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Mi Calculator

By Xiaomi Inc.

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Mi Calculator App

Mi Calculator App

Mi Calculator

Mi Calculator will do the math for you. Regular, scientific, and mortgage calculators, as well as currency and unit converters are all here in one place.
1.Edit history and view previous results in the regular calculator.
2.Find trigonometric functions, logarithms, and more additional features in the scientific calculator.
3.Daily updated exchange rates in the universal currency converter.
4.Know the exact amount of the next installment with the mortgage calculator.
5.Freely convert units of length, area, volume, speed, time, and mass in the unit converter.

Download Mi Calculator:-

Download Mi Calculator App ( 6 MB )


User Reviews:-


awesome calculater

abhishek chourasia

Its help full


best calculator app in playstore

Shubhojit Sarkar


Irwan Rosliadi

Very good calculator application

Arun Gokul

Nice feature integrating the currency conversion in calculating

Sridharan shan

One of the best calculator apps with a simple and colourful interface

pink Fungi

Retarded people don’t even know how to use a calculator and give 1 star a minimalistic calculator with practical features. Currency converter,mortgage calculator and of course the scientific calc.

App User

Really good all in one app for calculation and conversion… You can easily calculate your interest amount and stuff like that using the feature provided.

swapnil kumar

Only Calculator app with a lot of features with smooth and clean UI….


Very helpfull for emergency calculation


Awesome calculator.. i loved it.

App User

Better than other when copares their features

Nur Rahmat

Awesome if this app can also convert currency with crypto currency. Wait for next update


I love this calculator

saiteja kaparthi

Best I Have Ever Seen

Naga Raju

All in one calculator

Rishi Rajarshi

Best of the best

Abhinav Huria

Excellent to see OEMs are going in the way that help everyone. One of the powerful calculator now for everyone.

App User

This is very good for me but one is not available in this calculator which is internet facility

Himansu sekhar sinha

It’s good to calculate

Daksh Malhotra

I have been using MI phones for the past around 7 years and this calculator comes pre-installed with them. The calculator is surprisingly easy to use and features a wide range of options for what to calculate. But I feel there should be an option for setting a default type of calculator which is seen each time the app is started.

Showkat Ahmed Shakil

It’s a great app… With a lot of features

Shardul Shinde

The best …. Can do calculations upto 170!.

Abhishek Anand

The best calculator app. It’s a shame that you can’t make it default.

shubham kumar

Excellent calculation app

Sohanjyoti Maity

Great & handy

Pratik Raval

This is how a calculator should look like!

Pravaskumar Sahoo

Very good app but there should be switch between normal and scientific calculator or default setting

vikas satpute

It’s useful to a good extent

Mohammad Asad

Best Mobile Phone Calculator Ever!

Animesh Aggarwal

Calculate every thingh, which a calculator doesn’t do..

Dilip Suthar

Very nice app… I want you to add a function of Counting days between two dates…. It will be awesome for this app… Do work on this Xiaomi…..

App User

Simple and easy-to-use app with a lot of functions. However, it is still short of conversion on pressure units. Please include it to make it perfect. If I were to change my phone language to Simplified Chinese, it added another 2 interesting “calculators”. I hope these 2 can be turned on via setting instead of change of phone language. Anyway, well done Mi Calculator!

App User

This is very good and helpful

Sunny Kapoor

Great app. Truly a fully functional calculator.

Chetan Gohel

Great app and also other calculation in jst an option away..

RISHAV Banerjee

More advanced log and exponential calculator should be added.


Excellent calculator please add income tax calculation

Dipankar Sharma

The best app i have ever been through. It provides all necessary details and even currency conversion with every day update of currency.

RK The Gamer

Yes. This app is good. Actually one of the best calculator app I ever used. The best thing is that we can use trigonometry in it. But it could have been better if it had sin inverse and cosine inverse. Pls add them in the next update.

Lia Agustine

This app is really useful and very easy to use.

jeffin jozeph

Outstanding App and features

Thilak Wijayawickrama

Great app with lot of features that even google cal doesnt have.

Matthew Mohan

Good thing it has history of the calculations done in the past

App User

Great app. No need of third party application!

ZS Channel

Please add Bangladesh Currency,, And Age Calculation Options

Dheeraj Bista

I used this app in redmi 4x and was totally in love with it but I was using it as secondary device. Seeing it in play store is amazing.

Purnima Shukla

Awesome calculator app by Xiaomi. Now it has been launched in play store which will help us to update the app easily. The calculator itself is very great which also packs up currency converter. I loved it a lot. Keep it up Xiaomi.

Alif Khani

Very helpful companion app!!

Abhishek Pandey

Best Calculator app ever… Please give all others MIUI apps on play store.

jayant khandait

Nice and simple to use I use these calculator…. And it is very convenient to use…

Vuppala Maruthi Nandan

Best calculator app with many conversions available

Ravindra Prasad

Really Really Awesome Featured Calculator

App User

best calculator ever…. it has so many functions please give us all other MIUI Apps on Play store

Vivek Kamble

This Mi calculator takes basis Mobile calculator to a next level. Keep it up Xiomi

Jay Dev

The best calculator for android. Its now available for all devices. Contains a bunch of features and converters….@ll in one

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