps.This app don’t deserve for even 1 star..

It’s the worst app and useless app fake app who created this he is also worst person delete this app from play store.

Son Goku The Legend
Very bad Very very bad app this app shows only one location for All no never download it

Linnaeus Yumnam
This apps is useless. It cannot trace all the numbers and can trace only some particular numbers.

App User
I hate it is a waste fellow, please I am requesting you to not download the app

App User
Hi friends very very worst app this only add are there friends so do not download this app friends

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