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Messages brings a refreshingly beautiful and responsive Material Design touch to the stale state of text messaging. In a world with clunky SMS and MMS apps cluttered with bloat and ads, Messages is something to get excited about. We’re making texting magical again.

Here’s why we think you’ll love it

• Material Design: And lots of it. Messages is the most beautiful text messenger available
• Themes: And nearly 200 of them available. Each one, hand picked by Google in the Material Design guidelines
• Night Mode: Like to have dark themes? So do we. Control it yourself, or turn on Automatic Night Mode and have night mode turned on automatically when it’s dark out.
• Customization: It’s your app. Make it yours!
• Messages Reply: Reply to messages without having to leave what you’re doing
• Group Messaging: So tell all your friends!
• MMS: For when words just aren’t enough
• Delayed Messaging: Give yourself a second, make sure you said what you wanted to say!
• Search: You care about your messages, so you should be able to find them. Now you can
• Security: Messages is protected against the Stagefright MMS exploit on Android
• Completely free: We also don’t want to make you have to pay for extra features!
• Anything else you want: We work on Messages every single day, and we’re always looking for feedback. Let us know if you have any suggestions!





Download Messages App  :-


Download Messages App (9.3 MB)


User Reviews :-

Jenaya Dixon
Used this app on my note 4 it was perfect. This new one won’t send messages. Won’t ring if I get a new message, I hate it. I want the old version back

App User
When I tap the app it does not open this app deserves negative 0

Wesley Phillips
Is there anyway I can switch back to the older version because I like how when I put a theme up that it showed that as my background on my messages

App User
Forgetting Richard Please I need your urfent Thank yoh Thank you are fine Thank yiy same Thank 5 minute boo 9 minute boo Thank yiy same owe Thank yiy same

Debbie Davis
This app would be perfect if there weren’t the constant ads showing. I’d be more than willing to pay for the app if the ads would go away. I love the look of the interface. I’m very happy with the ability to pause before sending the message allowing time to catch mistakes or autocorrect flubs. Please offer it without ads. They ruin the look.

App User
I used this app in my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. An excellent app which is really what everyone wants. You can send a very long SMS message and no need for converting to disruption MMS as the other apps do. The only bad thing in this app is the ads only. I tried to get a paid messages pro but unfortunately it is still un issued

Eric Daly
Used to be my texting app, now the ads are so intrusive I am deleting. Willing to pay for no ads but unbelievably they don’t offer that. Bummer, you ruined this app.

App User
better if there is a mark as read and option to remove ads. suggest to use the swipe left hand gesture for option to delete or mark the message as read. very few themes. the theme is only color coded, no option to change the background picture. not applicable for sending emails

Gary DeLoach
Really liked it at first. Has good features, but over time it got slower and slower. Now it is taking 4-5 seconds to load on first use and 3-4 seconds to pull up a message. Even sending takes 4 or 5 seconds. Overall extremely sluggish, unacceptable performance. Tried deleting hundreds of older msgs, didn’t help. Ads are annoying and covers up needed screen space. No buy-out option that I can see. Uninstalling, time to try something else. Very disappointed. 😞

Jerry Arocho
I haveing a lots of problem. It’s just don’t want to open. I try to send a Massage and it says that this is close And I can’t send no massage

Stephen Cramer
Think it’s gone done the toilet, it’s just a pain to delete lines. You have to do it one line at a time or just trash the whole conversation. And those huge, ugly, space wasting blobs with everyone’s initials, ala gmail. Who’s me too idea was that? I used to think of this as a 5, now it’s a 1 and I’m looking for something to replace it. I cannot send or receive pictures and when I select it it opens my contacts info page, then I need to select messages from there, what a PIA. God save us from “improvements”, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.. .

App User
Too many ads- distracting. Older version was much better.

Richard Gaffney
This app will not send pictures. I currently have 3 messages “sending”. 1 for a week. I get a notice that flashes on the screen that says something about permission. I would if I knew what to do. I’ve tried all the settings I can find, but no luck. Don’t bother.

Robin Campbell
HELP! how do I add a signature to my texts (without having to type it every time) thanks ahead of time for help.

Haywood Cogdell
Can only send text messages. Cannot send photos. Other people having same problem and getting no response from Gather Media.

App User
Photos say sent but don’t go through. Sometimes, messages sent from the notifications menu are sent to the wrong contact/conversation.

Paul Brousseau
Invasive animated ads make your eyes bleed when you’re trying to send and receive texts.

App User
I think this app is trabul it never opens my text and never calls I don’t think anyone should get this app

This review is for my own memory. Had ads straight out of the gate, would not open camera to attach a snapshot.

Benny Blade
Primary usage app with no way to remove adds don’t bother its useless

Jaxom Chivers
Would be 5 stars if I could pay to get rid of ads! Really good app other than no paid option, please ad a remove ads option

Lisa Bruce
This was a great app until I got the S9. It won’t send or receive pictures or videos. I had to change to another app. It worked fine on my S7.

App User
Really Great!!! Would reccomend also you can choose what coulor you would like. Its is extremly easy, anyone would cotton on straight away.

App User
I like it, except that it will not receive picture messages. It won’t download them until you download it in another messaging app.

Shabi Shah
Must hane the background change option Messaging style not only bubblr style And plzz off the advertisements

Kelli Hearn
I like this app, it is simple and effective, could do without the ads. Wish there was an ad free version for purchase.

App User
I can’t get unhooked from the other messaging box with a tail I WANT JUST to use the yellow square one.

Like this better than Asus factory turnin on driving mode when it feels like ut i control with this star app

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