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Manga Books (Beta)
by Manga studio

Faster download to your phone
HD Content reading
Most popular manga in the world updated daily


Manga Books (Beta) android app

Manga Books (Beta) android app


★Highlight features

-Chapters update everyday
-Professional categories and ranking list

★Free! Faster!

-You can read content anywhere and anytime you like without network

★High Definition!

-High definition pictures and load smoothly
-3 reading models: Vertical reading, read from left to right, read from right to left
-You can read the latest chapters


-Multi-devices synchronization: you can read the content you collected and synchronous reading progress in multi-devicesafter you Log In.
-Data saved in cloud: all the content you collected will saved data servers forever


Download Manga Books (Beta) App:- 

Download Manga Books (Beta) App ( 7.9 MB )

User Reviews :-


Easy to use, has great manga, but sometimes hard to load pages. Also some technical issues at times and some errors.

-I think that this app is good for people who like mangas

-Much, much better! Since this last update, all of the sources have returned. I am glad to say that I can again use this wonderful app! Although the last update did get rid of all my Favorites, it isn’t so much of an issue for me that I will not again use this Manga Reader. I cannot wait to begin compiling my favorites once more and enjoy the stories~ A great heartfelt thank you to the Team of Developers of this App for restoring it!

-I really like this app. But maybe it’s just my pohne or something, but I haven’t been getting many updates. However that’s not enough to make me dislike this app. Still a wonderful manga reader.

-For everyone who wants black butlers manga look up kuroshitsuji not black butler edit: thanks for adding English search :3

-I love it but I have a problem the history doesn’t show everything you’ve ever read and I really want to read something again but I can’t find it

-This is one of the bast manga app ever and trust me i had alot and they have so many categories ❤😄❤

-I 1st gave it 5 stars. Now giving it 2 bevause for some reason nothing downloads anymore

-Lost all its source, do not get Got All back, now very good

-Some manga chapters arent loading right only when downloaded i can actually see the content

-I liked it, but I sometimes have to delete it and add it again to get it to work. Otherwise its pretty good, it has a lot of manga that other apps and websites don’t get.

-This is the best manga app by far a lot of sources and tons of manga to pick from. really top notch stuff

-The comic chapters fails to load and doest even reload on refreshing it says failed to load

-It works good was perfect when I first got it but now it doesn’t update the mangas anymore

-Really like the app it’s just no longer updating the front page or new updates page

-Was a good app, with recent update most things are back. Still miss some of the tags when I look in the tag area (i.e. romance, mecha, fantasy). But that’s minor compared to the what last happen

-I like this app. It’s pretty good, but it has a major downside. That downside is that you can barely download anything. The download that fails are close to completion then it fails. And most of them just fail automatically. Please fix that.

-I’m really glad the other sources are back. Truly appreciate it, made this app quite enjoyable again

-Only manga app without broken English, recommend to all manga fans! (Pick manga love as your source)

-New updates nice, but continue updating the manga, otherwise this will be just as useless

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