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Marvel Comics
by Marvel Comics

Introducing the MARVEL COMICS app on Android, featuring the world’s most popular super heroes! Download hundreds of comic books featuring your favorite characters -— including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine and more — on your mobile device or tablet with the touch of a button. You’ll experience Marvel’s greatest series and stories like never before, with your choice of guided view (an animated, panel-by-panel path through the comic), or by using regular device controls to zoom and pan your way through pages of sizzling story and amazing artwork!


Marvel Comics android app

Marvel Comics android app


Each of your downloads will be protected and backed up when you use your Marvel.Com account, meaning the next
time you lose or upgrade your device you’ll find your comics waiting to be read again!

Not convinced? Check out our free downloads! Take the Marvel Universe with you anytime & anywhere!

+ Access to over 13,500 comics featuring the world’s most popular super heroes!
+ Free comics for download, updated weekly!
+ Customizable reading experience — choose between panel to panel, full page display, and more!


Download Marvel Comics App :- 

Download Comics App ( 7.9 MB )


User Reviews :-


Reading in panel view works great. However, search doesn’t work very well (no way to view the full titles or issue number from the results) and there are frequent crashes. It’s also easy to lose your place in any of the scrolling views.

-The addiction…is too real…. Honestly though; prior to this app I just our physical copies. And I still stand by the feeling of reading a physical copy, but we just don’t have the time nowadays. But this app brings so much convenience; I can read as many as I want whenever & wherever without worried about messing them up as I handle or carry them. Back issues are no longer the frustration of travelling to multiple stores to pick up issues you’re missing only to be disappointed that they don’t have them in stock. No real issues so far beyond that. The app works fine; if anything, sometimes the panel view cuts out text, but loving the app nonetheless.

-This app runs smoothly and reliabily. I get access to tons of books and as long as I’m willing to keep an eye on their frequent sales I can get many books pretty cheap! I love that I can use the app off line, it’s useful when I’m not near wifi and don’t want to eat through data. Actually reading the comics is wonderful, I like the zoom in for individual panels.
It makes reveals from one page to the next much more surprising. Overall, I’m very pleased with the experience, but would likely stop buying if they stopped the sales, but $4 for a trade (full story arc 5-6 issues) is a price I’m happy to pay.

-This app is absolutely fantastic! It makes it super easy to keep up with my comic book reading and comic library as a whole. The only thing that would make it better would be adding the ability to input digital codes via the app instead of having to use the website.

-Good app, Smart panels work great. Except for one thing. I will purchase a comic. Then after a while it will want me to buy it again. When I try to buy it again, it tells me to go to restore purchases. When I hit restore purchases nothing happens.

-I like that they have discounts sometimes on single comics but I wish the discounts on the volumes were better. If they were I’d definitely buy more. Also I noticed that when you amplify sections to read, if the words are too close to the edge they can be cut off a bit in amplified mode forcing you to read it in normal comic mode can be difficult if there’s a lot of text you might not be able to read it because it shows up too small.

-A little slow, but very reliable. Prices of individual issues are fine, but the collection prices seem ridiculous sometimes. Guided view works very well, and redeeming digital editions of comics bought from my LCS works perfectly (after a few hiccups at the start).

-I got this app as I started getting into the movies and it’s better then I thought it gives you suggestions based on what you’ve been reading and also tells you where to start if you want to get into a specific series.

-Love reading my books that I’ve purchased on my tablet it works well, but the search feature is difficult and also trying to remove or archive books I don’t want seems impossible,

-The app has a variety of comics, graphic novels, and etc. Even if you dont have any money to buy things there’s still a ton of things for free

-I actually once loved this app but I had problems with my tablet and purchased a new one …when I went to open up my account all my books were gone and now to make things worse, when I went to send feedback to the company the site crashed but I’m still able to purchase comics…it’s funny how I won’t or “can’t ” be helped but they’ll still take my
money . I don’t want to be a jackals about this but nothing is being done. I love this app but given the circumstance, I leave this review as a disappointed long time admirer of what was once an app that I truly enjoyed pulling up but now? Now I sit her with anger and frustration . Thank you.

-As long as you get the code for the issues you buy it’s worth it,but when you have to buy the code for a comic you have purchased it’s not.

-Solid app but has a decent amount of bugs-like some of the comic covers don’t render in the my books section. I wish it had some more functionality found on the website. Like being able to redeem codes and such. But a fun app that just needs some fine tuning.

-As an old school comic book fan and reader for the past 37 years, this app is a great way to relive and catch up on all the great stories! It also allows me to share the great art, characters, stories and worlds with my son that I was able to enjoy as a reader that I have lost or traded! This is just a great time to be a comic book fan!!!

-Does the job exceptionally. I would like to see some kind of comic filing system in the future. Maybe be able to lump series into custom folders.

-Update: The app does not support Google login, so if you used that to log in to the website you have to go back to your account page on the website, find your username, then change your password. Use your username and new password to log n to the app. Confusing and poorly thought out.

-Its a pretty good app for reading comics. But it would be a little better if you could read offline.

-I unfortunately can’t seem to download all the comics I’ve bought. I’ll choose the download button but it just won’t download half of the comics

-Its really good and works well, the only problem is downloading comics takes awhile

-For reading Marvel specific comics, it’s great. However, I get my digital comics from codes in my physical copies, and I have to redeem them in a separate website. It’d be nice if I could redeem codes directly in the app.

-App frequently hangs. Usually have to restart my tablet to get past it. Not great.

-Good but please add SD card support so I can carry my whole collection!

-Awesome app if you have issues they will fix it, tested and approved!

-So much more convenient than physical comics! Also, the smart zoom feature works great and is essential for reading comics on a phone sized screen.

-Great app need more access to the books. I have on other phones. That i paid for can you get them back to me please?

-Great way to get a hold of many different comics relive old classics and enjoy new titles

-Love the app easier to have digital copies than physical ones take up space that aren’t collector editions

-Amazing I have found no bugs at all And i love the night feature

-Loved comics since I was a kid and still love them now.I am now 56.having the app makes purchasing comics I like much easier.

-it would be nice if I could imput my digital comic book code from here instead of going to another site

-It’s pretty decent, I feel like how things are formatted are a bit off, idk what it is, 4 stars. . .

-The category system could have been done better, but it allows for every comic you might want

-If you love marvel comics then this is the app you need. Has all your favorite comics and it is very easy to find what you are looking for

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