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MAX Cleaner – Phone Cleaner, Antivirus, Booster
by ONE App Ltd.

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MAX Cleaner – Phone Cleaner & Antivirus & Speed Boost is the top rated (🏆4.8 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★) antivirus & cleaner & boost app for Android. It can speed up your phone, clean junk files, clean virus, protect privacy & stop battery draining. Best phone cleaner & phone booster & antivirus software.

With over 10 million users worldwide, MAX cleaner app provides the best antivirus and phone cleaner services. With cache cleaner, speed cleaner, virus scan, virus removal, virus protection, phone antivirus and phone booster, MAX Cleaner can optimize your phone effectively.

MAX Cleaner is the top super phone cleaner, phone booster, cache cleaner, virus cleaner and best free antivirus software! It’s a free antivirus software with cache cleaner, virus scan, virus protection and phone booster. With speed booster and game booster, it boost your phone well. Download MAX Cleaner to keep your phone clean, fast and security NOW!

MAX Cleaner - Phone Cleaner, Antivirus, Booster

MAX Cleaner – Phone Cleaner, Antivirus, Booster


Key Features of MAX Cleaner:

🗑 Phone Cleaner – Clean junk (cache cleaner) to boost your phone.
🔰 Antivirus – Virus scan and virus protection. Best virus scanner and virus removal app. (Virus protection & antivirus software)
🔒 App Locker – Lock sensitive apps and photos to protect your privacy.
🔋 Battery Saver – Shut down apps that draining battery to extend your phone battery life.
🚀 Phone booster – With game booster and speed booster to free up ram space. Best phone booster and speed booster.

Download MAX Cleaner, you can get:

Phone Cleaner – virus cleaner, system cleaner, cache cleaner and speed cleaner rolled into one.
MAX Cleaner app is the best phone cleaner for Android. With system cleaner, cache cleaner, ram cleaner, junk cleaner, boost cleaner, and virus removal, you can easily clean virus & junk, clean my android to master and boost your phone. With phone cleaner app, you can deep power clean phone.

Virus Cleaner – professional virus scanner and virus cleaner. (Free antivirus software)
MAX Cleaner for Android has a built-in mobile antivirus cleaner engine. Virus cleaner for android will always secure your phone with virus scan & virus protection. The best virus scanner, virus protection, virus cleaner & virus removal for Android. Phone antivirus software is a power clean my android feature for super speed clean my android users, it is the best free antivirus software & mobile antivirus for android.

Phone Booster – With game booster and speed booster to boost your phone.
MAX cleaner boosts your phone by speed cleaner, such as cleaning notifications, cache with game booster and speed booster. Its junk cleaner & mobile cleaner boost your phone. With super speed cleaner and ram cleaner, you can get cache cleaner, power cleaner, junk cleaner and system cleaner rolled into one mobile cleaner app. It is the best phone booster with game booster and speed booster to clean my android.

App Locker – protect your privacy.
MAX Cleaner for android is not only a phone cleaner, virus cleaner or phone antivirus cleaner, but a privacy booster! App Locker in Android Cleaner app can secure your privacy with the best virus protection & best free antivirus for android.

Battery Saver – Protect and extend battery life.
MAX cleaner can protect and extend battery life by shutting down battery-draining apps. Boost your phone with system cleaner & cache cleaner to extend your battery life. Best battery saver.

More Features of MAX Cleaner:
⭐️Speed Booster: By game booster to boost your phone.
⭐️CPU Cooler: Cool down CPU temp.
⭐️File Scan: Scan and remove useless files to boost phone speed.
⭐️Notification Cleaner: Deep clean unwanted notifications with junk cleaner & device cleaner.

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Download MAX Cleaner – Phone Cleaner, Antivirus, Booster App  :-


Download MAX Cleaner – Phone Cleaner, Antivirus, Booster App (10.0 MB)


User Reviews :-

kc h
The best phone cleaner I’ve tried! Ads are a pain in the butt, but any app I currently have or have had in the past that contained ads are and was annoying. But definitely a big 👍

MmkL Core
SAVES DATA! Protects from data thieves(slots) and others. Speeds performance! VERY USEFUL- Just Try, more to GAIN!! Have installed on ALL my other devices. Minimal ads! 🙂 LOVE IT!!:))

David Adam’s
The scanner is real. GOOGLE and my system said that their are 2 viruses and the app said that their are 2 viruses. It even cleaned my viruses! I’m giving it 7 medals 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅

pamela Miller
Easy to use, cleans very quickly, suggest other areas that need attention. My only complaint is all the ads, but without I would have to pay monthly, therefore I’m 😁

Edward Courtney
Great app….The free one has a lot of adds but that’s to be expected I suppose. What I don’t like is to remove add you have to purchase a subscription. I would just like to buy the add free version without being bleed with a monthly payment.

Joseph Jones
Very helpful, ads are easy to.remove and are hardly a problem. Did what it was said to do, made my 2015 phone feel like I’m actually in 2018.

App User
I just got this app, But so far it has cleaned more junk in one scan than my previous cleaner.

App User
I’m quite happy to put up with AD’s, freebie after all, but do they have to be so damn loud?!?! Honestly… they blast out at twice my set volume, a tad excessive? Just a bit 🙉

Rebecca Giron
So far so good only thing is the ads.. cant get awy from them just delete this app is better then the rest so far .. keep it up!

App User
It’s easy to use and also saves time Plus it also cleans up the mobile completely Thanks for such a useful and considerate app

Very good. Ads are a bit annoying, but it actually works. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

App User
Best app I have ever used and yes I does everything it claims to do.

App User
This app is worst because I had hide my photos in safe box of this app and now when i open this app the option of safe box is not showing in the app , this is for the maker of this app plzz find out the solution of my problem and reply me that how can i get back my photos

Rita De Jager
So far I’m very impressed with the overall quality and how user friendly the interface is

App User
Worst app, its automatically taken phone permissions

lackand Blues
Better than cleanit app. One stop shop for all. Let there be a universal button which will do everything. Right from cleaning to removing virus, to boosting and also cooling down the CPU

Mohammad Ahmad
I was always against all cleaners app, but this app vhange my mind, it’s really easy and great app 👍👍

The Unicorn Princess Pop
Pretty good app downside is the ads on the app but overall very good

Dominic Peak
This app works very quick my phone was at 50 % and now its almost got my phone at 100 within 5 minutes when it usually takes 20 or 25 minutes when I’m on it

corena sholley
Great app easy to use and helps me keep my Android phone at its best

dominic attu
Everything ok but why this app want asses call and cemara and contact….

Suman Lata
Tis app iss do good u have to download this app if u download this app your mobile will be clean

App User
I think this app is awesome because I can download mor game because I have more space.

Calvin Dawson
Max Cleaner Is A Magnificent App & 💯%Outstanding Above All Competition

Sabrina Campbell Sides
Very good cleaner! Easy to use and very efficient. Must have for android!!

Biswajit Ghosal
It’s very outstanding antivurus app it’s clean virus very deeply I was want to say this antivirus app thank u very very very very very very very very very much.

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