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LiveMe – Video chat, new friends, and make money
by Live me Broadcast

App Category:- Social

HEY YOU! It’s time to join the largest broadcasting community in the world — LiveMe🏆! In more than 85 countries, you can chat with people nearby and far, watch exciting new shows, and make money showing off your talent.

Finding people who love the same stuff you do is super easy and fast with millions of people to discover.

– Broadcast whenever you want, be an influencer, and make up to $20K-30K in a week!
– Use Instagram to promote your live broadcasts!
– Receive virtual gifts and convert them into real money rewards!
– Discover, meet, and connect with new people near you or around the world!
– Find and chat with people who have same interests as you!
– Meet real friends, influencers, stars, and big name celebrities!


LiveMe - Video chat, new friends

LiveMe – Video chat, new friends


Q: What can I do on LiveMe?
A: Live broadcasting is the new way stars are connecting with their fans. You can chat, game, do tutorials like make-up, sing, do giveaways, and more!

Q: Who’s on LiveMe?
A: Everyone! LiveMe is for new stars and famous celebrities. People broadcast about all types of things, from fashion, music, gaming, to art and beauty. If you are looking for an app to broadcast, LiveMe is it!

Q: How do I make new friends on LiveMe?
A: Go into a live broadcast, comment, or use flying comment to talk to the broadcaster. You can also send gifts to get the broadcaster’s attention. If you connect with someone, there’s also direct messaging.

Q: How do I find people to follow?
A: We have a recommendation list for new users. We’ll show you awesome people. From the discovery page, you can also find different categories of broadcasts.

Q: What kind of stuff are people talking about on LiveMe right now?
A: People are talking about what’s happening now. Where you live, you’ll find it among all the feature list.

Q: How will people find my broadcast?
A: First set a cover photo which can show people your content and why they should join your broadcast. Make sure you give it an appropriate category to help. LiveMe is full of passionate people who are constantly checking the discovery section with categories, featured lists, and the nearby page.

Q: Am I ready to download LiveMe, video chat with new friends around the world, become next generation of influencers who can influence others?
A: Yes.

Download LiveMe – Video chat, new friends, and make money App :-


Download LiveMe – Video chat, new friend App


User Reviews :-


Flex Baker
This is nothing but a easy access to child porn and a way for stalkers and predators to seek their prey by paying them. PARENTS BEWARE! YOU’RE A HORRIBLE PARENT IF U ALLOW THIS ON YOUR KIDS PHONE!!!

S.Anbarasu. PT
Now days I’m not getting visitors for my broadcast. I don’t know about problem. Can I get solve ?

Imany Rivera-Wyatt
I Loveed it until it updated yall cant broadcast in the dark or nit talk cause it will BANNED YOU FOR A DAY OR 2

essica Henderson

Zakyia Bell
I love the app and all but I was banned 4 different times had to keep making accounts I didn’t do anything my streams were just popping

Kaptain_Indica should partner with playstation so you can go live via console and more games can get aired versus the half naked chicks with their premium snapchats(porn). Make it to where a capture card isnt needed so even those with out alot of money can still enjoy theirselves

App user
My live is g rated but I get ban bc I’m so call inappropriate *really* very frustrating* songs but I do nothing solicit.. but other user twerk, be half naked, promoting there se# site but they don’t get in trouble… this app in my opinion needs work

Dead Zone
Wow rude. This app blocked me just cause I was trying to ask how I can filter out black people so they don’t show up cause I didn’t want to watch them… It’s not that I don’t find some black people interesting or intelligent. It’s that most of the black people on here don’t have the same interests as me so why the hell do I have to sift through walls full of black broadcasts? Why is that considered racist? Or hateful? Just cause I don’t like the way most of the black people on this app talk, don’t like most of the music they listen to, and don’t like the humor or the nonstop talk of drugs by some doesn’t mean I find all black people inferior. Jeez. Why can’t I just filter by race? I only want to talk to Asians.

Anway Murmu
Well the app is good, easy to go live but I being a gamer and streaming for hours do not get much viewers than people simply going live with no content and I feel disappointed seeing the main page filled with boys and girls doing nothing just simply talking or laying down or walking. Content needs to be tighten up, it should be entertaining yet informative. Hope you will consider this. Cheers!

David Hocott
Terrible customer service. I have requested my account to be deleted several times, and they keep giving me the run-around. The emails that I get from them make me feel like it’s being operated in some foreign country. the app does not allow you to delete pictures. Once you upload profile pictures, they are there permanently!

App user
I was talking to people on private messages and now it’s all gone.. also when someone is live when I go to click on it. It disappears so I’m disappointed in ya’ll not fixing the issue

Nicholas D.
They banned me for no reason. Literally, I was streaming with me and my friend and after, they banned me for NO reason. No sexual content, or anything like that. Uninstalling, by far one of my least favorite apps.

U got to have lots of time in ur hands , if u want to make ur money back . beware there’s alots of thiefts & liers .Remember there’s no friends on here. No money no honey that’s how the 🌎 goes

Thomas Carter
Cool app to meet other people. Live me what is up with all the updates with the recent update we have lost the likes in the broadcast you can’t see the likes and it is still taking forever to get the free coins when you watch the videos to load

Ruben martinez
Very addictive app lets you meet people from all over the world and see and learn different cultures. It is so amazing how many friends I have made today. It’s awesome. Be aware it’s very addicting!

App user
My account and mobile device was banned for having a BB gun on stream. Not only is it a legal gun it is also wasn’t used through violence or malicious behavior. The company is Chinese based so they don’t care of legalities in America. You cannot get unbanned or access to your account after. I have read the terms of service over twenty times and nowhere inside does it say anything about firearms. You could build up an account for years and only have the rug pulled from under you for nothing. There are no warnings only abrupt termination. The only way I can resume use is to buy another phone and create another account. Honestly the worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with.

Angela Burbank
I like this app on my phone, but when I installed it on my laptop I CAN NOT see my profile or go to my profile or anything! only thing I see is the options of who to watch…meaning all I see is the thousands or whatever of people that are on broadcasting….otherwise it’s okay…just sucks that I can’t have on my laptop

Krishna Kanth
Brodcaster and admins are unnecessarily blocking even if we dint message. We cannt appeal even… Bad in this…blocking procedure to be changed….

App user
Just remember this is only an app. Don’t take things to Heart, they’re always going to be haters. Just have fun enjoy yourself!

App user
It is horrible I can’t even make a video when I used my correct birthday and it said I was too young how am I too young and it said I had like sexual content and tons of bad stuff like what why why would I be doing that when I have one I’m not even 19 yet like come on why why could I not do my videos all I want is to talk to the people III used to do stuff not be something I’m just it’s horrible absolutely horrible

Danielle Stamper
I got banned for a day but it was my first time on this omg waste of space on my phone I did not do any thing bad I only got to thank the first viewer like, really not a good first time on the app I thought I was going to have a fun time no just a waste of time…😡😡

App user
Animal Park man and other people in the world are in a better place than a home and a family home in the UK and a family home in North London and surrounding area and surrounding area are a few miles away and a lovely

App user
I hate this app the first ever time I had a live I got 200 (over) views and loads of messages saying I’m pretty when their 15 and 20 year olds and someone said if I reply they’ll send me nudes it’s disgusting and I’m only 12 I thought this would be like lively it used to be so fun really angry 😠😠😡😠😤😤

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