New Android App ”MAHAMITRA” Download Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, App Information, App by DGIPR maharashtra

by DGIPR maharashtra

we all know that India is country of youth.

majority of youth is active on social media i.e. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram etc. Social media is rich source of knowledge and entertainment, and it is proved that social media can craft minds and opinions of the society. Government of Maharashtra has decided to introduce a new initiative named ‘SOCIAL MEDIA MAHA-MITRA’ to harness faster new age communication technologyfor constructive purpose and to give more access to youth for development of rational society at large.


MAHAMITRA android app

MAHAMITRA android app


Download MAHAMITRA App:- 

Download MAHAMITRA App ( 3.1 MB)



User Reviews :-

-Smart initiative by Maharashtra government but app need to improve. For voting request the contact list can’t open. Voting marks also reduced so plz solve this problem


-Excellent initiative by Mah govt. But some flaws are their, like votes when added , it gets decreased in Maha mitra apps home page. Voting must have been through WhatsApp or SMS, no most of the new people r ready to give their email id. Ranking updates are very slow . Its shud also have the ranking table of at least locality.


-Some technical issue arises


-Email id required for each contact to share message and vote.


-Marks are getting deducted when votes are given


-Share massege che mark 14.55 varun 4.55 kami zale aahet….


-Good MAHA govt job so this all time


-Mahamitra app is the latest app as well as good app for social media users. First special thanks for Indian govermet.and I’m social media user t


-Good opportunity available for media to communicate people and at all…..So . nice activity provide to student .. Right place right activity


-Vote hoch nahi aahet… Link send kelya nantar nahi mail madhye aaplya ithe disat aahe nahi samorchyakade

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