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Meet Messages, Android’s official app for texting (SMS, MMS) and chat (RCS). Message anyone from anywhere with the reliability of texting and the richness of chat. Stay in touch with friends and family, send group texts, and share your favorite pictures, videos, and audio messages.

Clean design
A fresh new design makes communicating faster and more fun.

Easy sharing
Select or take pictures and videos directly from the app and share easily. You can even send audio messages to your contacts.

Richer conversations
Send audio messages, emoji, stickers, or your location.

Powerful search
Search through conversation threads to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Download Messages App Apk:-

Download Android Messages App Apk ( 16 MB )


User Reviews:

Austin Houkom
Amazing Wat better than the native Messenger or hangouts SMS

Mitch K
Great features, fast and stable…

Adeel Rajpoot
Its fantastic but short vibration is missing

Awesome. Backed with the ability to search through.

Aaron Miller
I don’t know why I have to rate what is essentially a default messaging app, but it works fine for me I guess.

G.Efrain Hdz. CO.
Great I luv it… Fast and easy to use. Use it

Keith Finnie
Works reliably. Integrated with Google contacts.

Amit Karmakar
It doesnt hang But takes bit time to load

Chandraa Bahuguna
Better but can improve like Truecaller

Faisal YPM
Really Great app.. definitely better than my old one!

Steven Pink
Works great on my Pixel XL. I love the smart messaging features on Sprint!

Ron Rivas
Please add an optional cloudsave/cloud backup feature.

C.J. Alicandro
It doesn’t keep running into errors like that dang Facebook messenger.

dexter coronado
Finally, the messages are not in white font, making it easier for people to see. Good job Google!

Keith Wilson
Clean and fast I like hangouts and use it daily. But this SMS is niceeee! Uncoupling SMS from hangouts for awhile to try this out.

GALAXY The app is so cool. Although I I think there should be one feature that it should have. It would be nice it it had some type of Quick reply or quick compose feature

Google Messenger: Great Thanks Welcome Google Messenger Great Themes Comfortable Word’s Faster Safer Free To Be In Touch With Your Loved Ones. Great Google Way Marketing Communication’s. Congratulations!!! Keep it Short & Simple (KISS).

Edge Basilan
I wish google messenger can be customizes as well as having a dual sim options and a private message vault. But I love this app 🙂 😀

Anthony Hughes
Beautiful app… But. I love the material design and all the aesthetics, it’s also a very powerful and versatile app but when I tap reply in the notifications drop down on my LG G3 the keyboard sometimes goes into all caps. Very weird and a bit of a hassle but nothing that can’t be fixed.

Alexander Vares
Excellent Loving this app so far. Great material design and awesome textures. Works very smooth as well and gets the job done.

vipin soni
Hats off u Moto I use Moto g5s plus and I congratulate u for its function. Specifically NFC

Message full screen Please add this option Message in full screen to edit or update

Spaceman Dago
To plain, but easy to use Update: love it!! I learned to use it and now it’s my favorite!

Bill S
Does everything I expect of a messaging app and does it quick and easy

Billy Allen
Wow! They changed the UI and it looks so much better. I ditched LG stock messenger for this one (before google changed their messages UI LG Messages looked better). Google messages looks so much better now.

melencio lomod
Best of the Best this app is great =) im gonna tell others to use this app

Marten Gallagher
Works very efficiently especially with Moto 360 watch

Jared Pineda
My favorite messenger app, I first app I always download when getting a new phone

Trey Norfleet
Far better than any stock sms Samsung default is nice, but too many things I can’t turn off. This app is s little simple, but that is the reason I love it so much. Great app.

Jonathan Millet
Works well (once in a while, I have to delete the information cache or remove and reinstall). Makes better use of the phone’s screen than the Verizon app.

Timmy Adams
So far, so good. Used it on the nexus5 and now the 6p and haven’t had any dramas. I use the swift key keyboard which is a vast improvement on the native keyboard.

Avinash Shukla
Great messaging app I just love the UI. Please add a feature to delete messages from the heads up notification as and when they arrive.

Saa Her
I love the user interface. It’s friendly and easy to use. Way better than the stock messenger that comes with android phone.

Mandana B
One thing I don’t like about it is that you can’t copy just a part of the message, you have to copy all. Sometimes I just want to highlight a phone number or a bank account number and it’s not possible :-/

David MacLauchlan
I like the app but have one grumble. Since the second last update, editing hasn’t worked properly. If I position the cursor to correct text within the message, the changes still occur at the end of the message. So I have to delete everything back to the error and retype the lot.

Rick Aitken
Great smooth running app no issues. Wish there were more apps like this out there ! Good job guys.

Luis Alejandro Crespo Falco
I prefer this app vs. the default messaging app in my phone.

JT Day
I love this app except for a few things it won’t allow me to lock a text(very important guys) a few other lil things not worth mentioning but to be able to lock a certain text message that somebody sends with important information would be great as well as making the group text easier to send instead of having to make a group text specifically for the people that you’re sending it to you have to make a whole nother text segments for just those people instead of adding someone to a text

sudip karn
Wow i love it i gotta bore of my default message no updates after been a long time but this is always updating with advanced features

Betty Poulin
Always reliable, much better then most other messages.

Gage Reyes
This is great I didn’t like the ugly colors and layout of the LG messages app but this is so much better looking and it’s really smooth. Fantastic. Looks great on this high contrast quad HD display.

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