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Math Tricks
by Antoni Ion

This program is designed for those who want to learn interesting mathematical tricks to speed up the calculating. These tricks will help solve part of the mathematical problems and tasks much faster than classical. Will also be helpful to those who want to hone basics such as the multiplication table. When you learn these mathematical tricks, you’ll be able to show off your skills to friends and prove to them that you have a talent for mathematics. New skills you can use in the store, at school, at college, at work – wherever thanks to quick calculation skills can save a lot of precious time.


Math Tricks android app

Math Tricks android app


Fun Math Tricks:

1. Addition
2. Subtraction
3. Multiplication table
4. Division
5. Multiply two digit number by 11
6. Square numbers ending in 5
7. Multiply by 5
8. Multiply by 9
9. Multiply by 4
10. Dividing by 5
11. Subtracting from 1000
12. Tough multiplication
13. Power of two
14. Adding numbers close to hundreds
15. Subtracting numbers close to hundreds
16. Multiply numbers between 11 and 19
17. Square numbers between 11 and 99
18. Multiply two digit numbers having same tens digit and ones digits add up to ten
19. Square numbers between 50 and 59
20. Square numbers between 40 and 49
21. Multiply two digit numbers editing in 1
22. Percent
23. Square numbers between 100 and 109



Download Math Tricks from Play Store :-

Download Math Tricks From PlayStore


User Reviews :-

-I am using it for 2 years and this app worked so well all the time.. It improved not only my calculations but made me know many short cuts which can be used to save time. Unlike most of the apps it is not liable to the bulk of adds as well as it never stops in between as well.

-This is a very good app from what I’ve seen it is pretty fun, well as fun as brushing up on your math skills can be. Great tool to get you ready for college if you struggled with math in high school like I did. Good work guys. A lot of adds though but they arnt too annoying.

-Its been helping me with my anxiety with seeing and solving numbers. I can also see my progress and there are tips and tricks to solve problems that I never knew before. I definately recommend this app especially to students! Thanks a lot for creating this amazing app! Definately, keeping it always in my phone.

-I thought this app would help teach me tricks to improve my maths but I found it unhelpful in that the examples do not explain why they solved the problem the way they did- like most maths books they just give you a lot of numbers and expect that you should know why they used them. If i did know that I would not need this app. So if you are working out 47 squared please explain why you subtract 50-47 first etc. – it may not be obvious to everyone… I deleted the app.

-Very useful for both adult and teens. Godbless whoever took out time to help poor maths student like me. Very lovely easy and simple to follow and understand. You,ll love it more than I do, just try using it.

-It’s a great app great to brush up on what you’ve been learning and finding different solutions to help break numbers down. Some parts are harder than others but it’s just getting use to doing it different. I think it would suit people if it gives you a little indecation ie: a little description on what/how to understand the more challenging parts of the maths.

-I have been using this app for last 3 years and I have also recently surpassed 20k levels too. 😎😎😎😎 Just one thing I would like to add in this app is that it in my and many handsets like mine having virtual home keys, keys covers the down area while playing and thus not giving full view to it. I would rather rate this app 5 star if u make the full screen view available in next update.

-Great app to practice maths. The By Heart feature really helps not only to memorize the tables but also to get used to the numbers which eases in solving problems. Liked the App. Will suggest others.. Keep it up..

-The hints are very useful. Simple, clean and freedom to choose the type of questions. It could have been 5 stars if the ads weren’t so loud. Annoyingly loud!

-Amazing app…the developer should given a prize for such cool options available….. we can check perday progress through graph….there are lots of modes available to go through maths practice…..I am a big fan of mathematics and I loved this game…..and once again thanks bro for this app

-This is a very good app. The only reasons why I did not give it 5 stars are because I was not informed of the actual training program of the application until I looked down the optional activities and that the training portion of the activities are timed. It would feel better if they were not timed in the beginning of the training of any subject and then when the user of this app is doing better at it, the timing of their solutions begins. The reason that I said that is because I was given a traumatic brain injury when I was hot by a drunk driver and the timing portion overly worried me and it hurt. Otherwise, however, this is a very good application that shows mathematical tricks that I’ve never even thought of. Thank you for letting me use it and may the LORD continue to bless and keep you all.

-Not what I thought it was at all. I’m glad I didn’t read the description and just clicked on impulse. I have been playing for 30 minutes and can easily see it becoming one of my favorite apps!

-A really great app, nearly perfect. However, accidentally pressing the Back button ends the game. It would be good if the app confirms if I want to Quit instead.

-Awesome app! Very challenging! For all levels in math, even for me, a college student, and beyond! Very interesting tricks for doing mental math with large numbers, division, squaring, roots, and more.

-Very good app for solving maths problem quickly .it has many shrt tricks and especially there are thousands of questions to practice on those tricks. P.s. – still ,i don’t like maths🙄🙄 although too many questions to practice 4 sake of gud marks😢😢

-This app is not merely to play, it very much as well exerts your brain and improves calculation. Simple words are not enough to explain. Magnificent app.

-Very useful aPp ….it will excite u more and more…and calculation power will be increasing gradually …..solving tricks are also available there on app..that is amazing…i like it……so much….

-Well! Well!! Well!!! This app is wonderful, l cna’t stop to congratulate the builder for a job well don thank you guys, i enjoy the app very well is so educative for learners like us. Thank👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

-Just started using this app it appears very useful to train the brain again when you haven’t been to school for a while!

-Its the best app that i have installed. It have many tricks and turned maths into a superb subject.a great thanks to the developers of maths trick for creating such a wonderful deserves a five star

-Good app and great for learning. It’s the best Math app I’ve managed too find. It has all the variables I need. I particularly like the non timed math section.

-Used it for 2 days. Bearly able to add double digits mentally. Now I hardly have to think when adding numbers under 10000.

-It’s amazing. It just made me fall in love with maths which I never considered my cup of tea. Thanks!

-I Personally Think, this app is a great math learning tool! It provides a fun easy way to learn math.

-I love math… but im not good… this is very helpful, and im not good in english too. Haha i love it very much…😁👍💟

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