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Lynket Browser (previously Chromer)
by Arunkumar

Lynket is a unique browser based on Custom Tabs protocol

Lynket slides over the website from the app, enabling you to transition into the website seamlessly. Even if you navigate multiple times, you can always press X to quickly return to the app, where you left.

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Lynket Browser (previously Chromer)

Lynket Browser (previously Chromer)


🔵 Lynket works with any browser that implements the Custom Tab protocol. It also inherits the browser’s behavior such as tracking protection, shared login info, bookmark sync etc.
🔵 Web Heads – Lynket loads links in floating bubbles and in background.
🔵 Article Mode – Grabs only the content of web pages and presents them in a neat interface.
🔵 AMP – Lynket can find AMP version of page before loading, which can be faster on mobile.
🔵 Per app settings – Configure incognito mode and secondary browser for apps individually.
🔵 Minimize and Tabs – Multitask efficiently using Android’s Recents screen.

Other niceties:
🌟 Secondary browser
🌟 Favorite sharing app
🌟 Dynamic toolbar color
🌟 Search suggestions
🌟 Merge tabs and apps mode.

Lynket’s implementation of floating bubbles and background loading is vastly superior to other floating browsers due to use of Custom Tabs. It does not hog memory in RAM and respects Android Lifecycle. Lynket is free and fully open source! Your suggestions are most welcome, please find way to send feedback in app. Please rate the app if you like it.😃


Download Lynket Browser (previously Chromer) App :- 

Download Lynket Browser (previously Chromer) App


User Reviews :-


Jason Cioffi
I’d give this app 6 starts if I could. For those of you giving poor reviews for the lack of an address bar you are missing the point of the app. Lynket is for opening links from apps other than Chrome that would otherwise flood Chrome with browser tabs you only momentarily care about. It’s also faster to get to the content you’re linking to since Lynket is very lightweight.

Rejin Cabilin
This browser is actually what I’ve been looking for. Very lite indeed and fast that i’m tempted to set Lynket as my default browser. However, it doesn’t have that one feature I so much needed for a browser. Could you add an option for saving pages? That and its current features will make the app so much useful.

Robin Mangat
This is the best browser I have seen. It’s so fast, and it let’s you view web pages in the app switching view. So much better then all the alternatives. The only problem is that it is slow when you enable AMP pages because it searches for that every time. But I still love it

Nizar Nadirsha
Utilize this app for a better performance.. I used uc browser, I totally hate it. Felt like a virus suck all ur battery and ram Then I come across chrome which is a basic but a bigger browser. Installed this as an alternative for Chrome and felt lucky to found it. Thanks to the developer. An amazing app with light interface, more improved with latest update. Delete the data of chrome once in a month and thts enough.. Never use uc browser, good for download but a parasite

The Jucktion
Love the idea but misses some basics. Like tapping the web heads while expanded doesn’t minimize it, the close button minimizes the bubble, not close the tab and bubble. while minimized and dragging the bubble it only does close one tab at a time which is not convenient. Also setting to article view, it should have a web view switch at the bottom when they aren’t redirected automatically. Flynx does these automatically and is the only thing keeping me from switching.

Charles Meijneke
I use this great app everyday. The bubble’s are so convenient, url from emails or websites and read it later on. In my opinion the bubble is not usefull in my TV app or YouTube I hope this will be corrected someday

Jaylin Tenfold
It has potential and I love the ability to open websites in a bubble, but the “load in background” feature is buggy and the full app will flash open before receding into the bubble, which completely defeats the point. Regretfully going back to Flynx.

Marcus Thomas
I just wanted to comment that I hate the new name. Good app. So much better now on a faster phone. I’m using the LG V30 now and past LG phones were just too slow. Bubbles unfortunately don’t work as well as I’d like and aren’t very intuitive, but just being able to open links as if it were it’s own app in the recent apps screen is very useful. One UI change I’d make is moving the menu button to the bottom bar for easier access and maybe allowing you to tap on the address bar on top if you want to manually navigate away rather than having to open a new tab. Also, the minimize button seems like a waste of a space and it doesn’t appear to work for me anyway.

Frank Wang
I really like this app and I’m happy to see the author keep updating! Thank you very much! One small suggestions: can you move the closing button and the menu button down to the bottom navigation bar of the tab? So that I think it would be a lot friendlier for one-hand touching since the screen of phones are getting larger and larger.

Moss Katie
Good, but can you make copy/share all available when open tabs are beyond 8. That share all options disappears after initial few open tabs.

Shuttitt Uppitt
(2.0.1) I was hoping that this would let you long click on an image from pinterest & be able to copy that image’s URL, or at least a “Page info” function that would let you find image URLS in it instead. It does NOT have those things, so it’s useless to me.

Cameron Spear
I love the idea, and especially that you can open tabs in any custom tab provider (so I can block ads with Firefox and sync history, etc). However, it’s pretty dang buggy. Each version seems to trade one bug for another. The most recent are that when you click on a link, it focuses Lynket, which means it opens the last site you were viewing unless you actually clicked it. It seems to also strip queries (part that comes after the ?) or something weird going on… There are a lot of links that won’t open correctly and it’s super frustrating. This would be an easy 5 stars if it were so troubled, and the only reason it’s not a 1 star is that it is quite nice… when it works.

Girish Duraisamy
Irritating to use when another app wants to authenticate via Google account, and Google doesn’t allow this app as an agent. If I want to exclude the said app links from opening with this app, there is no intuitive way to set an exception.

Abdul Muhaymin
Dynamic toolbar colour has stopped working since latest update. Now has constant app detection service notification running which doesn’t do anything

App User
I like that the history can be disabled. Some sites won’t render on Lynket’s WebView. I hope that gets fixed. If not, what about having Lynket use Chrome Incognito mode? Still can’t get Lynket to open links using Chrome Incognito mode.

Jean-François Mongrain
Just fantastic: de-chromify your phone and remomove ads from your browsing (even when only opening a temporary chrome tab from another app).

Ron Nnn
Very good but you can not edit the URL so to go to the HTTPS version of a website if it does not redirect you need to type the whole URL again

Lindsay McKinnon
I think this app is great. It’s quick as f… and I love having bubbles on the screen for links ive clicked on but wanted to read later.

Ron Rose
Formerly chromer, this app used to be great. It was lightweight and fast. This next iteration is way beyond its former in function, speed, and usefulness. Super useful whether your phone is a powerhouse or a cheapo device. We’ll done!

Ben Tegally
I was a Link Bubble stalwart until realising its been shelved by the developers. This prompted me to return to Lynket, which has become vastly superior in every way in the intervening years. Awesome.

Brett Kelly
I like how the developer is very responsive. Update: 2.0 is great! Now that Chromer’s job is done, this is the app we need. I was just feeling like I needed something like this due to the way things work these days, and this fits perfectly into the niche I could feel but not quite describe. Wish I could give it ten stars

Chema Martín
Thank you Arun, so happy you are considering my feedback!… I have been using the app all day and, after enjoying some of the new features, the awesome reading mode and specially the bottom bar, I can’t remember finding an app so useful and fun in a long time.

Would it be possible to implement windowed bubble browsing? That would make it my default. Even if it’s webview only.

Enrico Rovere
Very nice, and properly put together. Is it possible to customize the search engine? I use DuckDuckGo, and can’t seem to find a setting to change the default Google.

Colin Whitley
I really like what this has become. I used Chromer on and off over the last few years and decided to check it out again. I liked it before I love it now as Lynket.

Liam Yum
This app is great! It’s fast, customizable, and really helps to keep yourself organized easier! With its fast speeds, from an external app I can open a link and close it when I’m done and be brought straight back to where I was! But, to make Home Screen shortcuts even better… When someone adds a shortcut of a website to the home screen through Chromer, the shortcut on the home screen opens in Chrome. The feature would be allowing the shortcuts created from Chromer to open in Chromer itself rather than defaulting to Chrome. I think it would be a helpful feature because I have to have a lot of tabs open for all the Home Screen shortcuts that open in Chrome and it really slows me down when I try to open other websites!

Adam Johnson
I love this app – but only when it works. I’m not sure if it’s my phone or what, but about half the time, when I press the floating button, custom tabs won’t open. I will have to go into the chromer app and reopen the article. Other than the bug, when it does work I love having a quick “pop out” browser where I can quickly resume my work.

Anton Burman
Great app with room for improvement. When opening a link into a bubble, the whole screen turns white for a second as the window first opens and then immediately goes into a bubble. This seems like an oversight since I only wanted the bubble to form discreetly on the side. EDIT: fixed by reinstalling. I much prefer this app over the alternative bubble browsers because this works just as well as chrome itself on all websites.

Randy Tasajaya
I hope the floating bubble’s functionality can still be made better by the dev. E.g.: when having multiple web heads, clicking it shouldn’t directly open the last clicked website, but instead user should be able to choose which web head he/she wants to open. Something like what Flynx does, but Flynx can’t browse in full-screen like this app does.

Victor Wung
Don’t know if it’s chromer’s problem or Chrome’s problem, but opening any links with chromer right now will cause chrome beta to crash. Haven’t been able to use Chromer for a couple weeks now, due to this.

Barry Wilhelm
Great when it works, but sometime in the last couple of months it started crashing when trying to load any web page on my Galaxy S8+ running Nougat. Still works fine on my Nexus 7 running Marshmallow. App hasn’t been updated in 7 months, so I’m not optimistic that this will be fixed.

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